Treader Achievement

  • Treader



    Defeat the Treader

    The Treader is the first boss you will encounter and appears on Wave 10. Before the wave starts, access the store and make sure you’ve upgraded at least one of your guns to ‘MG II’ (costs 400) and that both your primary slots are guns. In the secondary slots, it is recommended that one is an energy shield (ES I) and the other is the rocket launcher (Rocket I). When you are satisfied with your choices, press lt.png to start the wave.

    The boss is a giant orb with a sensor eye that repeatedly shoots at you. Occasionally it will jump up and when it lands, will send a shockwave out that you must jump over (push in analog-right.png) to avoid (if not, it will push you back and deal considerable damage). The way to defeat this boss is to circle-strafe it while constantly shooting at it (if it is close to a wall, strafe in one direction then switch directions). If you are using a shield, make sure you press the bumper button (left or right) so that it is positioned at your front. If you are also equipped with rockets, fire them when you have the chance (or remember).

    As it loses health, it will start jumping up in groups of three, so you need to avoid three shockwaves instead of one. When it is almost destroyed, it will raise a shield around it and jump again so be careful. Keep shooting it until it’s destroyed and the achievement unlocks.

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