Survivor 40 Achievement

  • Survivor 40



    Survive 40 waves in total

    Warning: This has to be done in one go. If you fail on any wave before the achievement unlocks, when you restart, your percentage will revert back to around 25-35%.

    Author’s Note: As you progress, it is recommended that you keep the MG for both left and right primary (trigger) weapons, upgrading them when you can. Eventually for lb.png and rb.png, I went with an energy shield and a rocket launcher. For button-x.png and button-b.png, I bought and equipped a turret and a drone, and for button-a.png I purchased the shield generator.

    This is progress-related and should unlock early by Wave 30. Use the intermission between waves to reload your primary weapons (push in analog-left.png). The majority of the waves are just destroying enemies, and as you progress, you’ll earn more money to purchase better weapons, making this less difficult.

    As the waves increase, so does the number of enemies, but if you use the circle-strafe strategy, you really shouldn’t have any issues as most of the enemies are destroyed pretty quickly. If you went with the turret and/or drone, dispatch them at the beginning of each wave and throughout the wave as needed (they both require a cooldown period).

    You will encounter two bosses as you progress, one at Wave 10 (refer to Treader (100G)) and the other at Wave 20. The second boss, Unstoppable, might give you issues, but the same general strategy still applies from the first boss; circle-strafe and shoot from a distance, utilizing your turret and/or drone if you equipped them. The key is to keep moving so you take minimal damage.

    After Unstoppable, the waves to destroy enemies show little variation than previous ones, so just make it to the next boss wave (Wave 30) and this achievement should unlock by then.

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