Hammer Achievement

  • Hammer



    Destroy 10 enemies with hammer

    Once you’ve accumulated 400 credits or more (around the conclusion of Wave 5), during the intermission, press rt.png to access the store. On the first tab, move down a couple of spaces and select ‘Hammer I’ (the icon that looks like a sledgehammer) for either module. Press button-a.png to purchase it (if this is your first purchase, you will unlock First purchase (200G)), then press button-a.png again to equip it to one of your primary weapon spaces. Press lt.png to start the wave.

    Using the hammer (lt.png and/or rt.png), just destroy 10 enemies. Some might take multiple hits, but this should unlock within a couple of waves if you are using it exclusively. Note, for the Shooter II enemy (large and rectangular), you may want to use your MG to weaken it before finishing it off with the hammer.

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