- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 10 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 0-1 hour [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [Partial]
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Survivor 10 (100G) and Survivor 40 (100G) can unlock early
  • DLC: Title Update
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 1000gs.png: 0-1 hour
    • Unobtainable: None
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“Distant future… A new era of gladiator’s battle shows has come; the era of robots, and you have a chance to participate in it!

Drone Gladiator is an arena shooter, where you upgrade your drone, fight giant bosses and participate in random events. You are sent to an abandoned planet as one of the participants of the show, and your goal is to survive as long as possible, fighting hordes of robots and their Generals. Upgrade your drone with different modules; distance weapons, melee weapons, shields, ability and tech modules. Choose what fits your playstyle. Take the challenge and come out victorious from a machine-oil bath with deadly robots! Become a champion of the show, full of robo-brutality. Morituri machina te salutant!” - microsoft.com

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
To get the full gamerscore, you only need to play through Wave 30, despite there being a ‘complete 40 waves’ achievement. Everything is progress-related provided you are following the advice of the guide and equipping certain weapons.

As the waves increase, so do the number of enemies. The key thing to remember is to keep moving. One strategy is to circle-strafe while shooting and you really shouldn’t have any issues (but be careful you don’t fall off the platform!). There is no difficulty, but the standard enemies are destroyed pretty quickly, especially if you’ve upgraded your weapons. Some things to remember:
  • Your health replenishes after every wave
  • Pushing analog-left.png reloads your primary weapons. It’s suggested that you reload between waves
  • Pushing analog-right.png lets you jump, which is helpful if you are surrounded by enemies
  • Spend your credits wisely but upgrade your MGs when you can
For boss fights, it is recommended that you equip as much firepower as possible, but don’t forget about energy shields, drones or turrets. The latter two can help distract the boss long enough for you to put some serious hurt on them. Luckily you only need to face two in order to earn 1000gs.png.
Title Update DLC

In this title update, Flying Islands Team has added five achievements. Even if you haven’t played the base game, all five can be obtained by the time you complete Wave 10 (or if you’re lucky, a few waves before).

Overall, this is a straightforward completion that is both relaxing and enjoyable. Nothing too demanding; a nice simple 1000gs.png.
[XBA would like to thank bLaKgRaVy for this Roadmap]

Drone Gladiator Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 2000 points

  • Destroy 10 enemies

    This is progress-related and should unlock during Wave 5.
  • Destroy 100 enemies

    This is progress-related and should unlock during Wave 15.
  • Survive 10 waves

    This is progress-related and should unlock after completing Wave 10/Treader, but has been known to unlock earlier.
  • Treader



    Defeat the Treader

    The Treader is the first boss you will encounter and appears on Wave 10. Before the wave starts, access the store and make sure you’ve upgraded at least one of your guns to ‘MG II’ (costs 400) and that both your primary slots are guns. In the secondary slots, it is recommended that one is an energy shield (ES I) and the other is the rocket launcher (Rocket I). When you are satisfied with your choices, press lt.png to start the wave.

    The boss is a giant orb with a sensor eye that repeatedly shoots at you. Occasionally it will jump up and when it lands, will send a shockwave out that you must jump over (push in analog-right.png) to avoid (if not, it will push you back and deal considerable damage). The way to defeat this boss is to circle-strafe it while constantly shooting at it (if it is close to a wall, strafe in one direction then switch directions). If you are using a shield, make sure you press the bumper button (left or right) so that it is positioned at your front. If you are also equipped with rockets, fire them when you have the chance (or remember).

    As it loses health, it will start jumping up in groups of three, so you need to avoid three shockwaves instead of one. When it is almost destroyed, it will raise a shield around it and jump again so be careful. Keep shooting it until it’s destroyed and the achievement unlocks.
  • Survive random event.

    Every fourth wave, there is the possibility that a random event will occur instead of destroying enemies. These range from jumping on platforms to collect gifts, being invaded by slime, being bombarded by an asteroid shower, confronting mini-bosses, and so on. If you survive the wave and it’s one of these random events, the achievement will unlock.
  • Destroy 5 enemies with a sword

    This should unlock during Wave 3 if you have the sword equipped from the start.

    Before starting Wave 1, access the store by pressing rt.png. Select ‘Glaive I’ for both the left and right modules, then press lt.png to start the wave. There is one enemy in Wave 1, two enemies in Wave 2 and three in Wave 3. To destroy them, just keep pressing lt.png and/or rt.png while next to them.
  • Destroy 50 enemies

    This is progress-related and should unlock during Wave 11.
  • Swimmer



    Jump out of the platform into the water

    This can be done at any time. To unlock this, simply roll off the platform into the water below.
  • Survive 40 waves in total

    Warning: This has to be done in one go. If you fail on any wave before the achievement unlocks, when you restart, your percentage will revert back to around 25-35%.

    Author’s Note: As you progress, it is recommended that you keep the MG for both left and right primary (trigger) weapons, upgrading them when you can. Eventually for lb.png and rb.png, I went with an energy shield and a rocket launcher. For button-x.png and button-b.png, I bought and equipped a turret and a drone, and for button-a.png I purchased the shield generator.

    This is progress-related and should unlock early by Wave 30. Use the intermission between waves to reload your primary weapons (push in analog-left.png). The majority of the waves are just destroying enemies, and as you progress, you’ll earn more money to purchase better weapons, making this less difficult.

    As the waves increase, so does the number of enemies, but if you use the circle-strafe strategy, you really shouldn’t have any issues as most of the enemies are destroyed pretty quickly. If you went with the turret and/or drone, dispatch them at the beginning of each wave and throughout the wave as needed (they both require a cooldown period).

    You will encounter two bosses as you progress, one at Wave 10 (refer to Treader (100G)) and the other at Wave 20. The second boss, Unstoppable, might give you issues, but the same general strategy still applies from the first boss; circle-strafe and shoot from a distance, utilizing your turret and/or drone if you equipped them. The key is to keep moving so you take minimal damage.

    After Unstoppable, the waves to destroy enemies show little variation than previous ones, so just make it to the next boss wave (Wave 30) and this achievement should unlock by then.
  • Destroy 25 enemies with any gun

    This should unlock during Wave 9.

    After you unlock Sword fighter (100G) and complete Wave 3, during the intermission, press rt.png to access the store. Press rb.png once to access the ‘gun’ menu. For both the left and right modules, select ‘MG I’ (the icon with three bullets), then press lt.png to start the wave. From here, you should only be using guns by pressing lt.png and/or rt.png, so it’s just a matter of destroying 25 enemies with them equipped.

DLC: Title Update

There are 5 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Take the first boost

    There are two ways to obtain your first boost; after you defeat the first boss, Treader (Wave 10, which is guaranteed), or luck out and pick one up in a random event (Waves 4 and 8).

    The random events that boosts appear in are jumping on platforms to collect gifts, at the end of the wave after being bombarded by an asteroid shower, and sometimes when the random event is just to pick up a gift in the middle of the arena. Picking up the boost in any of these, if you are lucky enough to play one, will unlock the achievement.
  • Hammer



    Destroy 10 enemies with hammer

    Once you’ve accumulated 400 credits or more (around the conclusion of Wave 5), during the intermission, press rt.png to access the store. On the first tab, move down a couple of spaces and select ‘Hammer I’ (the icon that looks like a sledgehammer) for either module. Press button-a.png to purchase it (if this is your first purchase, you will unlock First purchase (200G)), then press button-a.png again to equip it to one of your primary weapon spaces. Press lt.png to start the wave.

    Using the hammer (lt.png and/or rt.png), just destroy 10 enemies. Some might take multiple hits, but this should unlock within a couple of waves if you are using it exclusively. Note, for the Shooter II enemy (large and rectangular), you may want to use your MG to weaken it before finishing it off with the hammer.
  • Make a first purchase

    When you’ve obtained 400 credits or more (around the conclusion of Wave 5), during the intermission, press rt.png to access the store.

    There are two weapons you can purchase for 400 credits, the ‘Hammer I’ (the icon that looks like a sledgehammer) in the “melee” menu or the ‘MG II’ (the icon with three bullets) in the “gun” menu. Press button-a.png on either of these to purchase an item and unlock the achievement.

    If you purchased the hammer, equip and use it to destroy 10 enemies for Hammer (200G).
  • Destroy 10 enemies with rockets

    Rockets are available at the start of the game. When accessing the store for the first time, press rb.png once to access the “gun” menu. For either module, select ‘Rocket I’ (the icon with two rocket heads) and it will be assigned to a bumper button (it is suggested you also select ‘MG I’ for both primary [trigger] modules). You will be able to shoot only one rocket at a time, and they are more effective if you are close to an enemy. Just destroy 10 enemies for the achievement.
  • Destroy 10 teleporters

    Teleporters first appear during Wave 7. You will encounter 1-3 of them.

    The easiest way to earn this is to play up to Wave 7, destroy however many teleporter enemies there are by any means then quit to the main menu without completing the wave. When you choose to start a game, you will have two options: ‘Continue Game’ or ‘New Game’. Select ‘Continue’ and you will resume at the beginning of the wave. Repeat this process until the achievement unlocks.

    If you have the hammer and/or rockets equipped, you can work on Hammer (200G) and Exploder (200G) at the same time.

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