- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 33/33 [1000]
- Online: 0/33 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8-10 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Story +1 Racing Tournament +All Duck Blinds [35 total].
- Missable achievements: 12 [Marked in red in the guide].
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome the Duck Dynasty the game! If you've watched the show then you can guess what the game will consist of. You'll be hunting ducks and a few other animals, fishing, and airboat racing. The game is somewhat short and most of the achievements are really easy to obtain.

Step 1 - Story Mode:
I recommend starting off in story mode so you can get several of the story achievements out of the way. Make sure to keep track of which fish species you've caught because there isn't a stage select and you can only earn the fishing achievements in story mode. Also remember to get the collectables in between quests. The map is fairly small so getting all the collectables isn't a huge task. Since there isn't an achievement for finishing the story I didn't even finish the story and gained all the achievements after playing through the minigames. 

The game doesn't have a stage select so several of the achievements are missable. Pay attention to achievements with red text in the guide.

Step 2 - Duck Blind Galleries:
You will have to play through 35 duck blinds and this is quite short. I recommend not using any power-ups until you've played them all for the "True Robertson" achievement.

Step 3 - Racing Tournament:
The airboat racing tournament consists of 6 races that you actually play in story mode, but you will have to play in the minigames in order to earn the majority of the racing achievements. Make sure to come in first place for each race. If you're about to lose you can always restart from that race and not mess up your progress.

This game isn't too horrible to bear and is a quick and easy 1000. If you make it that far, congrats on earning your beard!

[XBA would like to thank Skorpion XBA for this RoadMap]

Duck Dynasty Achievement Guide

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Shot each duck species

    This is story-related and can’t be missed.

    There are five duck species within the game and playing through the duck blind quests in the story will net you this achievement as one of the quests has you get all five to complete the quest. Once you called the fifth duck species that you need to the blind you'll get "Duck Whisperer." Once you shoot one you'll get this achievement.

  • Caught a fish over 8 lbs. without reeling out

    This achievement is missable. 

    The easiest way to get this is to not reel out for any fish. As long as you keep the tension meter out of the red, your line won’t break.

    There is a fishing quest where you have to catch more pounds of fish than Phil. This is a great spot for this achievement and “No One Will Believe You.

  • Unlocked all rewards in the Story Mode

    In order to unlock all the rewards in the game you will have to find all of the collectables within the game. Thanks to Viktor Vaughn for the information below:

    • 7 Treasures
    • 50 Frogs
    • 19 Signs

    (Thanks to Best In Philly for the map).

    Treasures: [Treasure Box on map]
    The game does not notify you when you are near a treasure location if you are in a vehicle. Use the map above to help locate all seven treasures. Go to the general location of where the treasure is and walk around until you are able to use the metal detector. The game will notify you when you can pick up the treasure.

    The game will notify you when there are frogs around. There will be around 4-5 frogs at a single location, you will have a few seconds to collect as many possible just keep taping  before they jump into the water. Frogs will always spawn in the same locations. The frogs will reappear in their locations after finishing story missions or by backing out to the main menu. Collect frogs every time you're near their location.

    Signs: [Yellow Ducks on map]
    The game will notify you when there is a sign around. All the signs are found on the main roads/back roads. You should come across all signs while driving around to each mission.

    I also want to note that you can't veer too far off the path to find collectables when you're in the middle of a quest. You will have to get these in between.

  • Won every race in the Tournament

    Just what the achievement description says, go into minigames and come in first place in all six airboat races. If you know you’re not going to come in first place you can restart the race without penalties. By winning each race you will also earn "Way Better Than Si" for winning the tournament.

  • Unlocked all power-ups in the Galleries mode

    You will need a combined total of 200,000 points across all 35 duck blinds in the minigames. I suggest playing through each blind before using any power-ups for the “True Robertson” achievement. 

    By the end of the 35 blinds, you should have (or close to) 200,000 points. If you don’t you can then go back to any blind to better your scores. I recommend using the 2X power up to double your score. Use the power up wisely as it depletes and has a slow refill time.

  • Won a race while crossing the finish line driving backwards

    This can be quite irritating, but as long as you're far enough ahead of the pack you have plenty of time to get this.

    On the second lap right before you pass the finish line, pull off a 180 and hold down  to go in reverse. Some of the tracks have the finish line at an angle so you won't necessarily have to pull off an entire 180. I managed to get this by getting pushed across the finish line by another opponent. 

  • Took down 3 ducks with a single shot in the Story Mode

    This achievement is missable. 

    Chances are you'll get this without even trying. When you call a flock of ducks to your blind, wait for them to land in, or get close to, the water. You can aim at the ducks and if three are highlighted then shoot and earn the achievement.

  • Won a race without bumping into another opponent

    Steering the airboat is somewhat of a pain, but once you get used to it, I recommend doing this on Redneck Regatta in the tournament. When you start off, stay in the back of the other 3 so that you don't hit them. Halfway through the lap you'll notice an "S" shaped track where you can either go through the trees in the middle, or a better choice, go through the grass on the left-hand side. Here is where you can get ahead of all of them without hitting them. Just maintain the lead and use the shortcut again on the second lap.

    If you do get hit you can restart the race.

  • Caught 4 fish over 9 lbs.

    This should come naturally. When you’re fishing against Phil you’ll have to get 45 lbs. of fish first to win. You should get the achievement during this quest.

  • Completed all blinds in the Galleries at least once without using any power-up

    For each blind you will have three rounds to shoot the animals needed to complete the blind. For all the animals you missed in the first round, they will show up in the second round in the same spot as the first. If you miss any in the second round, they will appear in the third round, again, in the same spot as the first and second.

    You will unlock power-ups once you reach a certain score to unlock them. I recommend not using any power-ups throughout your first run of the 35 blinds. If you do happen to use a power-up, the game will tell you which blinds you haven't used a power in by a check mark when you hover over the blind. You will also unlock "No One Left Behind" for completing all 35 blinds.

  • Shot all targets in the Galleries levels

    See "True Robertson" for more details.

  • Won the Tournament

    See "Showboat!" for more details.

  • Completed one duck hunt without missing any shots

    This achievement is missable. 

    This is really simple, and as the achievement name suggests, take your time when hunting ducks. You can let ducks get away, you just can't miss a duck when you shoot.

  • Overpassed an opponent during a jump with the air boat

    You will probably get this without even trying. A jump can be the ramps with arrows, a patch of ground or grass, or even a small patch of dirt. I got this by running over a small patch of dirt in the middle of the track.

  • Fished all the species of fish

    This achievement is missable.

    There are 10 species that you'll have to look out for and keep track of yourself. The different fish are:

    • Northern Pike
    • White Crappie
    • Smallmouth Bass
    • Largemouth Bass
    • White Perch
    • Bullhead Catfish
    • Channel Catfish
    • Flathead Catfish
    • Bluegill Sunfish
    • Silver Carp

    Keep track of which fish species you've caught and try to get the different ones during each of the fishing quests. You should get this on the quest that you're fishing against Phil. You can't replay any of the quests, so if you don't get this achievement during this quest you'll have to start the story over again, but luckily your stats will carry over.

  • Shot 5 ducks without calling them

    This achievement is missable. 

    Here's another easy achievement. Once you lock onto a flock of ducks, don't call them to your blind. Aim and shoot and you should get a few of them. Just repeat until the achievement pops. This doesn't have to be in one duck hunting quest. 

  • Successfully called each duck species

    See "True Duckman" for more details.

  • Shot down all the ducks from a flock

    This achievement is missable. 

    This should come naturally depending on how fast you shoot. Once you call a flock of ducks, notice how many there are. Generally there will be 4-7 ducks. Just aim and shoot them all and be quick about it. You can miss a few shots, but keep in mind that reloading takes some time.

  • Earned three stars in a Galleries blind

    To earn three stars you will need to shoot each animal in the first round. This can be easily done on the earlier blinds. When a flock flies by, make sure to shoot each one quickly. Also make sure to reload when you get the chance.

  • Hunted ducks, fished, hunted varmints, caught frogs

    This will come naturally when going for other achievements. Hunting ducks, fish, and varmints are part of the quests within the game. Catching frogs are part of the collectables.

  • Found one of Si's treasures in less than 15 seconds

    This achievement is missable.

    I got this near sign #4. After getting the sign you can run to the bush in front of the sign, pull out the metal detector, and get the achievement.

    Another way suggested by Rick Nasty 1187 is when you're looking for the treasure and you find it, put away the metal detector. Pull it out again over the treasure and pick it up.

  • Got from the last to the first position during a race

    This is basically story-related. You start out in last place most of the time anyway and need to beat each race in the story in order to progress further into the story. Once you get from last place and into first, the achievement will pop.

  • Called 30 ducks to blinds

    This will come naturally while playing through the duck blind quests and will probably be your first achievement. Generally there are 4-7 ducks in a flock and you'll have to call them in anyway to bring them in closer.

  • Didn't miss any note of a Hail call

    This achievement is missable.

    Once you get the ability to use the Hail call, make sure to hit every note as you come to it. This is really simple and you have several chances during duck blind quests to get this so make sure you get all the notes at least once.

  • Performed 5 casts in a row without missing

    This achievement is missable.

    You have to cast perfectly five times in a row. This doesn't mean you have to hook or catch the fish as long as when you cast you don't miss.

    You can pick a spot that is fairly close to your boat and cast there. Pull your line back and repeat 4 more times for the achievement.

  • Shot a Surprise duck in the Galleries

    This will come naturally when playing through the duck blinds in the galleries in the minigames. The surprise duck will fly up through the middle of the screen instead out from the sides. You will get this on the third duck blind.

  • Finished a race without ever falling into last place

    I believe the only race you can get this in is Swamp Sprint as it's the only race where you don't start in the back line. Once you get used to the controls of the airboat this shouldn't be a problem. If you happen to fall into last place you can restart the race and try again.

  • Won a race in Tournament mode

    See "Showboat!" for more details.

  • Completed a fishing quest without breaking the line

    This is pretty easy. If your line is about to break you can either release  to reel out or move the rod in the opposite direction to release the tension. Do this for the entire quest.

  • Improved your high score in one blind in the Galleries

    This will require you to replay one of the duck blinds. If you don't have 200,000 points for the power-ups you'll have to replay some of the duck blinds anyway to get more points. Use the 2X power-up to earn two times the points for a brief moment. You could also do very poorly on a blind and replay it again for a better score.

  • Didn't miss the hooking on 3 consecutive fish in the same hotpot

    This achievement is missable. 

    Even though this achievement is quite easy, I put it as missable because you could actually not get it. I recommend doing this on the first fishing quest. Wait for the bobber to go down into the water completely and hook your fish. Do this three times in a row for this achievement. If you don't get it you can restart the quest.

  • Shot 6 consecutive bottles without missing

    This achievement is missable.

    Towards the beginning of the game you'll have one chance to get this. When you're learning to aim and shoot you'll have to shoot a certain number of bottles. When you aim your gun should autolock onto the target. Just take your time and don't miss any shots. If you don't get it, you can restart the quest before it is over. If you did miss this the first time, then you're in luck because this is one of the first quests you do in the game so you can just start a new save.

  • Unlocked the first power-up in the Galleries

    See "Overpowered" for more details.

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