Octacide Achievement

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    Defeat the Octaking

    This is the hardest boss in the game and has two encounters. You face him first during The Forkstop and then again for the last time in Generator Room.

    First encounter:

    1. Clear all barrels by dumping them in to the water.
    2. Leave one Pig Cop until you are ready for the fight.
    3. Use the turret and auto-aim assistance to take out all the Octabrains.
    4. When the Octaking comes, unload on him with the turret.
    5. If you come close to dying, drink a beer if you have one and continue fighting, or jump off the side of the fence to the left of the turret and get in that back corner behind the fence. His main attack will barely hurt you here.

    The main battle:

    1. Make sure you have a Beer, Holoduke, and a Shrink Ray from the previous level. Refer to the "Companion Barrel" video for locations.
    2. During the ride to the boss himself, use any gun to take out all the Assault Troopers.
    3. Once the Octaking appears, stay behind the glass window encasement on the right for cover.
    4. Use the Shrink Ray on the Octabrains and then take the whole group out with a Pipe bomb.
    5. Then, unload your entire Devastator clip into the boss.
    6. Rinse and repeat step #4 until the boss changes attacks.
    7. Once he starts throwing items, leave the cover and head out to the middle.
    8. Drink a beer if you need to, or just try to dodge his attacks. The Octabrains will have stopped spawning at this point.
    9. Once he’s down, be prepared to unload at least three more clips of Devastator into him as you slowly move toward him, or else you will instantly die.

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