A Good Dam Fight Achievement

  • A Good Dam Fight



    Defeat the Battlelord on the Hoover Dam

    This is the second Battlelord you fight in the game during Dam Top.

    1. All you need is an RPG and Pipe bombs.
    2. Clear the top of the dam and then the Battlelord will spawn.
    3. Stand next to the edge looking to the left. As soon as you see the boss start to climb out of the water run to the far end of the dam where you first climb up.
    4. Grab the RPG on the left and open up on the battle lord.
    5. Don't worry about the assault troopers, they don’t bother you during the fight
    6. If you made it to this end of the dam quick enough the boss will mostly stay at the opposite end of the dam making the first stage a breeze.
    7. For this fight, just simply keep unloading your RPG into him while heading back to the start of the dam where you came from.
    8. Use the EDF van for cover, the Battlelord will get stuck on it and can’t kick it around.
    9. Fire from behind the van over it and to his head.
    10. This, with a combination of Pipe bombs, should take him down fairly quick.
    11. During his second stage of health, just use this same strategy.
    12. Feel free to use a Beer if you have one. Don't bother with Holodukes, he can tell it's fake. I've tried.

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