Not Bad for a Human Achievement

  • Not Bad for a Human



    Defeat the Alien Queen

    This is the boss for the chapter Queen B*tch.

    1. Make sure to have an RPG and a Shotgun as your two weapons.
    2. At the start, head to either the left or right corner, doesn’t really matter.
    3. Use the blue bounce pads to launch Pipe bombs behind the Queen.
    4. Once she is stunned, unload your RPG, refill ammo and explosives, and then head back to a corner.
    5. The bulk of her attacks can be dogged by keeping to the sides of the ledge.
    6. Watch out for Pregnators during the beginning of the fight, and Octabrains during the end of the fight.
    7. Use the RPG to take out Pregnators and the shotgun for the Octabrains.
    8. After a while she will stop shielding your attacks and you can abandon the Pipe bombs and focus on her with the RPG.
    9. Keep hitting her with missiles, after about thirty shots or so, her head will fall to the deck.
    10. Go to the head to finish of the boss.

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