Pescaphobe Achievement

  • Pescaphobe



    Kill all the catfish in the underwater level


    This part of the game is naturally very dark. Use this checklist/guide for a rough description of the locations. The catfish can be killed by any means.

    1. Right after you have finished turning the first wheel look behind it in the weeds for the first fish.
    2. As soon as you swim out of the first structure look to your right
    3. Swim to the right toward the treasure chest. (left of the chest near the vent)
    4. Above the container that the Octobrain comes out of.
    5. Directly left of 4 next to the crashed cruiser. (boat)
    6. Above the first bomb placement. (next to the pipes)
    7. Right of the car after the next air vent.
    8. To the right of the man weighed down by concrete.
    9. Just right of the pipe on the wrecked car.
    10. By the boat left of the next air vent.
    11. Directly above the next turn wheel.
    12. Forward and left of the second air point first wheel turn.
    13. At the next air point, swim up and look left.
    14. In the ammo re-supply on the right.
    15. Go right of the second bomb plant and look behind the weeds. (may run out of air)


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