Party Animal Achievement

  • Party Animal



    Drink all of the beers in the strip club


    Checklist/guide for beer locations within the club:

    1. From the monitor room where you can scan through the security cameras, open the door on the left and head down. The beer is to the right, on a stack of crates.
    2. On the side in the mens toilet.
    3. In the fridge behind the bar.
    4. In the fridge behind the bar.
    5. Behind the bar (keypad 4768), beer is on the table.
    6. In front of the strip pole.
    7. In front of the slot machines on the way to the game room. (stool)
    8. On the side next to the air hockey.
    9. After you have all 3 of the items to bring to the stripper head to the room where you are supposed to sit down. There will be a beer on one of the metal chairs on the right.

  • there are a handful downstairs, 1 in the office you need a code for 4768 I think it was. final one is in the champaign room, in the booth the stripper wants you to go in

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