Call Waiting Achievement

  • Call Waiting



    Listen to all phone messages


    There are 14 in all, here are their locations:

    Duke Lives
    1. Inside the bathroom stall right after starting the game.

    The Duke Dome
    2. In the building you have to enter to turn on the gates power. (Pig Cops attack)

    Duke Nukem's T*tty City
    3. On the desk after the opening conversation.
    4. To the right of the CCTV control panel.
    5. In the office behind the bar. (4768)
    6. On the desk of the women in front of the stairs to the end of the level.

    The Duke Burger
    7. At the start of the level turn around and follow it round till you find the figures.

    The Mighty Foot
    8. In the building where you grab the first fuel can.
    9. Other side of the room.

    Shrunk Machine
    10. On the desk in the same room as the calendar for “I Need a Date”.

    Generator Room
    11. After getting out the elevator on the wall next to the drinks fountain.

    The Clarifier
    12. On the desk of the room with the exit blocked by for boxes.
    13. After moving the ledge with wheels, on the desk of the room you drop into.
    14. On the wall on the stairs that take you to the second floor of the electric water room.


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