Bucket Head Achievement

  • Bucket Head



    Find all 3 helmets in the SP campaign

    1. Master Chief's Armour - Vegas in Ruin, at the chapter start there is a soldier standing next to a delivery truck. He will be part of a joke about green power armour, jump into the EDF truck to find it.
    2. Issac Clarke’s Helmet - The Hive Duke will make a comment when opening one of the fleshy doors. After passing through turn left and crouch into a hidden area. Duke will say something about a Dead Space marine.
    3. Borderlands Psycho Head - Blowin' the Dam, you will swim past a man with concrete shoes. From the next airvent you should see a dead body in the distance with a torch/flashlight. Swim toward the body than turn left to see a disk shaped structure with an opening in the bottom. Swim in and you will find the head of a Borderlands Psycho.

  • You can load a level after beating the game if you missed any.

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