Damn, I'm Good Achievement

  • Damn, I'm Good



    Complete the SP campaign on Insane Difficulty

    Complete the entire campaign (all levels) on Insane difficulty. This setting is only unlocked once you complete the game once on any other setting. If you complete the game on Insane you will unlock the other lower difficulty achievements also. It should also be noted that when duke performs an execution his 'Ego Bar' is instantly filled and may be helpful in some of the more hectic firefights when there is no time to get behind cover.

    Helpful tips:

    • Like any shooter, remember to take cover when shot at and take your time moving through.
    • Use aim assist, it helps a ton when getting rushed and during the turret sections.
    • Stick to the Pistol, Shotgun, Shrink Ray, and Freeze Ray.
    • Pipe bombs and Trip Mines become a tad useless at this level.
    • Save Beers, Holodukes, and Steroids for boss battles/tight spots.
    • Use the Freeze Ray trick for the later levels. This is done by activating the extra game setting “Duke 3D Freeze Ray” and using it until you run out of ammo, then disabling the setting to regenerate ammo. This works well against everything near the end.
    • Make sure to start from the first chapter, not a new game. Starting a new game will erase your EGO and make it literally impossible.
    • Lastly, make sure to have maximum EGO before starting.

    Steps to beat the final boss:

    1. To start off, keep taking out the Pig Cops that drop out from the dropships until there are about 30 or so RPGs laying on the ground. This is very important.
    2. Once you have a ton of RPGs laying around, let one Pig Cop remain for the fight. If you don’t kill him, NO other enemies will spawn. It will just be you, the Cycloid, and that one Pig Cop.
    3. For the first and second stages of his health, use all those RPGs and Pipe bombs that the Cop Pigs dropped.
    4. Soon after the third stage of health begins, your Devastator will be dropped off, with two ammo crates. Now it’s time to kick some butt.
    5. Keeping dodging all his attacks, which are basically the same as the first Cycloid, while unloading on him. He should go down easily after a few ammo re-stocks.
    6. After you down him the third time, be ready to hit again after his eye comes out. Then hop on the EDF ship that swoops down and you’re done!

    Be sure to have collected all the 'Ego Cap' available to increase health levels for this Insane playthrough.

    See "I Am All That Is Man" achievement description for a guide/checklist/video for 'Ego Cap' locations.


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