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    Discover all Ego cap awards


    There are many Ego cap awards, which are given to you for interacting with the environment and defeating bosses. These are the actions in each mission that boost Duke's health level. There is a tracker in the chapter select screen to check how many in each chapter you have.

    Boss battles also increase the total Ego so the achievement will unlock after killing the Energy Leech if you follow the guide. Provided is a guide/checklist of "Ego Cap" locations to go along with the video. Items listed by appearance.

    To save "Ego Cap" - you must reach a new Zone (Lady Killer -> Lady Killer: Part 2). Not just a save checkpoint!

    Credit: Lordacris

    Duke Lives [3]

    1. Mirrors - Admire.
    2. Toilet - , Pee.
    3. Play Pool - (Pot all balls on the table)

    Damn! It´s late [1]

    1. Microwave Popcorn - Pick-up popcorn and place in microwave.
    2. Autograph - or to Sign. (Counts but was not included in the guide)

    The Duke Cave [6]

    1. Dumbbell - to Pick-up, to Curl.
    2. Bench Press - to Pick-up 100Lb weights, to Place on workout bench, to Use and Tap to complete a rep.
    3. Punching Bag - to Punch.
    4. Speed Bag - to Punch.
    5. Basketball - to Pick-up, to Throw into hoop.
    6. Pinball Machine - Beat the high score.

    The Lady Killer [1]

    1. Slot Machine - , Play any Slot Machine until you win.

    Vegas in Ruins [1]

    1. Defeat the Battlelord Boss.

    The Duke Dome [1]

    1. Photocopier - to Photocopy your behind.

    The Hive [1]

    1. Alien Wall Breasts - to Slap.

    Queen B*tch [1]

    1. Kill the Alien Queen Boss.

    Duke Nukem's T*tty City [6]

    1. Glory Hole - (Men's Toilet).
    2. Tip the Stripper - (End of runway/catwalk).
    3. Porno Tape - to Pick-up, to Place in DVD player (Main Office).
    4. Poker Machine - ,  Win one hand of Poker (Game Room).
    5. Alien Abortion - to Hit, Win one game of Alien Abortion, 850+ Score (Game Room).
    6. Air Hockey - , Win one game of Air Hockey (Game Room).

    Crash Course [1]

    1. Frisbee - ,  Three can be found beside a Sports Bag on an outside ledge.

    The Duke Burger [2]

    1. Cigar - , At level start - Turn 180 and climb over the tentacle, run round the corner and go through the Red Service door, found on the Shelf.
    2. Porno Magazine #1 - , Found in the First Toilets before shrinking yourself.

    The Mighty Foot [2]

    1. Binoculars - , Found overlooking the Canyon (Left 1st Fuel Stop).
    2. Computer Porn - on Keyboard, found in Security Office (With "Gas").

    Ghost Town [1]

    1. Porno Magazine #2 -  Found in Church under broken seat (during driving segment before town).

    Dam Top [2]

    1. Kill the Battlelord Boss.
    2. Paper Airplane - , , Found in back of School Bus on the Dam Top.

    The Shrunk Machine [1]

    1. Calendar -  After collecting the Freeze Gun, enter the room and reach the Back Office.

    The Forkstop [2]

    1. Porno Magazine #3 -  Found at the Start of the Level, behind the first opened door.

    Generator Room [1]

    1. Kill OctoKing Boss.


    • All unique "Ego Caps" done previously.

    The Clarifier

    • All unique "Ego Caps" done previously.

    Blowin' the Dam [1]

    1. Kill the Energy Leech Boss.

    The video shows the earliest points to earn the Ego.


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