Keep Your Blades Sharp Achievement

  • Keep Your Blades Sharp



    Stop the Necromancer and let the kingdom begin to heal.

    Complete Mission 45.

    This final mission is a little different than any of the others, where you would normally want a very high-level ally. Instead, bring someone completely worthless with you. The final boss of this mission will turn your ally against you, so you want someone you can defeat easily.

    Otherwise, the entirety of the 45 Missions are simply a hack and slash/crossbow shooting gallery. Kill all the enemies in a given area to proceed, rinse and repeat until you finish the levels.

  • Story related...defeat mission 45 and the achievement unlocks.
  • Level 56 with fully leveled T4 flame sword and death armor. Got level 38 as ally and was just running around and casting spells (which are T3) over and over again to minimize damage to myself and using sword against the boss. Took me really long time, 11 potions and 1 revive If you need potions, just play some missions on hard/expert (they always gives you 1 potion on first clear) Also, 15 (!) potions rewarded for opening 20 bounty chests. To open bounty chest, you need 10 tickets, which earned by playing with allies (1 for random person and 2-6 for friends, depends on their level)

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