- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 55 [970gs.png]
- Online: 2 [30gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 80-100 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [with proper planning on all the missable achievements]
- Missable achievements: 5 [Boot Licker (15G), Archivist (25G), Audiophile (25G)Fit as a Fiddle (25G) and Ironheart (25G)]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No, you can play on Easy
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: N/A
  • DLC: Bloody Ties
    • Difficulty: 7/10 [highly skill dependent]
    • Time to 115gs.png 8-10+ hours [highly skill dependent]
    • Unobtainable/Missable: Connoisseur (20G) is missable; one of the boss fights for True Champion (20G) is bugged and much more difficult to complete with a gold medal than its original release
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Dying Light 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Dying Light, and is a post-apocalyptic, parkour-infused survival action RPG developped by Techland. You're looking at about 20 hours for the main story and about 50-60 hours to complete every side quest, but getting all the achievements will take a bit longer than that as there are some very grindy ones. Your main concern when playing this game should be collectibles. There are 250 of them and some of them are missable, including the one in the Prologue, so be very careful with that and make sure to not miss them or you might have to restart a complete playthrough. Thankfully, other than the Prologue one, the rest can be obtained in someone else's game via co-op if you miss them, but they still need to be your top priority as you're progressing.

Step 0 - Missable achievements:
  • Fit as a Fiddle (25G) and Ironheart (25G) are both marked as missable and are not mutually exclusive (meaning you aren't guaranteed to unlock one). Not only is it impossible to max out both health and stamina with the amount of inhibitors in the game, but if you split the inhibitors equally between health and stamina you will actually miss both achievements! Refer to Ironheart (25G) for an explanation of how to ensure you get both of these achievements in the same playthrough.
  • Boot Licker (15G) is missable because you cannot reach level 7 for both factions; the maximum you can reach is level 10 which means if you're not careful, you could end up at level 5 for both factions and completely miss this achievement. So be sure to assign the zones to the same factions from the start to avoid this. This is pretty easy to do - every time you complete a water tower or electrical station and get prompted to choose a faction, it doesn't matter which you choose as long as you always choose the same faction.
  • Archivist (25G) and Audiophile (25G) is missable because there are collectibles placed in missable locations in the game, most notably in the Prologue itself (one memento), so be careful when starting the game and make sure you collect the three Prologue collectibles before moving on. One memento in the Prologue is only available there, whereas all other collectibles, if missed, can be collected by joining someone's game who still has access to those locations. Even so, it'd be a lot of work to try to find various people at the appropriate spot in the game for you, so it's best to refer to the links in Archivist (25G) and follow the collectible roadmap laid out in them to ensure you don't miss any mementos or tapes.
Step 1 - Play the story while getting missable collectibles, and assigning the zones to the same faction:
First things first, be very careful and make sure to grab all the collectibles during the Prologue of the game, because they are all HIGHLY missable as you cannot access the Prologue area later in the game. There are only three collectibles in the Prologue but it is very important to pick them up. One is story-related and one actually does respawn in the open world (leaving only one technically missable), but still best to ensure you get all three mementos during the Prologue.

Continue with the story but feel free to do as many side quests as you want; I would simply say that some locations will become locked out after meeting with Veronika Ryan (Known Associate (20G)). It's pretty late in the game and some areas also become locked out after completing the next main quests, and they all contain collectibles. These collectibles can still be picked up through online co-op if you happen to miss them, but just to be sure it would make sense to collect them as you go. Try to pick up as many collectibles during the story, they are not all missable but that will avoid some backtracking.

During the story, you'll automatically assign a couple zones to a faction of your choice. It is very important to assign all zones to the same faction because there aren't enough of them to reach City Alignment 7 with both factions, and you could possibly miss Boot Licker (15G).

You will collect inhibitors thoughout the game which will be used to upgrade either your health or your stamina. However, there aren't enough inhibitors in the game so you won't be able to upgrade both to max level. See Ironheart (25G) for a rundown of how many you can spend safely without locking yourself out of either achievement.

You will unlock 16 achievements in this step and possibly six more.

Step 2 - Clean up and grind:
After you're done with the story, you can still continue to play, but unfortunately some locations will be locked out so if you haven't picked up the missable collectibles/inhibitors in these locations, you'll have to pick them up through co-op if you find someone who still has the main quests available.

If you're good with the missables, use this step to clean up anything you haven't done before; maxing out your stats, leveling up your character and do the miscellaneous achievements and the grind.

By the time you're done with most other achievements, you will likely still need a skill or two for Parkour Master (25G) and Combat Master (25G). You probably won't have enough XP after you're done with every main and side quests, but thankfully there are some pretty simple methods to grind out the last of the XP you need. There is also an achievement for getting one million Old World Money for Who Wants To Be a... (15G), and it is very grindy. You won't be anywhere close to that amount of money after finishing everything. Thankfully, again, there is a very quick and easy way to grind out the rest of the money you need. 

Lastly, and by far the most grindy, is Ultramarathon (15G). By the time you finish everything else, you won't even be close to halfway done with this achievement. Unfortunately there are no quick ways to grind this one out. You're stuck with many, many hours of grinding for this last achievement. For to its solution for a couple viable methods depending on how you prefer to grind. 

Step 3 - Co-op:
There are only two co-op achievements which are for joining a session (Being All Social (15G)) and killing 100 enemies with two other players (That's Teamwork! (15G)). But, you can also use co-op to grind your XP, pick up collectibles you may have missed, or drop stuff that your friends can sell to grind money.
Bloody Ties DLC

The first paid DLC for Dying Light 2 starts by having a quest automatically added to your journal called 'First Blood.' Follow it and the second quest, 'Madmen of Villedor,' to really begin the DLC and gain access to the new area, Carnage Hall, where most of the content takes place. There is an achievement for getting a gold medal on all three challenges from 'Madmen of Villedor,' so be aware of that. I personally recommend doing them right away, which each challenge is fresh in your mind. Refer to The Madman of Villedor (20G) for tips in getting a gold in each.

The big thing to be aware of with this DLC is that, just like in the base game, there are missable collectibles. Specifically, there are a few side quests you need to get and complete that contain collectibles. This is also written up in Connoisseur (20G) but I'm repeating it here to make sure you don't miss anything:
  • Near the beginning of the 'Fame or Infamy' mission, you'll do your first event for Severus, after which you'll wake up in your new saferoom, and exit out into the training room. It's here where two side quests become available, but the only one that matter is 'Backstory' from Rune. Make sure to accept it. There are four things to collect for this side quest, and all four are unmissable mementos (they're required to complete the quest)
  • Right near the start of the 'Road to Perdition' main mission, you'll get an optional objective to meet Ogar in the metro. Make sure you do so. Not only is there a collectible right next to him, but you need to talk to him to get the 'The Only Hope' side quest. There's a collectible at the end of this quest line
  • Shortly after the above, after another event or two for Severus, you'll hear Astrid's music playing from your room and automatically get the 'A Gilded Cage' side quest added, prompting you to go to Astrid's office. There are three collectibles that can only be gotten during this side quest, and they are optional and you can't return to this area, so make sure to get them
  • Towards the end of 'Road to Perdition' (for me it was when I reached Fame 14), when you talk to Severus for your next event he'll tell you about a bunch of portraits that were stolen. Make sure to accept this quest, which is 'Portrait of a Hangover.' A bunch of collectibles are unmissable as part of this side quest
Everything else is story related, other than the other obvious trials achievement. So, complete the DLC story missions, being sure to get all the collectibles along the way, and then it's time to tackle the trials. Before you have access to them, after completing the story you'll then need to go back to Severus and complete all of the events he has available. Once they're all completed (there's no medals involved here), you can now go around the corner from your saferoom to find posters on the wall (there's a purple icon on the HUD indicating them) where you can replay each event to try to get a gold medal on them. The combat trials are relatively simple, especially if you're playing on Easy and taking advantage of a glitch to make things even easier. However, just like in the base game, the parkour trials can be challenging depending on your skill. You'll definitely need to practice them a bit before you know the courses well enough to get gold medals. Refer to True Champion (20G) for more help, and once you conquer them, you'll wrap up the completion for this DLC.

Dying Light 2 is a pretty fun game with a straightforward list, but it is filled up with a lot of collectibles and that is what is going to take you the most time. It won't take you 500 hours like they first announced, but it's definitely not a quick and easy completion.
[XBA would like to thank Easty and Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for the 'Bloody Ties' DLC Roadmap]

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Achievement Guide

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There are 65 achievements with a total of 1115 points

  • Use an Inhibitor for the first time.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Right after reaching Villedor for the first time and obtaining Into the Unknown (5G), you'll automatically get your first shot of inhibitor. It will automatically upgrade your health but later when finding more inhibitors you'll be able to upgrade your stamina if you want to.
  • Enter the Bazaar.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Your fourth quest of the game, "The Only Way Out", will task you to visit the Bazaar and the achievement will unlock as soon as you enter it. Here is where you will find your first side quests and you will now be a bit more free around the city.
  • Activate your first Water Tower.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You will activate your first Water Tower as part of the main story. You'll have to climb up to the top and activate it, then choose to assign the zone to a faction (Peacekeepers or Survivors). Both will offer different rewards so choose whichever you like the most, but keep in mind that you will then need to stick to the faction you chose for all the other zones if you don't want to miss Boot Licker (15G).
  • Activate your first Electrical Substation.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    When arriving in Downtown, one of your first objective will be to assign to local Electrical Substation. To activate it, you'll need to connect cables inside the station, and once that's done, activate the power. Don't forget to assign the facility to the same faction you assigned the Water Tower previously so you don't miss out on Boot Licker (15G).
  • Complete the game with any ending.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You will get this achievement no matter your final choices and what ending you get. You will be able to get back to Villedor and finish anything you haven't finished earlier, but some places will not be accessible anymore, including the X13 area.
  • Assign all Facilities.

    There are 7 facilities that you have to activate/take over in the game, and you'll be able to assign each of them to a faction (Survivors or Peacekeepers). It is important to assign every facility to the same faction to not miss out on Boot Licker (15G). It's up to you to choose each of them; I personally opted for the Survivors as it makes it easier for parkour, but assigning all facilities to the Peacekeepers not only grants you tons of different traps around the open world for killing zombies, but also a very powerful crossbow.

    The two different type of facilities are:

    The Electrical Substation: you'll need to find cables and connect them to the correct location to power up the station. These locations are essentially puzzles, as you'll need to explore and find each generator, its corresponding power source, and take the cable from one to the other to power up the facility.

    The Water Tower: you'll need to climb at the very top and open up the valve. Nothing fancy here, just platforming to get to the top. Look around for anything painted yellow, which is an indication of where to climb/jump to.

    Maps for every region in the game are pictured below. These display:
    • All seven facilities
    • All nine Metro Stations
    • All 17 Windmills
    • All four Bandit Camps
    • All ten Nightrunner trials (these are the parkour challenges circled in red)
    • All six GRE quaratine zones
    • All 11 GRE Anomalies (take note of the one off to the west of Garrison, which is easy to overlook) 
    • All 26 airdrops


    Trinity - Horseshoe:

    Quarry End:

    Downtown - The Wharf - New Dawn Park:

    Muddy Grounds - Saint Paul Island:

    Garrison + outside:

    Lower Dam Ayre:

    Newfound Lost Lands + outside:
  • Activate your first Metro Station.

    Note: despite activating a Metro Station and enabling fast travel as part of the ‘A Place to Call Home’ main mission, this will not unlock this achievement. This achievement unlocks only upon completing an open world Metro Station activation for the first time.

    Refer to Tube Map (25G) for more information.
  • Activate all Metro Stations.

    There are nine Metro Stations in the game. A couple of them will automatically be activated during story progression, but for the others you'll have to enter them and activate the power. 

    It is best to activate most of the Metros at night time because there will be many zombies inside during the day. Also, some of them will be controlled by Renegades so it doesn't matter when you do them as you'll have to deal with the Renegades first though. If you are confident in your zombie killing skills, entering these during the day will ensure that every zombie within drops a trophy, which are needed for upgrading blueprints. This is a great way to stock up on trophies. Just be aware that almost every Metro Station, during the day, contains multiple Volatiles (which is also a great place to kill one for Night Hunter (15G).

    Each Metro Station works essentially the same way. The first step is sneaking and/or fighting your way through the station to the power junction box at the end (which is typically behind a locked door). Alternatively, you could try to run past enemies and just beeline to the door if you get detected and don't want to try to kill everything. Once you make it to the power box and flip the switch, only two of the Metro Stations actually activate. For the others, you'll need to descend the elevator shaft next to you and activate four generators. This underground area is actually exactly the same layout for every single Metro Station. There are no enemies, just chemicals on the floor. Platform your way around to each of the marked generators to activate them all, then head back to the center and flip the switch to enable the elevator. Ride it to the top, then flip the switch on the power junction box to complete the activity.

    Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations.

    The Metro Stations are represented with this icon:
  • Activate your first Windmill.

    Refer to Don Quixote (15G) for more information.
  • Use a Metro Station to Fast Travel.

    Fast travel will become available during the "A Place to Call Home" main quest, just before activating your first Electrical Substation. To fast travel, you can hover over a Metro Station on the map and hold button-x.png. However, for this achievement, you will actually need to interact with the metro map that is available in each Metro Station near the bed. If you fast travel without using the map in the metro, the achievement will not unlock.

    At first, only two Metro Stations will be available but you'll soon be able to activate more of them, and all of them will be required for Tube Map (25G).
  • Activate all Windmills.

    There are a total of 17 Windmills to activate in the game. A few of them will have Renegades around them so you'll have to kill them all first. Next, you'll have to climb up to the top and turn on the switch; some of them will require a certain amount of stamina to be able to climb them up. This stamina requirement is indicated on your map when you hover over the windmill icon. Additionally, a windmill icon will be red if you don't have enough stamina to reach the top yet (or if a tool, such as the Paraglider or Grappling Hook, is required to reach the top).

    Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations.

    Windmills are represented with this icon:
  • Collect all Inhibitors hidden in GRE Quarantines.

    There are a total of six GRE Quarantines Zones in the game. The game recommends you access them at night because they will be filled with zombies during the day. However, if you're confident in your zombie killing abilities, you can access them during the day, and every zombie you kill will drop a trophy (needed for upgrading blueprints). This is a great way to amass trophies to upgrade your blueprints.

    Each Quarantine Zone has multiple floors you need to descend down, with one GRE chest per floor. Each location has three chests to loot (despite the location showing four inhibitors; one of them counts as two when you loot it). For the purposes of this achievement, all you need to do is loot the inhibitors in each of the three chests. It doesn’t matter if you stay stealthy or kill all zombies, or anything else.

    The easiest way to clear these zones is to go in at night and simply crouch your way through the relatively linear path that the sleeping zombies make for you, completely ignoring them and roughly following the large cable on the floor until you get to a locked GRE door that you can open with your key (some require a lockpick instead). Go in, loot the chest, and make your way down to the next floor, repeating on each floor. Note that each floor has a door to open, typically right when you enter/exit the floor, that provides a quick way to backtrack up to the top floor without having to get past all the zombies again. This can be handy if you need to ascend to get back into UV light to recharge your meter, or just need to briefly flee from attacking zombies.

    As soon as you’ve looted the third chest in the zone, the location will be marked off as complete and you can exit either from the top or from the UV hallway on the bottom floor.

    Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations

    GRE Quarantines Zones are represented by this icon:
  • Open all Airdrops.

    There are a total of 26 airdrops across all areas of the game. Every airdrop is either on the top of a building or underwater. Like other open world activities, hovering over each one on your map shows you the stamina requirement to reach that airdrop. In the second area, some require the use of your paraglider, and these are also denoted accordingly.

    The airdrops in the first area are relatively simple, because each just requires you to work your way up the outside/inside of the building it’s on, platforming and such. The second area is a little trickier, especially with airdrops that require the paraglider, because you’ll need to find a nearby building that is taller, climb to the top of it, and then paraglide to the airdrop building. Use your map to identify the nearest building that is taller on your map, ascend it (usually either with a rope pulley to pull you up, a vent to glide up, platforming, or some combination of those three), then jump and glide to the airdrop. Be aware there are two or three airdrops in the southwest (Garrison) that you won't be able to reach until you complete the main mission 'Broadcast' so you can access the roof of the VNC Tower and glide from it. 

    Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations. Note the huge cluster in the south of Downtown. This is a flooded area, and while you could try to use your binoculars from various spots to mark airdrop locations, it's far easier to use the maps referenced above and just place a waypoint nearby. When you get close you'll get an unknown location question mark to follow to the chest. 

    Airdrops are represented by this icon:
  • Defeat your first GRE Anomaly.

    Refer to Revenants (25G) for more information.
  • Defeat all GRE Anomalies.

    There are a total of 11 GRE Anomalies around all areas of the game. They are night-only activities, but unlike others, they are not possible during the day at all (the Anomaly won’t be there). Anomalies are a sort of miniboss in the game, and thankfully every single one is exactly the same: they are taller thin creatures that can jump quite far, raise the dead in the arena, and tend to spit at you. In general, they have virtually no close-range attacks, so my strategy was to run up to each one and hit it over and over until it jumped away, then chase after it and repeat. It won’t spit at you if you’re close. While there are a bunch of regular zombies during each fight, I recommend ignoring them. If you’re chasing after the Anomaly, you’ll continually be on the move (often on higher ground where it jumps to) so zombies won’t be able to keep up with you and surround you. Even if you did kill the zombies, the Anomaly will just revive them, so it’s a waste of time and weapon durability. Just focus on the Anomaly to finish it off, then turn your attention to any Virals that might be climbing up after you. Kill them (usually two or three) to end the fighting.

    As soon as the Anomaly is dead, a trailer in the arena becomes accessible (through the roof hatch) to enter and loot a chest with an inhibitor inside. Looting the chest marks the location as complete.

    Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations. Note the one off to the west of Garrison, seemingly off the map. This one is easily overlooked. 

    GRE Anomalies are represented by this icon:
  • Clear your first Bandit Camp.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    During the main story, you and your group will eventually need to attack and capture a bandit camp; this is mandatory and needed to advance the story. To clear a camp, you need to kill the gang leader and his lieutenants as well as raise the flag. You can either play stealth or not; it doesn't matter.

    You'll need to clear all Bandit Camps for Ban Hammer (25G). Refer to it for more information.
  • Clear all Bandit Camps.

    There are a total of four Bandit Camps to clear, one of them being mandatory for the story (for Flag Burning (15G)). To clear a camp, you need to kill the gang leader and his lieutenants as well as raise the flag. You can either play stealth or not; it doesn't matter.

    To clear a camp, you need to kill the gang leader and his lieutenants, and then raise the flag. You can either play these stealthy or not. Just be aware that if you choose not to be stealthy, and an enemy sounds an alarm, virtually the entire camp converges on your location. The result is you’ll be fighting typically ten or so enemies at once, with some hanging back to shoot you with arrows while you try to fight the others. This can make things very difficult, and it can be hard to heal when you have so many enemies after you. So just be warned before you run in swinging.

    Unfortunately, there is no ingame marker to locate the lieutenants or the gang leader. The lieutenants tend to be on the lower floors in open areas, and have a white symbol over their heads denoting their increased strength. The gang leader tends to be on the highest floors, typically near the flag, and as you get close to him you’ll see the boss health bar pop up across the top of the screen. Once all three are dead, you’ll get an ingame marker showing you where the flag is that you need to raise. While you don’t need to kill regular enemies, they will make it virtually impossible to raise the flag until you kill them.

    As soon as you raise the flag, the location is marked as complete.

    ​​​​​​Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations,

    Bandit Camps are represented by this icon:
  • Craft your first item.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    During the introduction, you will have a small tutorial on how to craft items. You'll automatically craft medicine with some honey and chamomile and will receive the achievement after doing so.
  • Modify your weapon for the first time.

    Refer to Modder (15G) for more information.
  • Help 50 survivors in Encounters.

    While playing this game, you’ll sometimes have random encounters that will appear with a blue diamond marker on your compass, and you will typically be able to hear cries relative to the encounter. These encounters vary depending on if it’s day or night, and can involve survivors, Renegades, zombies, and minibosses. For the purposes of this achievement, there are only four encounters that count for this achievement:
    1. A survivor (could be either a Survivor or Peacekeeper) is tied up by three (or more) Renegades. Kill the Renegades and untie the Survivor.
    2. A survivor is being burned or hanged by Renegades (in the Downtown area). Kill the Renegades before time runs out and untie the Survivor.
    3. A survivor is asking for a UV shroom/booster, typically on a rooftop and always at night. Press button-x.png to give the survivor one and save them before time runs out.
    4. A survivor is fighting with a zombie. Simply kill the single zombie to save them.
    All of the other types of encounters don’t involve saving someone, and therefore don’t count for this achievement. After saving a survivor (for this achievement), the survivor should give you a reward after the encounter is completed. Those are the ones that count for this achievement.

    You need to do a cumulative total of 50 of them (one survivor per encounter), but thankfully, in general, encounters tend to appear in the same places, and the same types. So if you find a specific type of encounter of the three listed above, you can mark it on your map, complete it, return to a bed and sleep, then return to the location and the encounter will likely respawn, especially after dying.
  • Achieve maximum Parkour Proficiency.

    For this achievement, you must reach the maximum level of Parkour. Surprisingly, this doesn't require you to purchase all 24 skills. As soon as you earn enough Parkour XP to unlock all skill points, this achievement unlocks.

    You will need to earn a huge amount of XP to reach max level. Main mission and open world activities thankfully give good XP, so definitely complete all of the activities required for achievements first before worrying about grinding anything out. Specifically:
    • All 17 Windmills
    • All seven facilities
    • All 26 airdrops
    • All six GRE quarantine zones
    • All 11 GRE Anomalies
    • All nine Metro Stations
    • All four Bandit Camps
    • All ten Nightrunner trials
    • All collectibles (you will earn Parkour XP from all the platforming to reach each one, plus some are tied to side quests that also give XP)
    • Enough encounters to unlock A Friend in Need... (15G) (encounters give decent XP)
    • All main missions to finish the story (these give huge XP, especially the last ones, but do them last so you don't miss any collectibles)
    Once you've done all of that, if you still need more Parkour XP for more skill points, there are thankfully some easy and quick ways to grind out Parkour XP. First, in my opinion, Parkour XP comes quicker than Combat XP, so if you're farther behind on Combat XP, I recommend referring to Combat Master (25G) and doing that first, because you will likely end up maxing out your Parkour proficiency along the way. Once that's done, if you somehow still need Parkour XP, equip any gear you have that increases Parkour XP. Second, make sure it's night so you get extra XP. Then, follow this video below for a way to get upwards of 2,000 Parkour XP per minute. You can actually do this very early in the game if you want, but there's no real need to waste time grinding before you've done all of the above. Full credit to the creator of the video.
  • Achieve maximum Combat Proficiency.

    For this achievement, you must reach the maximum level of Combat. Surprisingly, this doesn't require you to purchase all 24 skills. As soon as you earn enough Combat XP to unlock all skill points, this achievement unlocks.

    You will need to earn a huge amount of XP to reach max level. Main mission and open world activities thankfully give good XP, so definitely complete all of the activities required for achievements first before worrying about grinding anything out. Specifically:
    • All 17 Windmills
    • All seven facilities
    • All 26 airdrops
    • All six GRE quarantine zones
    • All 11 GRE Anomalies
    • All nine Metro Stations
    • All four Bandit Camps
    • All ten Nightrunner trials
    • All collectibles (some are tied to side quests that also give XP)
    • Enough encounters to unlock A Friend in Need... (15G) (encounters give decent XP)
    • All main missions to finish the story (these give huge XP, especially the last ones, but do them last so you don't miss any collectibles)
    Once you've done all of that, if you still need more Combat XP for more skill points (you assuredly will), there are thankfully some easy ways to grind out Combat XP (but unfortunately not as fast as Parkour XP). First, equip any gear you have that increases Combat XP. Second, make sure it's night so you get extra XP. Then what you're going to do is farm miniboss encounters to get a huge amount of XP from each one. This is best done post-game, since the enemies will scale to your level and give huge XP. I was getting 2000-2500 Combat XP per miniboss killed, thanks to the +40% XP from my gear. Full credit to the creator of the video. Note that despite the thumbnail and title, it is NOT a glitch (for those that dislike glitches). It is an exploit.
  • Reach City Alignment 7 for any faction.


    This achievement requires you to activate the Water Tower or the Electrical Substation in each of the neutral zones, and then assign the zone to a faction (Peacekeepers or Survivors). Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for more information and maps that show the location of each facility.

    As there are only seven neutral zones in the game, this means you'll have to assign all seven of them to the SAME faction, otherwise you will not get this achievement (you can actually go up to level 10 as it levels up sometimes when taking over a Metro Station, but that's still not enough to level up both factions, so make sure to always assign the facilities to the same faction).
  • Collect 1,000,000 in Old World Money.

    By the time you're done with everything else in the game, you'll likely have collected a cumulative total somewhere around 200,000 to 300,000 depending on how many side activities you did that aren't needed for achievements and how meticulously you looted. This achievement requires you to collect 1,000,000 cumulatively (i.e. you don't need to have 1,000,000 in your possession at any given time, you just need to receive that much cumulatively over your entire playthrough).

    Since you'll be nowhere near this amount by the time you finish everything else, you'll unfortunately be left with some grinding. Thankfully, there are some pretty easy exploits to make this relatively quick and painless.
    1. The first, and by far easiest option, is to first collect some valuable gear, such as stuff that sells for 4,000 to 8,000. The more you have, the quicker it'll go. Then, go to any vendor and sell it all. Tab over to the Buy Back tab and buy it all back. Sell it again, and repeat over and over. The game counts all of your income every time you sell something, so you can just keep selling the same stuff over and over until this achievement unlocks. This can be done solo and won't take that long assuming you have a handful of decently valuable items. If you need some, the best place to get more is to return to the southernmost Downtown region, the flooded area with all of the airdrops underwater. Post game, these are guaranteed to contain high level (valuable) gear. Grab a bunch and you'll be set for this exploit.
    2. The second one, which can be faster, especially if you find someone who has already done this and therefore has stacks of stuff, is to use the duplication exploit (see below) to duplicate valuable items for you over and over for you to keep selling. The most valuable stack that people have been using are 999 green crystals. That stack sells for around 300,000. But, you can just have someone duplicate their valuable gear for you over and over while you sell it. In my opinion, this is far riskier (see duplication exploit below), slower at first, and relies on a second person, but use whichever you prefer.

    Duplication exploit: this takes advantage of and exploits the cloud saves on Xbox. To duplicate item(s) for someone, make sure your game saves, quit to the main menu, then close the game app. This will force a cloud save. Now, launch the game and join someone's game in co-op. Drop all the items you want to duplicate, then press the Guide button, scroll down to the game, press button-menu.png, choose Manage Game and Add-Ons, scroll down to Save Data, and choose to Delete Save Data. You'll get a pop-up - make sure to choose "delete from console." If you choose to delete from everywhere you will lose your save and everything you had! Deleting from your console will close the game. Relaunch it, and it'll sync with the cloud and give you back your cloud save with the items you dropped. Repeat the same process to drop them again.
  • Meet all your Sparker love interests.

    This achievement requires you to complete the "The Matchmaker" side quest, that you can find east of the Metro: The Holy Trinity (at the Bakery outpost). You will meet the creator of Sparker and will be tasked to collect two fake Sparker cards, then he will give you your real Sparker card, and from then you will officially be a part of this dating program.

    Once that side quest is completed, you then need to return to the same location (the Bakery outpost) to meet with all of your Sparker matches. The first will always be Juliet, and she will appear there after sleeping once or twice to pass time. Head there, talk to her, pick any dialogue option, and you're done with her. The second is Vinnie, who won't be possible to meet for this achievement until you've progressed the story enough such that you meet him at the Fish Eye canteen. Once you've met him during the story, he will eventually turn up in the same place Juliet was, except unfortunately without a side quest marker, so you'll have to just check back periodically. Again, talk to him and pick any dialogue options.

    Now, there is a third person to meet - Maya. You will also meet her during the story, and eventually get a side quest from her called Sentimental Value. This side quest is missble (it will eventually become locked out if you progress the story too far before completing it).
    • If you DO complete this side quest, Maya will be your third Sparker match. You'll need to do the same as Vinnie and check back periodically to meet her and talk to her. Once you do, this achievement will unlock.
    • If you DO NOT complete Maya's side quest, this achievement will unlock after talking to Vinnie. Be aware that it can be extremely delayed though. It didn't unlock for me until at least five minutes later, when I'd fast traveled away and started on another mission.
  • Travel at least 960km.

    This achievement is an insanely massive grind. By the time you complete the game and all other achievements, you won't even be close to halfway done with this achievement. There currently is no better option than to grind this out. There are a couple methods:
    • Rubberband your thumbsticks. If you can manage to do this without the game automaically pausing because it detects you're idle, you can make yourself run in circles. Be aware this will take approximately 30 hours of just grinding.
    • Alternate methods of rubberbanding include making yourself fall to your death from the top of the VNC Tower over and over, paragliding, etc. Paragliding definitely contributes to this achievement but it is unknown if falling does. Use at your own risk.
    • The fastest method (relatively) is to use a glitch. There is a challenge that let's you ride on a broomstick, and with a glitch you can get access to the broomstick in the open world, allowing you to fly very fast to make progress towards this achievement. However, this will require active playing the entire time you're grinding. Also, this will still take at least 10-15 hours of active grinding to unlock this achievement on the broomstick. The video below shows the glitch to get access to the broomstick in the open world.

  • Fall from a combined height of at least 10,994 meters.

    This achievement should unlock naturally since it is cumulative over your entire save file. While working on everything else, you will unavoidably make progress towards this achievement and assuredly unlock it before finishing the other achievements.

    If you somehow don't, the quickest way to make progress would be to take the elevator to the top of the VNC Tower (accessed late in the story) and jump off the roof, using your glider before hitting the ground to ensure you don't die. Ride the elevator back up and repeat. 
  • Survive your first night.

    One of the main feature of the game is a day and night cycle, and some activities/missions will only be available during day or night. For this achievement, you will just need to survive one night in the game and this will only be obtainable after reaching the Bazaar for the first time.

    You're not actually required to go out and do stuff during the night; you can simply find a bed and rest until morning and the achievement will unlock, but if you do wander outside just make sure not to die until morning.
  • Kill 20 enemies in a row with melee weapons without taking damage.

    Equip a melee weapon and go around fighting enemies but make sure to keep your distance so they don't harm you. Some of the best locations are inside buildings as there will be a lot of sleeping weak zombies, so if you have a good weapon that can kill them in one hit, they won't even have a chance to harm you.

    The two best options are:
    • During the day, go to some of the early zones (where zombies are weaker) and just kill the relatively passive zombies. Your melee weapons should kill them easily.
    • At night, inside various dark zones zombies will be sleeping. This allows you to kill them in a controlled manner with melee weapons. It's also pretty easy to back up through doorways and cause them all to funnel towards you so you never get surrounded.
  • Kill a Volatile.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You will have to kill Volatiles during the last quest of the game, so this achievement will unlock naturally during the story, but there are places to get this achievement earlier in the game.

    Volatiles are extremely powerful and also have a lot of health, so they can kill you pretty quickly.
    • There are two very good places during the main quests, the first one being inside the VNC Tower. You will be ambushed by a few Volatiles and you will have to run to escape. You will eventually climb up some crates and the Volatiles won't be able to catch you. This is when you want to turn around and fight them as they can't hit you so you're pretty safe.
    • The other place is during the X13 mission. It works the same as at some point you will be chased by Volatiles but you will soon find UV lamps so they won't be able to catch you and again you can kill them safely.
    Other good options for killing Volatiles are going into Dark Zones during the day. In particular, Metro Stations are great for this. There are virtually always Volatiles in Metro Stations during the day (unless it's a Metro Station with Renegades inside), and there is always a gate of some sort you can retreat and hide behind. Alert the Volatile(s), retreat to the gate, and then swipe at them when they get close and back up if you need to heal.
  • Kill a Spitter using a ranged weapon.

    Spitters are zombies that spit yellow chemicals at you. They can be found pretty much everywhere but you have higher chances to find some at night. You'll likely get a bow around halfway through the story, either from looting or quest rewards, and you may also find one for sale at a Trader. Alternatively, if you're assigning facilities to the Peacekeepers you will eventually be rewarded with an extremely powerful crossbow. Either way, once you have a ranged weapon, head out at night to find a Spitter and kill it using the weapon. Spitters seem more common in the Downtown area, but both areas have them.
  • Use the UV Flashlight to kill a Viral.

    You obtain the UV Flashlight during the main story, so you'll have to wait until you have it to get this achievement.

    This achievement is a bit misleading though, as the UV Flashlight won't outright kill a zombie; it will simply weaken and repel it. To get this achievement, you first need to find a Viral. These are the skinnier faster zombies, which are common at night but it's also really easy to find them in Dark Zones during the day. Listen for their scream and for them to charge you. Then, press lt.png over and over again (holding it down doesn't seem to work properly, for some reason) while pointing at the Viral. You need to keep doing it until the Viral goes all the way down. Be aware the Virals have a few positions, but don't stop hitting it with your UV flashlight until it's all the way down on its hands and knees. Once it's down, hit it with your melee weapon to kill it and unlock this achievement.

    Note that using button-x.png to jump on their face when they're on their knees doesn't unlock this achievement, so don't bother with that.
  • Perform 50 headshots with a ranged weapon.

    You'll likely get a bow around halfway through the story, either from looting or quest rewards, and you may also find one for sale at a Trader. Alternatively, if you're assigning facilities to the Peacekeepers you will eventually be rewarded with an extremely powerful crossbow. Either way, once you have a ranged weapon, the easiest way to farm headshots is to go inside a building where you can find the weak sleeping zombies and aim at their head. They are asleep and pretty weak so two hits should be enough to kill them; just make sure to aim at the head and do that until the achievement unlocks. If you get the PK crossbow, most zombies will die in a single headshot, making this achievement really quick to get.

    To help, getting the combat skills for precision aiming and power shot make it much more consistent to get headshot kills (and you eventually need to get all combat skills anyway).
  • Lose the maximum level of Chase.

    This is only available at night. Outside at night, you will see Howlers, which are zombies that will scream when they see you, attracting more zombies then start chasing you. There are four levels of chase and more powerful zombies will chase you at higher levels. Your Chase level increases as you remain being actively chased (i.e. visible) by zombies, so if you hide or retreat to UV light, you'll eventually lose your Chase and need to start over. If you have enough Parkour skills, you can simply run rooftop to rooftop to avoid the massive amount of powerful zombies that will be chasing you. As soon as you reach level 4, get to UV light as quick as possible to successfully end the chase. Dying doesn't count; you need to see the "Chase Ended" banner at the bottom of the screen.

    Note that in my experience, even if you die during a level 4 Chase, you still get the "Chase Ended" banner and get this achievement if you're standing in UV light. I'm not sure if it's intentional or a bug, but I unlocked the achievement this way. I died during the level 4 Chase from enemies' poison while I was standing in UV light and the achievement still unlocked when it said "Chase Ended" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Join a co-op session.


    From the Pause menu, go to Online Menu and join a session with either randoms or friends.

    If you are having trouble with this achievement, try posting in the Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder thread for co-op partners.
  • Kill 100 enemies while playing with at least 2 other players.


    For this, you will be required to play with at least two other players through online co-op and kill a total of 100 enemies yourself. Only kills you get count towards this achievement, not ones that others in the group get. It doesn't have to be in one session, nor with the same people.

    Once you're in a group of at least three people, the fastest way to grind out kills is to sleep until night and then initiate a chase. Enemies will spawn endlessly. Stay near UV light so you can retreat to heal if need be, but otherwise just keep hammering away at enemies as they rush you and you'll reach 100 kills quite quickly. If Chase levels 3 and 4 seem overwhelming, retreat to the UV light to end the Chase and then find a Howler to restart a new one. You can also get a decent chunk of Combat XP this way.

    If you are having trouble with this achievement, try posting in the Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder thread for co-op partners.
  • Perform a Perfect Block 10 times in a row without taking damage.

    First, you will need to buy the Perfect Parry skill. A Perfect Block is performed by pressing lb.png at the correct moment when an enemy is attacking you. Make sure you're not doing a simple block as it will reset the counter. You need 10 Perfect Blocks in a row without failing and without taking damage. Be careful when there is a red marker around the enemy as it means he will do a power attack which cannot be parried, so you'll have to press rb.png to dodge or you'll take damage.

    The easiest place to get this is near the beginning of the story, where you will be taught how to use a Perfect Block to parry attacks. You'll need to do it three times successfully to progress the story, so this is a great place to do all 10 in a row.

    If you are past that point, the next easiest place to do this is against human enemies, while fighting one. Encounters are a great place to find a small group of human enemies. Kill all but one, do a quick check in your immediate area for any zombies shambling towards you (killing them if need be), and then you can focus on parrying that one enemy over and over. The trick is to press lb.png right as their attack is about to hit you. Doing it all on one enemy allows you to get used to that enemy's attack animation and time your block correctly.

    Note that this achievement was quite delayed in unlocking for me. I did 12 in a row before stopping, and it took a solid 30 additional seconds for this achievement to finally unlock.
  • Modder



    Modify your weapons at least 50 times.

    In order to modifiy a weapon, you’ll need to have:
    • A weapon capable of being modified
    • Mod blueprints
    • Crafting components
    Not every weapon is capable of being modded. Even some that are rare, epic, and legendary don’t have mod slots. So keep on the lookout for weapons with mod slots for this achievement.

    As for the blueprints, they can either be obtained as mission rewards or purchased from any Craftmaster in any base. In general, the mods from Craftmasters are really cheap (relative to how much money you’ll find from looting and make from selling valuables and loot), so I recommend purchasing the majority of them, especially charm blueprints (see below). 

    While you will likely mod your weapons continually as you get new weapons, there is a very fast and easy way to grind out this achievement. Once you have two charm mods and any weapon with mod slots, you can keep applying one mod then the other over and over again until this achievement unlocks. 
  • Max out your Health.

    *UNOBTAINBLE* As of the most recent patch and time of writing, this achievement was inadvertently broken by the developers. It is currently impossible to unlock it.


    Refer to Ironheart (25G) for more information. 
  • Max out your Stamina.


    Health and stamina are both upgraded by collecting and using inhibitors. There are a total of 126 inhibitors in the game, and it takes 78 inhibitors to max out either health if stamina. Therefore, not only are there not enough inhibitors to max out health and stamina in the same playthrough, but if you distribute them evenly its actually possible to not be able to max out either of them in your playthrough!

    First, as for the inhibitors themselves, pretty late in the story you will unlock the grappling hook and the GRE detector. Once you have both, you can climb each of the five radio towers in the game and activate them all. Doing so let's you see the locations of all inhibitors on your maps. However, since that happens very late in the story, if you'd like to collect them early to get some early upgrades, IGN has a good guide HERE

    As you collect them, you may be wondering what the magic number is: how many can you spend on health and stamina upgrades without locking yourself out of one of the two achievements. The answer is 48, or 16 levels total across both health and stamina. While it is technically faster to get this achievement by saving up 78 inhibitors right from the start and not spend any until you have enough to get both achievements (more on that below), I highly highly recommend against that. Get stamina upgrades up to 400 stamina, because it gives you access to pretty much every open world activity, and upgrade health to at least 260 so that you have access to all Combat skills in the skill tree. While doing so means you'll need to collect far more inhibitors overall, it will make things far easier and more fun as you progress through the game. 

    Now as for getting both achievements in a single playthrough, it is possible. Techland has stated they are adding backup saves to Xbox for this game, and once they do so, it's just a matter of saving up enough inhibitors, make a backup save, spend them on one stat to max it out and unlock the achievement, then load your backup save and max out the other for the other achievement. Until then, it is possible to use cloud save manipulation to save yourself an extra playthrough. Amass enough inhibitors such that you can fully upgrade either health or stamina. Quit to the main menu and then close the game app, which forces your game to save to the cloud. You can let it sit for a couple minutes just to be safe the cloud save updated. Now you have two options: online or offline. 
    1. Offline. With the game app closed, press the guide button and go to Settings, Network Settings, and choose to Go Offline. Launch the game app, continue your game, and now spend all of your inhibitors to upgrade either health or stamina. Fast travel, kill some enemies and collect some loot, etc., just so long as it forces the game to save. Now press the guide button, choose to Manage Game and Addons for this game, and scroll down to Save Data. Select your save data and choose to delete it from the console (only option if you're offline). This will automatically close the game app if it's open. Now go back into your Network Settings and Go Online. Launch the game app, and it will sync with the cloud save and you'll have your save file back with all inhibitors you collected. At some point during or after loading into the game, the achievement should unlock. Once it does, you can spend your inhibitors on the other to unlock the other achievement. 
    2. Online. Again amass enough inhibitors, then quit to the main menu and then close the game app to force a cloud save. Wait a few minutes to be safe. Launch the game app, and once you're back in your game, spend all your inhibitors to max one of the two and unlock the achievement. Now, press the guide button, highlight this game and choose Manage Game, scroll down to Save Data and choose to delete it. Make sure you choose to delete from console/local. DO NOT delete from everywhere or from the cloud. Deleting your local data will close the game app. Relaunch it and it'll sync with the cloud save, and you'll have back all your inhibitors. Now you can spend them on the other stat to max it out for the other achievement. 
    In terms of finding all radio towers, since they aren't marked as obviously on your map, ​​refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations.

    Antennas are represented with this icon:

    There is one inhibitor that is missable (at the top of North Loop Radio Tower) so make sure to get it before meeting with Veronika Ryan.

    There is also one inhibitor that will not show up on the map even with the detector, which is located at the Dark Hollow, South of Saint Paul island. The safe code is inside too.
  • Perform 50 takedowns.

    Takedowns are performed by pressing button-x.png behind an enemy that hasn't detected you. It can be done against both zombies and humans.

    The easiest places to do this is inside buildings, where there are a lot of sleeping zombies. In particular Dark Zones at night, such as the GRE quaratine zones, are excellent for amassing takedowns. Go behind their backs and press button-x.png to kill them in one hit without alerting the others. Note though that they will only die in a single takedown if their level is the same or less than yours, so keep that in mind if you're exploring areas that are a higher level than you.
  • Perform Smash on at least 50 enemies.

    First, you will need to buy the Smash skill on the bottom of the Combat skill tree. To perform a Smash, you need to be higher than an enemy (but not too high) and look down at them until you see a (quite small) button-x.png prompt on their head. Press it to jump down and Smash the enemy. DO NOT jump to Smash. This attack simply requires you to press button-x.png while looking down at an enemy; you cannot do it in mid air, so don't bother, and don't use rb.png while working on this achievement.

    This easiest places to work on Smash kills are just around the streets during the daytime. Zombies are relatively passive, and the bigger streets have trucks and street lights that you can stand on and Smash from. Do 50 cumulatively to unlock this achievement.
  • Kill 50 enemies with a Spear.

    Spears are a special weapon only available around the city. You cannot store it and you cannot buy them; you need to find them.

    Spears are much easiest to find at night - look for a glowing green light on a body, and there will always be a spear sticking out of the body that you can grab. You are able to do standard platforming while still holding onto your Spear, but if you loot anything you'll drop it and need to pick it back up. In general, the Spear is a one hit kill against all regular zombies (normal ones, Howlers, Spitters, and Virals). It also has a sort of auto-aim mechanic, which makes it pretty difficult to miss a throw. Additionally, if you line up a couple zombies close to each other you can get two kills with one throw.

    The most reliable places to find the green lights with Spears are in GRE Anomaly arenas (even if you've already defeated the Anomaly). There are three green lights and Spears in every arena, and they respawn. Make it a point to use all three Spears per Anomaly to get three kills. If you need more, you can return to any after sleeping to reuse the Spears.
  • Complete all Nightrunner Trials.

    There are 10 Nightrunner Trials in the game. These are parkour challenges, and you need to at least get a bronze medal in each of them to unlock this achievement..Some of them might not be available until late in the story, and some others will requires the paraglider or grappling hook (meaning you won't even be able to start them without these tools).

    Refer to Municipal Services (15G) for their locations; they are circled in red.
  • Perform an Air Kick after a Double Wall Run.

    Note: while the achievement description says "Double Wall Run," what you actually need to use is the Tic Tac skill (i.e. a horizontal run on a wall).

    First you need to buy the Air Kick skill from the Combat tree, and the Tic Tac and Wall Combo skills from the Parkour tree. Next, you need to perform a Tic Tac (horizontal wall run), jump on another wall near to it and do another Tic Tac, and then jump off and hold lb.png while looking at an enemy to do the Air Kick.

    The easiest place to do this is in alleyways in the first area of the game. Go between two buildings, lure zombies if need be, do two quick Tic Tacs (one on each wall), and then jump off (turning around if need be in mid air) and kick the zombie on the way down. This can also be done on human enemies but zombies are far easier.
  • Find all Collectible Notes.


    There are a total of 117 Mementos, 63 tapes and 70 Graffitis to find in the game.

    Let's start with the easiest one: the 70 Graffitis are found out in the open world across both areas of the game. None is missable, and once you have access to the second area you can find them all. They're all large murals, and you need to collect a nearby box of spray paint to count for the collectible. Refer to PowerPyx's very detailed guide linked below. 

    As for the Mementos and Tapes, there are some of each that are highly missable. The biggest one to be aware of is a Memento in the prologue. The reason this one is most important is because there is no way to replay the prologue, so you'd need to start a new game and collect all Mementos on that new save file to unlock this achievement. Make absolutely sure to get that prologue Memento. As for the other Mementos and Tapes that are missable, the good news is that if you miss them, you can join someone else's co-op game who has access to the related missions or areas and get the collectibles in their game. So while you don't need to start all over again, you should still make it a point to get as many as possible to cut down on how much help you need from others at specific points in the game.

    Thankfully, the majority of the Tapes and Mementos are actually part of side missions or placed in areas that side missions and main missions will take you to, rather than being randomly found around the city. Unfortunately, there is no way whatsoever to mark any collectibles on your map or compass. You'll need to rely on Survivor Sense to spot them. 

    Since there are so many, I recommend referring to PowerPyx's guides, which can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. There is a breakdown in the beginning of which collectibles are missable. Prioritize those and pay attention to them. Aside from those, progress and grab whatever you come across. Then, once you get to the 'Veronika Ryan' main mission (because after that mission some locations are no longer available), stop working on the story and collect all of the collectibles you have access to. Some are available during the last couple missions, but go through and collect all others first to be safe you don't lock yourself out of any. Then, once you're at 106 Mementos and 60 Tapes, proceed with the story to get your last of each and unlock both achievements. 
  • Find all Collectible Recordings.


    Refer to Archivist (25G) for more information.
  • Discover all Graffiti Tag Collectibles.

    Refer to Archivist (25G) for more information.

Secret achievements

  • Reach Villedor.

    *BUGGY* This achievement, despite being story related, has been known to not unlock upon finishing the prologue. Since there is no way to replay the prologue in co-op, the only option is to start a new game and replay the prologue, hoping this achievement unlocks at the end. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed to work, as there are reports of people redoing the prologue as many as five times without unlocking this achievement.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    After a pretty long introduction that will teach you the basics of the game as well as setting up the scene, you'll reach Villedor.
  • Learn Waltz's location.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You will automatically learn Waltz's location as well as a few more interesting things regarding the story during natural progression of the main story, but due to the nature of the game and the different choices you can make, it might trigger at different places/times for every player. Just know that it's story related anyway and you can't miss it.
  • Defeat the Renegades attacking the Fish Eye.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you reach the Fish Eye during the story, the location will be attacked by Renegades and you'll have to kill all of them. You'll also have cannons on rooftops to deactivate before they blow up the whole place. After that you'll get some dialogues and the achievement will unlock.
  • Reach the Observatory.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    The Observatory is completely blocked by chemicals and you cannot access it until late in the story, right after meeting with Veronika. She will give you something to bypass the chemicals that surround the area and you will then be able to reach the Observatory.
  • Restore the radio broadcast tower.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You will activate your first radio tower during the main story, when climbing up the huge VNC Tower. During this quest you'll also receive your last Nightrunner tools that will help you restore the other radio towers, and restoring them will mark the inhibitors on your map.

    This main quest is also a pretty good place to easily kill a Volatile for Night Hunter (15G).
  • Learn the whereabouts of Veronika Ryan.

    Story related and cannot be mised.

    You will learn about Veronika Ryan automatically after finishing the 'Nightrunners' main quest and your next main quest will be to find her around the Bazaar.

    Warning: Some locations will become locked out forever after the next main quests (starting with 'Veronika'), so make sure to get the collectibles in these locations.
  • Wake up after the missile strike.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Right after the events in the Observatory, you will witness a missile strike and a few cutscenes and when you'll finally wake up and have control back, you'll have earned this achievement.

    You'll also lose your GRE key for a moment so some side content might be locked until you retrieve it, so you should continue with the story for now.
  • Enter the X-13 elevator.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Soon after the missile strike, you will enter the final part of the game. The epilogue will begin and you'll eventually make your way to X13. As soon as you enter the elevator you'll earn this achievement.

    There is also a pretty safe place to kill a Volatile easily here for Night Hunter (15G).
  • Find your sister.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You will automatically earn this achievement during the X13 quest.

DLC: Bloody Ties (Store Link)

There are 8 achievements with a total of 115 points

  • Meet Skullface

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock near the end of the first DLC mission, 'First Blood,' at the end of the cutscene when the title starts to roll.

  • Reach Carnage Hall

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock at the end of the second DLC mission, 'Madmen of Villedor.' You'll have to get at least a bronze on three trials (refer to The Madman of Villedor (20G) for getting a gold on each), then head to a rooftop for a final initiation. After completing that, you'll be able to head to the pickup point to be taken to the location of the rest of this DLC.

  • Earn a gold medal in all 'Madmen of Villedor' trials.

    The second story quest, 'Madmen of Villedor,' introduces you to three new challenges - two combat challenges and a parkour challenge. As part of the story, you need to get at least a bronze on each to progress, but obviously for this achievement you need to get a gold time on each. You can either do them right away during the story mission or come back later to attempt them. I recommend just getting them out of the way while you're familiar with each to get at least a bronze to progress the story.

    Between Two Fires (Combat) - you have a crossbow that kills all enemies in a single shot, you're trapped in a small square arena, and exploding enemies will charge at you. You need to kill 20 to complete this. Truthfully, I think the main thing here is just not dying, as you have zero control over how fast the enemies come. You'll spend most of the time waiting for most enemies to jump over the walls. You can try to use Survivor Sense to look for the red blurs outside the fires, but I found it easier to just watch the little threat indicators in the center of the screen to see where enemies are coming from, then spin and shoot them. I was able to withstand many exploding on me without dying, and without even healing, and I got gold on my first try without really knowing what to expect.

    Like The Wind (Parkour) - this one can be brutal if you try to do it the way the game leads you to believe you should be doing it (running, swinging on ropes, etc.). You will likely take an eternity to succeed and get gold, if you ever manage it, with that method. Thankfully there is a much more reliable way to get gold. For the first half of the course (up to the tunnel with the exploding enemy at the end) you're going to use your fully upgraded paraglider to boost from checkpoint to checkpoint, never touching the ground. For the second half, you can just do an efficient sprint to the end, jumping over obstacles and avoiding rope swings. This one will definitely take some practice. 

    Check out the following video for help on this one. Just don't bother with that unnecessary paraglider usage shortly after the tunnel. Full credit to the creator of this video for making a great video. 

    Treasure Hunt (Parkour) - the goal here is to pick up ten crystals that are always in the same spots. I recommend completely ignoring enemies. Don't attack and don't try to fight. Just run by or jump over them, if need be, but my route below had me never even needing to jump around enemies. There are three floors. You start on the top floor. Here's the order I collect them to get a gold every time reliably:

    1. Jump across the gap from the start and grab the one on the couch to the left
    2. Crouch under the board and make a right, around the corner and into the side room, and grab the one on the floor before the exploding enemy
    3. Double back and grab the one in the sink right in front of you
    4. Round the corner to the right and grab the one on the left just past the board your crawled under
    5. Continue around the corner and jump and swing on the bar to reach the other side. Grab the crystal in the sink there
    6. Turn around, with your back to the crystal, and jump across the room and land on the second level (the one just below yours). This might be a tricky jump at first, but easy once you do it once or twice. Turn right and grab the crystal in the corner, which is the only one on the second level
    7. Do a 180 and drop down and grab the crystal on the floor right in the middle of the open room
    8. Head ahead to the doorway straight in front, running around the exploder, and make a left into the side room to get a crystal in the far corner. The exploder should explode while you're getting it, far enough away from it to not be affected
    9. Leave out the way you came and go into the doorway across to your left. Just inside the door on the left is a crystal by the open mini fridge
    10. Head to the back right corner of the same room to get the last crystal
    And here's a video of me doing it:
  • Earn a gold medal in all Carnage Hall shows.

    Before you have access to this achievement's requirements, you'll first need to complete the story missions in the DLC. Surprisingly, the story only requires you to complete around half of the events that Severus has available to you. With the story done, you'll need to head back to Severus and complete all remaining events you haven't done yet (look for the check mark next to ones you've completed). Once they're all done, you now have access to replay them around the corner from your saferoom to try to get medals. There's a purple icon on your HUD showing where the posters are.

    Note that the four Spectacle events (second column from Severus) do not have any medals associated with their posters. You do, however, still need to complete all four with Severus, but you don't need to play their posters again since there aren't any medals to obtain. So, of the 16 events Severus has, you only need to get gold medals on 12 of them (all four Carnage, Freak Fights, and Runner events).

    SPEAR GLITCH: There exists an extremely useful glitch where you can pick up a one-time use spear, which does high damage, and get infinite uses of it. This allows you to just mash rt.png and throw spears like crazy, destroying enemies in your path. This will quickly explain how exactly to do it, since most sources are quite specific enough:

    1. Take some damage such that you are able to use your medkit (you can't use it if you have full health)
    2. Locate a spear and stand next to it such that you see the prompt to press button-x.png to pick it up
    3. Hold button-a.png to use your medkit
    4. While you're holding button-a.png to use your medkit, press and hold button-x.png then too
    5. Hold both button-a.png and button-x.png until the animation finishes. Your weapon should drop and you should be holding the spear
    6. You can now mash rt.png as fast as you can to throw spears nonstop

    NOTE that you CAN still heal, climb, etc., without losing your infinite spears. I will be referencing this glitch in the guide below because it is so useful for the combat challenges.

    IMPORTANT PARKOUR TECHNIQUES: There are a handful of techniques you absolutely need to be aware of and use to stand a chance of getting a gold medal on the parkour challenges. Here's how to do them. This section is especially for people coming back to the game for this DLC after some time away, and not remembering all of the parkour techniques.

    • You'll be making use of your glider and its boost in a number of areas to save time. Pop the glider by holding button-x.png, and then pull down on the left thumbstick and press in analog-left.png to do a boost that'll launch you high up and forward. This makes it very quick to traverse a long distance and even get up higher much quicker than climbing
    • Kicking off of a rope swing is extremely important in a couple challenges. To do this, tap rt.png. DO NOT press and hold it, or you'll kick and then immediately do a smash attack down to the ground, Just quickly tap rt.png to shoot forward in a dropkick. This can be done at any point during your swing on a rope
    • Doing a long jump over an obstacle can really help in a bunch of situations. To do this, jump/mantle over the obstacle like normal (it has to be a low obstacle like a car hood or short wall or whatever), and immediately after pressing rb.png to jump/mantle, press lb.png to jump forward really far. This helps cover long distances

    Carnage Shows
    These are the events where you need to kill the marked enemies. I am not going to break down each of the four events of this type because you can just use the Spear Glitch on all four of them to make short work of all enemies. Use Survivor Sense at the start of the event to locate the nearest source of spears, then let an enemy hit you, and then use the Spear Glitch above. Now you can run to each marked enemy and spam spears to kill them very quickly, and from a distance too. This makes each challenge quite easy since regular enemies die instantly and marked enemies only take a few seconds to take down. The only two things you'll need to deal with are the charger enemies in a couple challenges, and the very high up spitters in the Babel stage. For the chargers, you can actually stun them by just hitting them in the front with tons of spears, or you can just stand there and wait for them to charge you, dodge to one side, turn, and hit them in the back. One spear should do the trick. For the high up spitters in Babel, first go around all the columns around the ground level and kill all of them, then climb up the central structure and jump to the platform in the middle of the arena between all of the really high up splitters. From that platform, you should be able to kill the four or so spitters on both sides of you without having to actually reach them. Just aim slightly above them to hit them if they're far away.

    Freak Shows

    • Inferno - Doing the spear glitch is unnecessary and a waste of time here, as the boss dies so quickly. Literally just run up to him and melee him over and over while strafing around him to stay behind and out of the line of fire. I killed him in around 10 seconds with this method, just tanking any fire damage you take
    • Prim-Ate - The Spear Glitch makes short work of this fight. The spears are on your left at the little barricade in the middle of the arena. Run right up to the boss to take damage right away, then do the Spear Glitch and you should be able to finish this boss off in a few seconds. Aim for the head
    • Cataclysm - There aren't any spears in this arena, to my knowledge. I used the exact same strategy as Inferno: strafe/dodge around the boss while meleeing it nonstop. When the fight starts, I immediately run left behind the pipes to avoid the shockwave attack, then run right up to the boss and start swinging, and don't stop at all. Keep moving in a circle around it while dodging as necessary in the same direction to avoid swings. You may get knocked down by the ground pound attack, but the boss only did it once to me. If you stay near it, you also don't have to worry about the shockwave attack. I did it first try with this method with time to spare, so just tank the poison damage on the ground and stop to quickly heal if need be
    • Phantom - *BUGGED* This fight is currently bugged as of the December 8th update. The boss for some reason takes virtually no damage from melee weapons, spears, propane tanks, mines, etc., making it nearly impossible to get a gold medal. It is technically still possible, as I've seen one person do it with molotovs, but it requires getting extremely lucky with your mines, exploding propane tanks, and direct hits with multiple molotovs. Feel free to attempt it, but it's better to just wait for a patch. I have contacted Techland about the issue and they're stated the dev team is aware of it and working on a fix

    Runner Shows

    • Run Boy Run - It's basically impossible to get gold on this by just running. You need to use a fully upgraded paraglider in a few keys spots to save time and make gold possible. Here are the critical points:
      • Make sure your flashlight is on at the start of the race so you can still see when the lights cut out both times
      • Right at the start, swing on the rope, jump off, pull the glider out to fly through the first checkpoint, then pull back and glider boost up onto the roof with the second checkpoint. This is far faster than climbing
      • Shortly after that, after rounding the building and running across the power lines, you'll jump onto a building on your right to get a checkpoint on the roof. Instead of continuing forward onto the metal beams, jump directly toward the next checkpoint off to the roof on the left and glider boost over to it. This is the most critical item, as it saves a huge amount of time
      • Immediately after that, DO NOT take the zipllne down. Instead, jump and glide boost parallel to it, as this is faster
      • After that and rounding the building, as you approach the electricity, just tank the damage jumping straight onto the rope (don't attempt to go on the totes or anything else onto the rope) so you're going straight to the next checkpoint, and press rt.png at the end of your swing to launch right towards the next checkpoint
      • The rest of the course is just a matter of beelining and jumping corners to get to the end. The following video shows a gold medal being achieved. They don't use the first glider boost I mention above. I highly recommend using it, as it saves a couple seconds. Also be aware that you don't need to bother with all those other little boosts while running on flat ground. Just sprint with analog-left.png and that's plenty fast

    • Man in Tights - This one is short and pretty chaotic. There doesn't seem to be any set "optimal" route, as every video I watched takes a different route than others, and they all finish with around 5-10 seconds to spare. The biggest things are getting the three high checkpoints in one or two glider uses, and then getting all of the middle checkpoints by swinging across the ropes. Here is the general route I used, but feel free to try others if you're struggling to replicate this one.

    • Running Up That Tower - This is definitely the hardest one, because it's really long and there are lots of quick uses of the glider, some of which involve some tight turns. This one will take a bunch of practice, but thankfully if you use the glider everywhere you can, you have some room for error. For example, at the end, getting from the center structure to the platforms you need to climb, I failed the glide and had to climb all the way up myself, and still finished in time. Here's a video showing the route I used, but I definitely recommend landing at the [0:50] mark at the center structure rather than trying to glide through it and around. That's a tough glide to do consistently, so just land and jump to the pillars. You have plenty of time if you don't mess up like they did later in the video

    • God of Speed - No tricks with the glider in this one. The video below shows the exact route and strategy I used. The most important thing to learn is where all the bounce pads are that you need to use, and where the rope swings are (I didn't even notice the ropes on my first run). Watch it, and then use the following points/tips/changes I made to it to make it more reliable:
      • Don't bother with those little kick boosts they do on flat ground. I'm not convinced they even save time. Also don't bother with the shoulder charges. I didn't use any of those and still finished with a few seconds to spare
      • The kicks off the rope swings are the most critical part of this route. Press rt.png to do the kick to cover a lot of distance quickly. Just as important is lining up the swing and kick. As you can see in the video, they kick but land off to the side of the bounce pads, losing valuable time to stand back up, readjust, and then jump
      • You don't need to wait until you land to jump off the next bounce pad. As soon as you're over it, press rb.png to bounce immediately, even if you're still in the air
      • At the end, after bouncing all the way back up top, jump and cut the corners of those beams and platformers. I have no idea why they run around the whole way when you could jump and skip most of those beams
  • Find all Carnage Hall collectables.


    There are 32 new mementos and 4 new tapes to collect in this DLC. None of them can be collected until you actually reach Carnage Hall at the end of the second DLC mission.

    The reason this achievement is missable is that there are a bunch of collectibles that are tied to side quests. If you opt not to accept the side quests, you'll miss the chance at the collectibles, and for one side quest you go to an area that is only accessible during that quest, so if you miss the collectibles, you can't go back to get them. It should be noted though, that just like with the base game collectibles, if you join someone else's game who has accepted the side quests, you can get the collectibles in their game.

    The most important part of this achievement is ensuring you do what's needed to get the side quests, so I'll cover that first before the collectible video. Here is the order you need to follow:

    • Near the beginning of the 'Fame or Infamy' mission, you'll do your first event for Severus, after which you'll wake up in your new saferoom, and exit out into the training room. It's here where two side quests become available, but the only one that matter is 'Backstory' from Rune. Make sure to accept it. There are four things to collect for this side quest, and all four are unmissable mementos (they're required to complete the quest)
    • Right near the start of the 'Road to Perdition' main mission, you'll get an optional objective to meet Ogar in the metro. Make sure you do so. Not only is there a collectible right next to him, but you need to talk to him to get the 'The Only Hope' side quest. There's a collectible at the end of this quest line
    • Shortly after the above, after another event or two for Severus, you'll hear Astrid's music playing from your room and automatically get the 'A Gilded Cage' side quest added, prompting you to go to Astrid's office. There are three collectibles that can only be gotten during this side quest, and they are optional and you can't return to this area, so make sure to get them
    • Towards the end of 'Road to Perdition' (for me it was when I reached Fame 14), when you talk to Severus for your next event he'll tell you about a bunch of portraits that were stolen. Make sure to accept this quest, which is 'Portrait of a Hangover.' A bunch of collectibles are unmissable as part of this side quest

    Those are the big things to watch out for. All of the rest of the collectibles, which are located all around Carnage Hall, both inside and outside, can be gotten whenever you want, and aren't missable. Just be aware that you won't be able to access them all until you progress to the point where Ogar contacts you to meet him in the metro in 'Road to Perdition.'

    Finally, here is a video guide showing the locations of all collectibles, courtesy of Achievement Squad:


Secret achievements

  • Survive the Night of Terrors

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completing the (very long) 'Fame or Infamy' main mission. You'll head into a dungeon to look for Ciro, and be given an optional objective to rescue four groups of people before running back up to save Ciro. I HIGHLY recommend saving those four groups of people, because they will come back to help you later, and it's a huge help. After you run back up to help Ciro, you'll go through a fight where you unavoidably lose (i.e. die), and when you wake back up you'll unlock this achievement.

  • Decide Ciro's Fate

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    In the last main mission, 'The Show Must Go On,' you'll fight with Ciro in the arena and need to decide to kill him or let him win. I HIGHLY recommend letting him win, as he'll come back to help you later, and it's a huge help. This achievement will unlock regardless of your choice though.

  • Defeat Skullface

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon finishing the last main mission, 'The Show Must Go On,' right as you actually defeat Skullface in the arena.

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