- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 36 [915]
- Online: 4 [85]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 35-50 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [free roam is available after completion]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

  • DLC: Title Update - Parkour Fever
    • Difficulty: 7/10
    • Time to 60: 7 + Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: The Following
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 330: 6-10 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Dying Light is Techland’s latest foray into the first-person zombie genre, and features a large and beautiful world that is full of enemies of all shapes and sizes, living and undead, and in some cases inanimate. You play as Kyle Crane, a merc/company agent sent by the Global Relief Effort to hunt down a former employee gone rogue, and to recover vital information on the zombie outbreak. Of course everything quickly goes sideways, thousands of zombies die, and you come out with a buffed up gamerscore. While getting all of the achievements can clock in at close to 50 hours of game time, an overwhelming majority of that time will be spent enjoying the story, both primary and secondary, exploring all of the nooks and crannies in the game, and blowing up zombies.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
All of the main story achievements are unmissable; however, you should, while you progress through the story, play in co-op for two quest-related achievements – doing 1 quest with 1 other person, and 5 quests with 3 other people. You can also get two more achievements for completing 10 of the competitive events that pop up during this co-op time, and winning at least 7 of them.

A huge chunk of the achievements can be done as you progress through the game and defeat certain types of enemies, such as a Volatile or Screamer, craft items (achievements for crafting 1 and 100 blueprints), and also from general leveling of the three different skill trees – Power, Agility, and Survivor. Almost all of these will come with natural progression, and whatever doesn't can relatively quickly be grinded out at any point.

All achievements can be cleaned up during the post game, and some I would recommend waiting until then to focus on anyway. In particular, there are achievements for grabbing all of the text-based collectibles, and also for climbing an insane distance up buildings/other structures overall. Some other achievements you may have remaining at the end of the story include: saving survivors from Rais’s thugs, clearing all of the quarantine zones, and kicking 100 enemies off of rooftops, among others. Refer to the guide for the best places to obtain and/or grind out these achievements.

As noted above, there are a few achievements tied to playing cooperatively with someone else online. It's best to get these as early as possible with a coordinated partner (who you can intentionally trade challenge wins with) to make it as quick and painless as possible.

With free roam being available after completing the game, if you're missing anything, simply go back to mop up whatever you missed. Refer to the guide for the best places to unlock each achievement.

Title Update: Parkour Fever DLC

Dying Light's Title Update Parkour Fever is free for all. The controls are the same as the main game and so is the character you play as. It's also based in the Slums and Old Town. The DLC is split into two distinct parts: the first is the Parkour Fever, which is found by visiting the three-starred foot icon on your map; the second is the GRE Chests, which are in the Quarantine Zones.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
You can choose to work on the GRE chests first, or the challenges first; the order does not matter. Do make note that the GRE chests are a lot easier to find as you only need to open five chests, whereas for the challenges, you need to complete ten of them. Some of the challenges can be quite difficult, taking anywhere up to six hours to snag the completion.

The Following DLC

Dying Light: The Following DLC continues Kyle Crane’s story in a race against time. The impossible turned out to be true! There is a secret passage that leads out of the city walls and rumors are swirling about a zombie cure. But there is more to find in the countryside; uncover the mysterious ancient cult that pulls the strings and may even control the fate of Harran. Choose your own path to infiltrate the sect and save as many people as possible.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Play the game as you normally would enjoying the story and unraveling the mystery. Otherwise, I would recommend focusing on running over as many zombies as possible while traveling around the countryside.

After finishing the story, go ahead and win Bilal’s race (if you skipped it during your story playthrough). You also need to destroy 50 scarecrows (“Formidophobic? Interesting…”), kill a Demolisher with a car (“Sweaty palms?”), level up to Driver Rank 12 (“You realize it's only points, don't you”), and finish up running over 500 zombies (“I don’t approve of mindless fun”).

Overall Conclusion:
Dying Light is fantastic outing from Techland. While there were quite a few glitches initially that impacted a bunch of achievements, they've all since been patched. This allows for the full enjoyment of the zombie-smashing gameplay, the tense feeling when traveling at night, and the wealth of content to experience as you progress. You'll need to invest quite a bit of time for the completion, but the payoff is well worth it.

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 and Shiftie for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank jroller1979 for the Parkour Fever DLC Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank UntilTammaroYT for the The Following DLC Roadmap]

Dying Light Achievement Guide

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There are 68 achievements with a total of 1490 points

  • Finish all side quests.


    Side quests appear as large white exclamation points (!) on your map and minimap that signify a quest giver, or an update/lead on a quest giver. Occasionally side quests are also received automatically. None of the side quests are missable, although some have prerequisite quests or missions that you need to have completed first. Many of these quests give you access to special blueprints and areas where you can find collectibles (most importantly areas you can find notes for “It’s all in the Writing”).

    Some general tips on doing quests – As soon as you get them, head into your quest log and make the new quest active, then check your map to see where the orange marker is on the map to get an idea of where it is. Try and clear as many local quests as possible to save time. Also note that some quests REQUIRE you to have that quest active in order to even receive those quest items to complete the quest, and this is most prominently true for the Meds and Bandages and Lighter Gas quests from the Slums around the second half of the game (should be just before moving into Old Town). If you don’t have those quests active, with their titles and quest requirements on the right side of your screen, you won’t see any of the items you need.

    Upon completion of the last side quest, this achievement will unlock.

  • Get 15 Relief Packages


    The entire first act of the story revolves around these relief packages – the Tower needs meds, food and antizin, and those are all included in the relief packages that are being air dropped into the city. You'll hear and feel the huge plane fly in, you see it drop the crates, and then you get multiple other notifications that you need to race to the drop site and clear it out before Rais’s men get there. Of course, you could also go the more exciting route and only do the night time Air Drops, which won’t have Rais’ men harassing you, but will likely be surrounded with zombies (especially if you get there after the flares die out).

    To add to the importance of these drops, they also include flares for you, as well as crates of medkits, and other boxed items that you can trade to a quartermaster (handcart icon on your map) for a ton of Survivor XP.

    These drops become far more difficult to obtain in Old Town, as they are frequently locked and surrounded by thugs or zombies, or both, and are sometimes found in toxic landfills.

    Simply because of the item and XP benefits, I recommend going to as many air drops as you can afford to spend time on, as they are pretty much always very rewarding. Once you've collected a cumulative total of 15, this achievement will unlock.

  • Save 15 survivors from zombies


    See “Homo Homini Lupus Est" for more information.

  • Save 15 survivors from Rais's men


    As you play the game you will notice that random events pop up on your radar with a pulsing blue radar-type icon. About two thirds of the time early on these will just be survivors fighting zombies (great for "We’re All in This Together") and the rest of the time is split up between them being random people you can talk with, shops sometimes show up as these events, and then there is the slim chance of the event being a survivor or two being attacked or held hostage by some of Rais’s men. In short, for any situation where you see a group of red triangles fighting one or more blue triangles, it will apply to one of these achievements.

    Zombies vs. Survivors: These events task you with stepping in and saving some survivors from groups of zombies that you will need to clear out. Once you’ve done that, talk to one of the survivors (a trophy icon on your minimap) to receive your reward and get credit for saving them. I highly recommend you get this done in the first zone you are in (Slums), as they are almost always fighting groups of the super zombies when you find them in Old Town, and usually die before you can save them.

    Mean Survivors vs. Nice Survivors: As mentioned previously, you can sometimes find Rais’s men attacking a lone survivor, or holding some hostage. Kill the thugs, and then free/talk with the survivors to receive credit here. You will also frequently find them skirmishing over day-time air drops, which will net you the same credit. I did not see Rais’s men fighting survivors a single time in the many hours I spent in Old Town, so bear in mind that it's best to do this in the Slums.

    If you go after every day-time airdrop you see, this should allow you to get "Homo Homini Lupus Est" a bit quicker. Having completed the story, and just about everything else, I was at under 40% completion for this achievement, likely due to ignoring daytime drops if they were out of the way. I highly recommend going after every drop that comes in until you unlock this achievement.

  • Catch 5 Bolters


    Bolters pop up early in the story, and you will encounter them at night in designated areas of the map (clearly marked by their ugly face icons on the map). Their icon will also appear on your minimap as a blue face icon if you are within range of them. They are very easy to kill, however they are generally surrounded by a small to large group of Volatile, they will run at the sight of you, and they are very fast (far from uncatchable, but having a horde of Volatiles chasing you doesn’t help).

    Now the trick here is actually pretty simple: you can sneak up on them () from behind pretty easily, and if there are any Volatiles within line of sight of them, tossing fireworks to distract the Volatiles won’t cause issues with the Bolter, allowing you to sneak up on them, swat them a few times with your weapon of choice, loot them for some nice blueprint material and run away. Rinse and repeat four more times to unlock this achievement.

  • Complete 15 Agility or Power Challenges


    Agility and Power challenges appear as a running person over stars, or crossed machetes over stars, respectively, on the map. They start to pop up around the time you first go to the bridge in the Slums, and you will have tons of challenges that you can do over the course of the game, although any mix of Agility and Power challenges will work fine for this achievement. There are also other challenges, such as the Psycho challenge in the Slums that do not count for this. If they do not give you Agility or Power XP as a reward, they don’t count.

    Power Challenges – These include melee, throwing, and gun challenges, and have you kill a certain number of enemies within the time limit. Most of these are pretty straightforward, although the melee ones often have a Bomber or two that can ruin your run if you aren’t paying attention, and some of the gun challenges flat out don’t have enough enemies in the area to kill.

    Agility Challenges – For the most part these are checkpoint races: race from yellow circle to yellow circle and win. One caveat is that you cannot use the grappling hook for many of them, so read the challenge parameters before starting the challenge. Pretty much all of the grappling hook challenges are an easy win, but the foot races are more up to player skill and may take a couple of attempts to complete.

  • Win 7 coop competitions

    Refer to "Harran Athletics" for more information.

  • Take part in 10 coop competitions

    Co-op competitions are random events that appear as you're playing cooperatively with at least one other person. You can increase the frequency by which they appear by pausing the game and going to Options > Online > and then adjust the frequency of dynamic competitions to Frequent.

    If you're playing with someone random online, this may take a while and be a bit of a struggle depending on how good and competitive they are. The fastest way to get this achievement with a boosting partner is to have the person going for wins either pick up one piece of loot for the loot challenge or run to one waypoint for the racing challenge, and then just let time run out for each challenge to get a quick and easy win. Repeat nine more times to unlock this achievement.

  • Sell items worth 10,000 dollars


    As the description says, you'll need to sell items (lootables, weapons, etc.) to vendors to make a cumulative total of 10,000 dollars. This may sound like a lot at first glance, but this achievement will actually unlock very early as long as you loot everywhere you go, and make sure to sell old obsolete weapons for money too.

  • Complete all Quarantine Zones


    Quarantine Zones are little areas that are cut off from the open world of Dying Light. These places are generally signified by caution tape, lots of ambulances, or in the case of some of the Old Town locations, the entire building is in a big yellow tent. Inside these areas you will find various trials, consisting of either killing all of the zombies, or collecting all of the air drops, and usually tackle one or two other obstacles at the same time (such as choking smoke, noxious gas, or Volatiles). There are a total of 8 of these zones in the game: 5 in the Slums and 3 in Old Town. The Quarantine Zones won’t actually appear on your radar or map until you are very close to them, making them somewhat difficult to find without a guide.

    NOTE: Keep an eye on your achievement tracker before and after you first enter a Quarantine Zone, as you may find yourself getting credit by just entering the area, allowing you to just turn around and leave without actually clearing the zone. Thanks to mnwlkr for pointing this out. Full credit to PowerPyx for the video below, which shows the location of all Quarantine Zones.

    Below is a text description of each zone's location, for those that prefer text. Keep in mind that describing some of the locations in words can be difficult, but if you get to the general area you should be able to see the quarantine zone pretty clearly.

    Bright Mountain Tunnel
    Location: Located through a doorway in a train tunnel at the South side of the slums, near the middle of the map.
    Notes: You will need to find 5 air drop packages in a long train tunnel. Considering how long it takes to open the train cars and search, I recommend having the survival skill that allows you to use zombie nastiness to camouflage yourself, allowing you to frolic through the tunnel unmolested.

    Chemical Storage
    Location: South Westernmost part of the map in one of the warehouse buildings. The biohazard icon will appear just above the Bolter icon.
    Notes: The second room is full of noxious gas, so you basically need to play the floor is lava and stay off the ground. This is made a bit more difficult by the many Spitters in this room.

    Stuffed Turtle
    Location: On the North side of the shopping center that is just North of the highway that cuts across the middle of the map.
    Notes: The floor in the first room is electrified, so you probably want to shut off the electricity, then let all of the zombies in. Be wary of the Bomber behind the swarm of zombies, so clear the group from outside the room they are in.

    Underground Parking
    Location: Immediately NW of the Stuffed Turtle, on the back side of an apartment building is a staircase into the basement parking
    Notes: If you can’t handle a single Volatile DO NOT enter here. While all of the Quarantine zones are labeled as Hard, this one can actually be Hard, with around a half dozen Volatiles inside.

    Sunny Apartments
    Location: Roughly straight West (a tad SW), on the East side of a building going parallel with the N/S road. Note the police van in front of the building.
    Notes: Be aware that as you choke on the smoke, you will occasionally lose large chunks of health.

    Old Town
    New Antalya Apartments
    Location: Along the Southernmost wall of the town. It’s in a huge yellow quarantine tent.
    Notes: Nothing overly special here, just a bit trickier to navigate the narrow hallways.

    Parking Lot
    Location: West end of the Southern part (below the river) of Old Town. This is near Dr. Camden’s lab, and NW of where you exit the sewers from the Slums.
    Notes: Watch for Bombers and accidentally blowing yourself up on one of the many barrels and propane tanks.

    Striped Dragon Hotel
    Location: On the same block as the crazy prophecy guy on the North side of the river, the entrance is also facing the river.
    Notes: Yet another apartment. I think there may be a Screamer in here as well.

  • Capture all Safe Zones


    Safe zones are the green house icons that pop up on your map. Most of them come from turning grayed out house icons into safe houses by going to that location, clearing out zombies, sometimes blocking doorways or windows, and then turning on the power. Some safe houses are unlocked by simply getting close to a particular area on the map, while others are unlocked naturally through story or side quest progression.

    I recommend getting as many safe houses opened up as possible early on, to make your travels easier. It won’t make too much of a difference later on, as you master the movement controls, get a good understanding of the layout of the map, and get better and surviving nights out in the dark.

  • Run (move or sprint) at least 42.195 m


    This is a cumulative achievement and will unavoidably unlock with natural progress. In fact, it'll likely unlock within the first few hours of gameplay based on how much exploration the game requires.

  • Climb at least 8848 meters on various objects.


    This achievement is cumulative and will likely be one of the last achievement you unlock. The distance required by this achievement is insanely high relative to how much progress you'll make during a normal playthrough. To put it in perspective, by the time you complete the game and all other achievements, you're lucky to be halfway done with this achievement.

    There is unfortunately no quick way to grind this achievement out. The only option is to pick a high building and climb it over and over again. The best way to reduce the grind on this achievement is to play the entire game without using the grappling hook. This can make things more of a struggle, especially when trying to escape sticky situations, but if you make a conscious effort to climb buildings manually instead of using the grappling hook, it'll significantly cut down on the grind you'll be faced with at the end of the game.

  • Kill your first Infected


    As the description says, this achievement will unlock upon killing your first zombie. This will be your first achievement.

  • Simultaneously shock 5 monsters with electricity


    To unlock this achievement you'll first need to obtain the skill in the Survivor skill tree that lets you use electric and fence traps. You'll then need to lure 5 enemies to a fence trap, using electric traps with a break that has a cable running into a puddle that you can then turn on when a group of zombies are in the puddle, or you can get lucky with a lightning arc from an electric weapon (tier 3 electric weapons have the best chances of working). There are also a number of areas where the floor is covered in water and you have the option to turn on a breaker to electrocute multiple zombies at once. The video below, courtesy of Maka, shows a guaranteed spot to get this achievement.

  • Kill 20 enemies in a row without taking damage.


    This achievement can be difficult if just using melee weapons and hoping to unlock this naturally. The best way to do this is with the use of guns, since it keeps zombies at a distance and eliminates the possibility of them melee attacking you. It'll just be important, at that point, to keep an eye out for special zombies, such as Spitters, that can hit you from a distance and ruin your streak.

    One of the most reliable ways to get this achievement is during the gun challenges. You are given a gun with plenty of ammo, and you're practically unstoppable in many of these challenges. Simply mow down zombies with your gun and you shouldn't have any issues killing 20 in a row without them getting close to you, as long as you make good use of your gun. The video below, courtesy of PowerPyx, shows this being done.

  • Kill 100 enemies by kicking them off the rooftops/cliffs.


    This is a cumulative achievement, and it's likely going to feel like you're barely making any progress towards it. The second half of the game (Old Town) has significantly more enemies on rooftops, so don't worry too much if you barely see any during the first half of the game. One other important thing to note is that, unsurprisingly, the enemy must still be alive when you kick it off a roof or cliff. This means you'll need to be careful to not accidentally kill the enemy by trying to kick it to the edge. Instead, you're going to need to lure the zombie to the edge, then run back around it and kick it off. Since you're unlikely to do this naturally, you'll want to remember and make a conscious effort to do this as you progress, or otherwise you'll be facing a decent grind after you complete the game.

    Also note that this achievement only requires that enemies die from falling. It need not specifically be from a roof or cliff. For example, the huge bridge in the Slums works for this achievement, and is also the best spot to grind this out if you still need kills after finishing the game.

  • Kill a Volatile


    These enemies are only available at night (aside from inside certain quarantine zones) and are very lethal if you're not careful. They are, thankfully, clearly seen on your minimap as red triangles with a large white cone (field of view) in front of them. You can also see them clearly with Survivor Sense (hold ), giving you the upper hand. Although they don’t seem to care too much about your flashlight, they can sniff you out, respond to any noise you make, yet take a few seconds to respond to you visually (they become noticeably agitated and then start chasing you).

    I don’t recommending confronting these one on one for quite a ways into the game. However if you get cornered, use any traps you can to take out chunks of their health, meaning ambushes are also a good idea (be aware that traps will likely draw unwanted attention from other zombies, so make sure it hits the Volatile). They are warded off, and occasionally stunned by flares, which can also give you a few free shots on them, however with early weapons you will need many shots and some luck to take them down. The video below, courtesy of Maka, shows how to take one down.

  • Quiet a Screamer


    These enemies are babies, and they don't show up until after you reach the second area of the game, Old Town. As you complete main missions and side quests, you will almost unavoidably come across multiple Screamers. The game cues you in to their presence by the sound of them crying. Quickly make your way over to the Screamer and tap to cover its mouth, silencing it and unlocking the achievement. Take note that its screams will draw in many other zombies, so be prepared.

  • BBQ



    Stick a burning zombie on spikes


    The easiest way to do this is to light a zombie up with something, such as a molotov or a burning barrel, and then throw or kick them onto a spike barrier. Spike barriers are found all over the place in the game, especially in the Slums, so set yourself up near one that has some zombies and then ignite the group. They will then hobble on over to you, allowing you to either kick them, or grapple them onto the nearby spikes, unlocking this achievement. The video below, courtesy of Maka, shows this being accomplished, for reference.

  • Kill 50 enemies with throwing weapons


    Throwing weapons, such as knives and shurikens, can be crafted from blueprints, bought from shops, and frequently looted from Rais’ men.

    There is one very easy way you can get this achievement without even worrying about grinding it out. In the northeast part of the Slums, you will eventually see a knife throwing challenge that takes place on the lakeside docks. Simply play that challenge until you are just about finished, and let time run out, then repeat the process until the achievement unlocks. You will have infinite throwing weapons that also appear to be a bit more powerful than usual, as I was able to kill the larger zombies that spawned in a single throw.

  • Kill 50 enemies with shooting weapons


    After you find your very first pistol, guns become increasingly frequent for the most part, with more weapons than you know what to do with just laying around Old Town waiting to kill zombies. You have a double barrel shotgun, semi automatic (Police) rifle, fully automatic (military) rifle, semi auto handgun, and unique three round burst handgun. All of these will effectively get the job done, and more ammo can be purchased from any shop. Any enemy type (human or zombie) can also be killed for this, and considering guns are generally the weapon of choice against Old Town thugs, this achievement is just about guaranteed as you progress through the game.

  • Catch 25 enemies in the Electric Fence trap


    You can unlock the Electric Fence skill at Survivor Rank 7, and it will allow you to tap to activate electric fence traps that attract and shock any zombies that step in the trap. It will kill normal zombies, and has a chance of killing pretty much any other type of zombie depending on how long they stand on the electrified fence. The easiest way to do this is to simply tap each and every time you see the prompt to “activate the electric fence trap”, as you will likely get at least one pretty much every time you activate it.

    One option to increase the amount of zombies you kill per trap is to first throw a firecracker or two to get a group of zombies piled onto the fence itself before activating the trap. You can then reset the trap and repeat the process if there are more zombies nearby to electricute.

  • Blind 25 Volatiles with flares or a flashlight


    Refer to "Enlightened!" for more information.

  • Kill 25 enemies using Ground Pound or Drop Attack


    Both of these abilities are unlocked via the Power tree, at levels 7 and 10, respectively. The first ability (Ground Pound) requires a two-handed weapon to be equipped, and then you simply jump in the air and hold to slam the weapon into the ground and deal area damage and knock enemies over. Drop Attack uses a single-handed weapon for a guaranteed kill on standard enemies, and is performed by being in the air over them (jumping over or dropping from a roof) and holding to kill them instantly from above. Since you'll be traversing rooftops constantly throughout the game (since rooftops are safer than the streets), just make a conscious effort to perform these kills once you unlock the relevant skill.

  • Throw 50 enemies with Grapple


    Grapple is a combat ability you can unlock in the first row of the Agility skill tree that allows you to use the momentum of your opponent – human or zombie – to toss them away from you. Performing grapples is most easily done on humans and the Viral (really fast) zombies in my opinion, as they have pretty predictable and aggressive movement patterns. When they move in to attack you, move in the direction you want to throw them, and tap . Once you've done a cumulative total of 50, the achievement will unlock.

  • Survive night pursuit of level two or higher


    At night, the zombies are much more aggressive, in bigger herds, and there are Volatiles present, all of which make night exploration and survival much more difficult. As you run around killing zombies at night, you will notice a vertical bar of bubbles start to fill up. The more bubbles you have filled up, the crazier the zombies will get. Ultimately the zombies will start to morph into insane zombies, zombies that blow up, and zombies that are extremely aggressive. Thankfully, you only need to get the bubble meter to level 2, which will actually come naturally through your gameplay as long as you explore at night at some point.

  • Blind 25 enemies in the Light Trap


    For this achievement and "Blinded by the Lights," the best enemies to blind are Volatiles. For this achievement, you'll need to have one chasing you, and then run to a light trap and activate it to blind the Volatile, scaring him away. You can actually grind this out on the same light trap with the same Volatile if you want.

    For "Blinded by the Lights" you'll just need to use flares or a flashlight instead of a light trap. Flares are the safest and most reliable to use. Flares are typically found in air drops, and you can also find a blueprint in the Slums to craft special flares. In general though, whenever you're being chased by a Volatile (which happens decently often as you explore at night) you'll likely end up using flares to keep it away just as you play naturally, making progress towards this achievement. It should also be noted that at the very end of the story missions, you'll go through an area with tons of Volatiles where you're essentially forced to blind them to proceed. You'll make a lot of progress towards this achievement then, too.

  • Craft your first item


    Refer to "Master Crafter" for more information.

  • Use Blueprints at least 100 times


    Blueprints are really important to continually use, as they allow you to craft everything from lockpicks to medkits, fiery fireaxes, and electrified water pipes. A good chunk of these blueprints will come from main missions and leveling your skill trees, but the more epic blueprints can only be found hidden throughout the game world. Once you have a blueprint, you will need to gather the materials necessary, and in the case of weapon blueprints, also have the proper weapon handy for enhancement.

    You'll likely be making medkits and upgrading weapons decently often, so this achievement is likely to come naturally as you progress. If not, or if you'd prefer to grind it out quickly, you can always just collect tons of metal scrap and craft lockpicks over and over until the achievement unlocks. Metal scrap is one of the more common resources.

  • Perform 10 successful Lockpicks


    Lockpicking in this game involves finding a locked door or chest, and each will be rated at a lockpicking difficulty of anywhere from Easy up to Very Hard. Lockpicks are either found in the world, crafted via a blueprint, or bought from a store. If you continually scavenge and loot everywhere you go, you're unlikely to ever run out of lockpicks. As for the actual lockpocking, rotate then turn , and if the controller vibrates too much the lockpick will break. Continue tweaking the and to minimize vibration and eventually you'll open the lock. During your playthrough you will unlock dozens of locks in order to explore, open up air drops, etc., so this achievement will come with natural progression well before finishing the story.

  • Reach Survivor Rank lvl 12


    Refer to "Strong" for more information.

  • Reach Survivor Rank lvl 18


    Refer to "Strong" for more information.

  • Agile



    Reach Agility Prof. Lvl 10


    Refer to "Strong" for more information.

  • Strong



    Reach Power Prof. Lvl 10


    Leveling in Dying Light is broken down into three XP pools: Agility, Power, and Survivor.

    Agility – This is what dictates how well you can maneuver around, and through the zombie horde. Leveling this stat gives you speed boosts, enhanced parkour skills, enhanced healing, and the extremely useful grappling hook. This stat is leveled primarily through climbing, running at max speed, and jumping.

    Power – This is what puts weight behind your attacks and allows you to cut through enemies faster, and more efficiently. It also opens up some of your execution moves that allow you to instantly dispatch most foes. This stat is leveled through combat and killing.

    Survivor – This is basically your overall level, as it gives you more general skills, such as the ability to craft new items, take more damage, and do other stuff that enhances your overall survivability. This stat is leveled through quests and missions, as well as by collecting air drops and returning them to a quartermaster (hand-cart icon on your map).

    All Stats – Both Agility and Power receive double XP at night, and you will receive extra Survivor XP bonuses at the end of every night you survive for going unnoticed.

    Note: You will LOSE Survivor XP upon your death. Thankfully, many frequent deaths usually don’t penalize you, and if they do, the costs are reduced.

  • Find all text collectibles


    There are many types of collectibles scattered throughout the world that you can find, including the items necessary for this achievement, as well as some statues and flags only in place for completionist’s sake. The text items you need are found primarily in areas you visit for the story, or side story missions, with some outliers.

    This description is a little misleading, because you need to collect 34 Notes, 17 Battle Journals and 16 Voicemails. The latter may be assumed to not be required, but don't overlook them. Consult the video guide listed by Predni HERE, or scroll down for PowerPyx's videos.

    Click through the video link to see the Youtube descriptions, which have a timestamp breakdown of all of the collectibles you need.

    Battle Journals

    Voice Mails



  • Complete 1 quest in a co-op game

    As the description says, you'll need to complete any quest with another person online. All that matters is that you're together when the quest is turned in.

  • Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same 3 partners

    Like with the "I've Got Your Back" achievement, you'll need to play an online game with three other people and complete 5 quests with them. Also like that achievement, all that matters in terms of getting credit towards this achievement is that you're present when the quest is turned in. This means that, if you want to save time, you could play solo and get 5 quests ready to turn in, then join/host a 4-player game, and then go around turning in all of the quests to unlock this achievement.

  • Kill an enemy with a wrench, using Vault followed by Drop Attack


    I recommend keeping a wrench handy, at least in your stash, so once you have leveled Agility to at least level 4 for Vault, and Power to at least level 10 for Drop Attack, you can grab the wrench and get this done immediately.

    To perform this combo, you must be sprinting at an enemy, and then tap to vault over them and while you are over an enemy to drop down on top of them and crush their skull with your wrench. This is easily done on a group, vaulting over one enemy and crushing another, but it can be done on a single enemy if you vault and pull back on the slightly before pulling the trigger. The video below shows this being done. Full credit to its creator.

  • Add a fire elemental effect to a sword or a khopesh


    This achievement is relatively simple; look through your list of weapon blueprints for a blueprint that adds a fire effect to your weapon (look at the icons at the top of the blueprint description on the right). Make sure it is a blueprint that is also compatible with either a sword or khopesh (curved sword), and then go collect any materials you need to craft it. When you have the materials, select the blueprint, and then select the weapon you want to enhance with the blueprint (make sure you select a sword or khopesh at this point). Any bladed weapon larger than a machete, as well as any fire blade blueprint, should allow you to get this achievement as soon as the blueprint screen closes and you see your fiery new blade.

  • Jump to the water from the Infamy Bridge (Slums) at night


    Relatively early in the story, you will head to a huge bridge in the northeastern part of the Slums. Once you actually reach the bridge, the best way to safely get onto it during the night is by swimming from either the Ferry pier (North) or the fishing village (South) and climbing up the interior of one of the bridge towers to the bridge deck. Once you reach at least the deck, which at this point would be covered in Volatile, quickly run to the side of the bridge and jump off (obviously make sure you land in the water).

    A considerably safer route is to climb onto the bridge however you want while the sun is up, then ascend the exterior of the SW bridge tower until you reach a platform that connects both Western Towers on the bridge (with the Eastern Towers being the ones across the gap in the bridge). Continue climbing the towers until you reach the safe house and then use the sleeping bag to rest until night. Once you’ve done that, head outside and follow the scaffolding around the tower so you are facing out into the ocean, and then jump off.

    The video below, courtesy of Maka, shows this being accomplished.


Secret achievements

  • Jump from the Crane


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Meet with Rais


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Escape the arena


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Reach the Old Town


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Show the outside world that you're still alive


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Deal with Tahir


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Find Camden


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Activate the Amplifier


    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Refer to "Bittersweet" for more information.

  • Complete the game


    The missions in this game are largely straightforward, and either involve fetching some item, killing some enemies, clearing out an area, or often a combination of all three. As long as you continually loot to get better weapons, you shouldn't have any problems progressing through the story to complete the game. If you, for any reason, prefer to consult a guide for any of the missions, there is a detailed walkthrough from IGN found HERE.

DLC: The Zombie Games (Store Link)

There are 8 achievements with a total of 100 points

DLC: Title Update - Parkour Fever

There are 3 achievements with a total of 60 points

  • Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges


    Please refer to "GD Parkour Instructor" for more information.

  • Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges at night


    There are 10 challenges to complete altogether and you can do them in any order you want. You can also do them in the day or night, but for this achievement, you need to do them at night. Please do note, however, that they do stack with the day challenges.

    The locations show up on the map as an icon of a foot with 3 stars underneath it. They are essentially speed running challenges where you must pass through a certain number of checkpoints in a set time. There are 5 challenges in the Slums and 5 in Old Town.


    • End Of The Tunnel
    • First Assignment
    • Favela Fever
    • Twister
    • Tiptoeing To Gazi

    Old Town

    • Tower Run
    • Diagonal
    • On The Edge
    • Blue District Fever
    • Not So Obvious

    Here are some VIDEOS of all the runs, thanks to Gary Nicholson.

    The challenge "Not So Obvious" seems to only show up on the map if you're close to it, but it is included with the videos where to find it. Additionally, it's best to do the challenge solo because the person that comes first gets the credit for the challenge, not both.

  • Open 5 GRE chests in Dead Zones


    I got all my GRE Chests on the quest "Bright Mountain Tunnel." I personally only had trouble with the first chest because my weapons were not that great - camouflage helps a lot as well. You can do this in co-op, but only the person that opens the chest gets credit for it. Here is a list of 8 Quarantine Zones.


    • Bright Mountain Tunnel
    • Chemical Storage
    • Sunny Apartments
    • Stuffed Turtle

    Old Town

    • New Antalya Apartments
    • Parking Lot
    • Striped Dragon Hotel

    Thanks to WeighingBrute, HERE is a video of him doing his run on Bright Mountain Tunnel.

DLC: The Following (Store Link)

There are 10 achievements with a total of 330 points

  • Dive into the Countryside.


    Story-related; this will unlock during the first quest of the DLC 'The Way Out' as you dive off of the cliff into the large lake below.

  • Meet your old friend again.


    Story-related; this will unlock during the main quest 'At the end of the Tunnel' after a cutscene at the top of the lighthouse.

  • Become a Faceless.


    Story-related; this unlocks for gaining Max Trust with 'The Mothers' cult. An easy way to gain trust with the cult is to trade in airdrop packages. Trading in around 30 airdrop packages will gain you Max Trust with a minimal amount of work.

  • Kill a Demolisher with a car.


    Demolishers will begin randomly spawning on the map after you face one through the main story quests. I found that a demolisher often spawns outside of Atilla's house after it is unlocked as a safe house through a main story quest. Next, you will want to upgrade your vehicle a bit; focus on unlocking the electric cage, flamethrower, and ramming bumper. Before ramming your buggy into it, you can attempt to do some damage to the demolisher with a high-power weapon.

    See the video below for more information.

  • Win Bilal's race.


    You will meet Bilal through the side quest 'The Mechanic'. Next to him, inside the gas station, is a poster for a race. Complete this race, while beating Bilal's time. If you do not beat his time, go back to the poster again and try again. This is the only race in the game that counts as Bilal's race.

    See the video below for more information.

  • Make that call.


    Story-related; this unlocks for making the decision for the Good or Bad Ending at the end of the main quest 'At the end of the Tunnel'. You can choose either ending to get this achievement.

  • Witness the Following's meeting.


    Story-related; this unlocks during the main quest 'The Gathering' after the cutscene where you meet 'The Mother'.

  • Reach Driver Rank 12.


    By the time you finish the story, you should be close to reaching Driver Rank 12. You rank up through a number of tasks done with the Buggy:

    • Speeding and Completing Jumps - Up to 100XP
    • Killing Zombies - 75XP (Solo game), 250XP (Four Player Coop)
    • Driver Bounties - 500/1000XP (these challenges range and difficulty and can be started from the 'Dart Boards' located around the Countryside)
    • Random Driver Challenges - 500XP (a prompt will appear on screen to begin a random challenge while driving around the Countryside)
  • Destroy 50 scarecrows.


    This can be obtained early on using the farm land located south of the starting base. You can farm / grind scarecrow destruction in one of two ways: shooting the scarecrows from the base, or driving through them in a circle with the buggy.

    See the video below for more information:

  • Kill 500 zombies with your vehicle.


    After completing the story, you will most likely need to grind this out some more. You can pair this with the scarecrows (“Formidophobic? Interesting…”), as many zombies tend to spawn in the farm fields. Your buggy is the only vehicle you can use and it requires gas which can be gathered from the abandoned cars around the Countryside, and it will get damaged as you keep driving through zombies.

    If you complete the side quest 'Buggy’s Grail', given by Bilal, you will unlock the trucker merchant on the highway. The trucker merchant sells components and crafting parts for repairing your buggy.

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