- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 48 (1000 )
- Online: N/A
- Approximate amount of time to 200/1000: 50-150 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes

The difficulty in reaching 1000 for this game is set in the time consuming nature of one achievement, "Completist". It should take a person 20-40 hours to get 950 and the remaining 30-110 hours grinding out levels on all remaining officers. The game is completed in small non-linear sections and as such there is not really a sense of "playing through" the game apart from working through the achievement list.

Step 1: Unlock All Officers
In no particular order, you should aim to unlock each of the officers as directed by the guide. As you unlock officers, you will get an achievement for each officer as well as credit toward the cumulative achievements. The achievements for Targets and Scenario Completion will unlock as you go. This step will unlock the majority of the game's achievements, but it is no more complicated than unlocking each of the playable characters.

Step 2: Finish Targets
If you have not unlocked the "Target General" achievement, enter "Free Mode" and look at which scenarios have gray diamonds next to their name. You may complete the targets on any difficulty, as any character. You do not have to complete all three targets in a level in one run, you must simply complete each target once and complete the stage with the target completed. If you are having trouble with some targets, do your best to focus on completing just one each time you play a scenario.

Step 3: Complete All Musou Modes
The game does not track which Musou Modes you have previously completed. The easiest way to track it yourself, apart from keeping a list on paper, is to start on a faction and work your way left to right finishing each character's Musou Mode. Alternately, I simply used a different save file for each Musou mode, but you run out of slots near the end. Musou Mode completions do not require you to do anything except complete each scenario in each character's story. Difficulty and Target completion do not factor in.

Step 4: Chaos Mode Completions
Once again, the game does not track what difficulty each scenario has been completed on for you. The simplest way to do this is to choose an appropriate character and work your way down the Free Mode list completing each scenario from top to bottom. For maps with multiple faction scenarios, you must win on all available factions. Attempting to do this achievement in Musou Mode will make it a great deal more difficult.

It is important to have completed steps 1-3 before focusing on this step. Scenarios become available in Free Mode as the previous steps are completed. This is where many people have had difficulty with this achievement, because they tried to do it without all the stages unlocked in Free Mode and/or they lost track of which ones they had completed and subsequently missed some without knowing it.

Chaos Mode can be very difficult for some people, I started a companion thread to my guide that gives more in depth advice on playing through Chaos mode scenarios. It can be found HERE.

Step 5: Challenge Mode
Place first in each of the five mini games in Challenge Mode. The game comes with a pre-set "Top 10" scores in each of the challenges. Their completion is straight forward, but there are some additional tips in the guide if you're having trouble. These may be completed at any time, but the more familiar you are with the game the easier these will be.

Step 6: Completist
At this point you should have 47/48 achievements unlocked. This last achievement is simple in terms of difficulty, but a real test in terms of patience. You must raise each playable officer to level 50. The fastest way to do this is to simply grind out fast, high experience scenarios like the Wei side of Castle He Fei (on two controllers if you can).
For further insight on gaining levels efficiently, see this thread.

The road to 950 is not very long, and even less difficult. Master of Chaos can be challenging, but is very doable with the right character, weapon, and some practice. I would suggest stopping there unless you are one of those people who MUST get 1000 on every game they play ... though if you're that kind of person, I'd suggest skipping this one altogether. The "Completist" achievement alone will take at least three times as long as it took to get the rest of the achievements combined.
x360a would like to thank G315T for this Road Map

Dynasty Warriors 6 (China) Achievement Guide

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There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    Secret achievements

    • 已可使用張遼


      Clear Musou with 3 characters from the Wu family.

    • 已可使用曹操


      Finish Musou mode with one character from the Kingdom of Shu.

    • 已可使用許褚

      In the Battle of Cheng Du, complete Target 3, keeping Pang Tong alive until the end of the level. Most easily done by simply babysitting Pang Tong until after he is ambushed on the west side of the map.
    • 已可使用夏侯淵


      Complete the "500 KO's in 10 minutes" target on the Wu side of the Conquest of Wu level.

    • 已可使用徐晃


      Wu side of the battle of Shi Ting. You have to complete target 3, which is keeping 7 of your officers, including her, alive.

    • 已可使用張郃

      On the Wu (Allied Forces) side of Battle of Chi Bi, allow Huang Gai to set fire to Cao Cao's floatilla. (Target 1) This one is fairly straightforward. First, assist Zhuge Liang with his prayer then escort Huang Gai to his boat. I've played this map several times now, and Huang Gai has rarely required assistance, but if this is what you're aiming for it's always wise to help.
    • 已可使用曹仁

      In the Battle of Fan Castle, on the Shu side, do not allow Guan Ping to die. This one isn't all that hard if you're going for the other Targets, as Guan Ping's path generally keeps him out of harm's way. If you're having issues with him dying, simply babysit him as often as possible while still completing the level... that or go finish the level as fast as you can after Guan Ping appears.
    • 已可使用曹丕

      On the Wei forces side of the Battle of Fan Castle, prevent Xu Huang from dying. Can be achieved by clearing out the enemies near him at the start and then going about your business finishing the level.
    • 已可使用太史慈

      Complete all 3 targets in the Yellow Turban rebellion. Start out by descending to the central base, once you've defeated all officers there head northwest and take the base that allows you to access the stairs up the walls. Go up the stairs, and follow the walls around to the first Altar and the general guarding it. Destroy the altar, kill the generals present. From here, go north and around the enemy main camp to the east, then south to the second altar. Climb the structure, destroy the altar. Head slightly east to kill the second required general in the Fire Trap area. Head toward the enemy main camp, killing any enemy generals you see along the way. Ensure that the two required allied generals are in the enemy main camp and finish the level. Be aware that Zhang Jiao's special attack can kill your allied generals VERY quickly, so I suggest an interim save before the last step.
    • 已可使用甘寧


      Clear Musou mode with one character from each of Wei, Wu, and Shu.

    • 已可使用孫堅


      Finish Musou mode with one character from the Kingdom of Wu.

    • 已可使用呂蒙

      On the Wei side of the Battle of Shi Ting, you must complete target 1, which is "kill Xiao Qiao, Gan Ning, and Ling Tong in 10 minutes." This one runs you around a bit, so a fast horse is a good idea.
    • 已可使用黃蓋

      Prevent the central bases from falling to the enemy, completing the related target, as the Wei forces on the Battle of Guan Du. The way to accomplish this, as usual, is a strong character and a fast horse. You must ride back and forth between them as you repel the enemy generals. If you take too long in one base, the other will fall. There should be 3 waves of generals to each base. Switch bases between waves.
    • 已可使用周泰

      On the Shu side of the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, do not allow Wei Yan do be slain. (Target 2) If he says a message about withdrawing to a base to recover, that does not mean he's been forced to retreat and you can still get the achievement. To complete this, I follow him to the lowlands near the river and take bases/kill officers near him, which should also complete targets 2 and 3. Like most of the escort targets, this one can be completed most easily by simply babysitting Wei Yan through the level. This one is even easier than most, as Wei Yan heads for the mission-ending target on his own.
    • 已可使用凌統

      To get Yue Ying you have to win Wu Zhang Plains on the Wei side after taking her and Guan Ping out for the first Target. If you want to do all of them at once, have a fast horse, take out all the generals who are marching on your 4 camps, since holding them for 15 minutes is a Target, and then march up to Guan Ping's camp. After you take him out you just ride east to the next camp to take out Yue Ying. After that you should take down Wang Ping and his ambush friends to rescue Xiahou Ba. Start killing the remainder, but leave the guys inside the Main Camp. I'm not sure, it might be after 10 minutes, but an ambush force will appear outside all 4 of your camps. Just hop down a few cliffs on your horse and you should get them all starting from left to right in no time. Now you have to wait. Wait for the time to hit 75 minutes left and get the Target for holding the camps before you finish off Liu Bei. He's not very strong, so your guys should be able to fend for themselves.
    • 已可使用孫策

      To unlock you need to do 2 Targets on Battle of He Fei on Wei's side. This is pretty easy since no one is super tough. First take the camp on the island that you need for Target 1, take out a few generals nearby then head for the drawbridge in the west. You only have to beat on one side to bring it down, so beat it and then head for Lu Meng taking out more generals on your way. At some point he takes a back way east along a southern trail. About this time Gan Ning appears in the southeast corner. Ignore him, head for Sun Quan and take him and any other missed generals out. Taking out Sun Quan in 10 minutes gets you another Target and then just run around getting the stragglers before the clock his 70 minutes and you'll get all 3 and get Lu Meng.
    • 已可使用孫權

      On the Shu forces side of the Battle of Mt. Ding Jun kill Xiahou Yuan and keep Huang Zhong alive. How I did it: I followed Guang Zhong up the northwestern mountain, until he and Xiahou Yuan exhange words. When Xiahou Yuan rushes toward you, intercept and kill him. He is in Turbo mode, which makes him slightly tougher.
    • 已可使用馬超

      On the Wei forces side of the Battle of Mt. Ding Jun kill Huang Zhong and keep Xiahou Yuan alive. (Target 1) I did this by simply rushing Huang Zhong at the start of the level. I do not know if the two must have exchanged words for this to count, though Xiahou Yuan starts out toward Huang Zhong very early on the Wei side.
    • 已可使用黃忠

      In the Battle of Han Zhong, complete the "kill Sima Yi, Zhang He, and Cao Pi in 15 minutes." target. You must get the killing hit on each general or it won't count. Zhang He appears in the southern central part of the map as part of an ambush early in the level. After that you may run up and assassinate the other two.
    • 已可使用諸葛亮


      Finish Musou mode with one character from the Kingdom of Wei.

    • 已可使用劉備


      Clear Musou with 3 characters from the Wei family.

    • 已可使用魏延


      Battle of He Fei, Wu forces. Complete Target 1, "Kill Cao Ren and Xu Zhu". You must kill them yourself for them to count.

    • 已可使用關平

      Complete Target 1, "Kill Cao Pi in under 5 minutes.", at the Battle of He Fei as Sun Jian's forces. Run north, assassinate Cao Pi, finish the level. Nothing especially tricky about this, other than having to unlock this scenario by playing through Sun Jian's Musou. Please take special care to note that this MUST be played as Sun Jian's Forces to unlock Cao Pi. Cao Pi appears in other Battle of He Fei scenarios, but only playing as the Sun Jian's Forces side can you unlock Cao Pi.
    • 已可使用龐統

      As Sun Jian, in the battle of Xia Pi, complete Target 1. Fast horse is a plus, but this is another straightforward "run around and kill a couple guys" target. Sun Ce, in my experience, did not put himself in danger... but you might have to watch him.
    • 已可使用董卓

      From Saracin: Battle of Xu Chang as Lu Bu's forces. You have to achieve Target 1, which seems hard, but can be made easier with a little gate jumping. Since the gates don't matter for a Target, go to the front gates, take down Cao Ren, then head west and north to the West Fort and take it to get inside and then head for the West Inner Post to gain entry to the main area. From here you can head east and take down Cao Pi and then Zhen Ji and finally a little north to Xu Zhu.
      For the other Targets just take down all the other officers while doing Target 1 and then head straight up to Cao Cao to finish him off. Xiahou Dun will show up powered up at some point. Ignore him and finish off Cao Cao, otherwise theres a good chance Dun will get you below 50% if you're not strong enough.
    • 已可使用袁紹

      For this one you have to be on the Battle for Fan Castle as Lu Bu's forces. All you have to do is take all the bases, including the main camp, before taking Cao Ren down. For the main camp try and lure Cao Ren and Dian Wei away from your main forces so they can slaughter the troops.
      For the other Targets, forget the 3 bases outside Fan and focus on the gates, using the usual methods of taking down defense generals, waiting for a ladder to be set up and then clearing the walls of ballista. Try to get the west gate down to about 50% before moving down the wall to the other gate to clear the ballista and any defenders. After they open one gate they then move to the other.
      And finally keep your life about 30%, avoiding or taking down Dian Wei quickly helps as he's the only real problem on this level. Just back off to a base when your health hits 50% and you should be fine.
    • 已可使用張角

      At the Battle of Han Zhong, on the Wei forces side, complete Target 2 - Kill Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao personally in 15 minutes or less.
    • 已可使用貂蟬


      Clear Musou with 3 characters from the Shu family.

    • 已可使用呂布


      Complete Musou mode with Diao Chan, Sun Jian, Liu Bei, and Cao Cao.

    • 已可使用甄姬

      On the Shu side of the Battle of Yi Ling complete target 3. Killing all enemy units in under 20 minutes can be difficult if you're not using a character sufficiently powerful enough to kill enemy generals quickly. There is a lot of running to do as well, so I suggest a fast horse. You must try and contain the enemy officers. If they make it to the stone sentinel maze, you'll waste a lot of time running around inside the maze. From the start, clear the eastern edge of the map of officers. After the fire attack, go Southwest and clear out the officers that are south of the stone sentinel maze. Return northeast and take the watchpost. Go north and clear out any officers there. Then go Northwest around the top side of the sentinel maze and kill the enemy generals that are trying to go north up the west side of the map. At this point you should only have a few enemy generals left. Clean up any stragglers and head to Sun Quan's main camp. Be sure you kill Sun Quan last. If you leave any enemy officers alive, you fail the target.
    • 已可使用小喬


      On the Lu Bu's forces side of Hu Lao Gate, complete Target 1.

    • 已可使用月英

      Complete Target 1 on the Lu Bu side of the Battle of Chi Bi. This target asks you to go corner to corner and kill a general in each, so I suggest a fast horse. You have 10 minutes, and if you're focusing on this target it should be easy. Neither commander is particularly difficult in this level.
    • 更新了暴風的個人最高記錄(第1位)

      ***General Challenge Mode Info: The achievement description tells you everything you need to know about how to get it... simply beat the record for each challenge. The characters in challenge mode have set levels, and set skills. You do not need to level any of your characters up to do better at challenge mode. You must also unlock any characters you wish to use in Challenge mode.***

      The fastest path I can see, and because I got the achievement for completing it this way I didn't see a reason to refine it, is to run North from the start to the first base you come to. Go immediately west to the next base, then south after that. Continue southeast until you get to the base in the southeast corner then go north on the east side of the river to the last base in the center north of the map. The path you take would look like a small outward spiral if you were to draw it on the map.

      Good fast characters are Gan Ning and Zhang He, though there are others with decent speed. Zhang He is my favorite for this, because his running Y attack doesn't slow him down much. Ever 10 soldiers you kill gets you a 10 second speed burst. It is *NOT* worth stopping to kill soldiers as you go, just kill some as you run by. Bannermen will drop 10 second speed bursts each kill, but are not worth going out of your way for. Siege weapons will drop 30 second speed bursts, and are worth stopping for, but not worth going way out of your way for.
    • 更新了生還的個人最高記錄(第1位)

      See First in Speed Run

      Sun Shang Xian is once again a good choice for this event, as she can kill enemies without ever getting close to them. As you progress the number of enemies in the area at a time will increase, so watch your back.
    • 更新了速驅的個人最高記錄(第1位)

      See First in Speed Run

      By far it would seem that Sun Shang Xian is the best character for this event. Her X attack has a width and range nobody else comes close to, plus she's fast. For the most part, you want to run to the officer dots on the map. These dots represent items worth the most points for destroying. Do not stray too far to destroy vases and boxes.
    • 更新了破壞的個人最高記錄(第1位)

      See First in Speed Run

      An agile character is a good idea here, though not neccessary. This one really depends on your ability to dodge the horses and pick up treasures at the same time. Run up and down the area picking up treasure. Press to zoom the map in, it can be easier to dodge horses when you're running with them to your back if you use the mini map. Defense Captains will drop keys that stop the horses for a few seconds. Generals will appear that drop large exp pouches if you can kill them before they run through.
    • 更新了迴避的個人最高記錄(第1位)


      See First in Speed Run

      Pick a character you're comfortable with for this one. A character that's good at fighting officers is best, imo. I used Sun Shang Xian yet again, but anyone will do. Enemy officers will drop items, including health, so kill them as much as possible.
    • 戰功目標達到了50以上

      Each scenario has three targets. You must complete the required number of unique targets to unlock the achievement. You do not have to complete all 3 each time you play the map, you can complete each target on seperate attempts and they will count toward the total completion. You can see your progress on these by opening Free Mode and scrolling through the maps. To do these quickly, you can play a high level character on Easy.
    • 戰功目標達到了75以上


      See Target Private

    • 戰功目標達到了100以上


      See Target Private

    • 達成了所有的戰功目標

      There are 135 Targets in the 45 scenarios. The easiest way to go about collecting these is to take a powerful character and play each scenario in Free Mode on Easy.
    • 過關劇本達到了10以上

      Must complete the required number of scenarios. The scenarios must be unique. Many of the maps are playable from more than one side and each side on each map counts as one scenario. You must play on Musou mode to unlock further scenarios. To unlock these faster, play characters from each group all the way through Musou mode, rather than playing characters from the same group.

      There are 45 scenarios total.
    • 過關劇本達到了20以上


      See Scenario Private

    • 過關劇本達到了30以上


      See Scenario Private

    • 達成了所有劇本的過關

      All scenarios cleared. There are 45 scenarios. Each side of each map counts as a seperate scenario. To unlock them all simply play through different character's Musou modes until you recieve this achievement. This one should come on it's own as you play through the other achievements in the game, so it's not one to worry about.
    • 達成了所有無雙模式的過關


      As simple as it sounds. Complete all 17 Musou modes on any difficulty. (5 Wei, 5 Wu, 5 Shu, 2 Other)

    • 所有武將的等級達到50

      This achievement can be earned playing in Free Mode. You must play all 45 scenarios, which is each side of each map amd finish it on Chaos difficulty. It does not matter what character you use. You do not have to finish any level Targets for this achievement.

      Playing on Chaos mode in DW6 is not so much a test of skill as it is a test of patience. The quickest, best advice I can give is to use a character that is powerful against enemy generals using a weapon with FLASH on it. Also, a horse with near or max stats with Musou Spirit on it is a huge plus. I will be writing a small companion guide to go along with this achivement guide that covers, among other things, how to get through chaos mode with minimum aggrivation.
    • 將所有劇本皆以難易度‧修羅過關

      If you are not a hardcore completionist, I recommend stopping at 950gs. In fact, if you are a hardcore completionist I would almost suggest skipping this game entirely. I really love DW, I really love playing it, but I know that if DW wasn't a kind of game I truly enjoyed I would not even attempt this achievement.

      It is not a difficult achievement, it is a time consuming one. Allow me to break it down. There are 41 characters, who need a total of 2009 levels gained for this achievement. Let's assume, that doing the other 950 achievement points you got 4 characters to level 50 and 20 characters to level 20, which knocks 576 off the total needed. This leaves 1433 levels to gain. Let's assume you're using two controllers. Let's assume an average of two levels gained, per character, per scenario. Let's say you can complete a scenario (Loading screens, prep, fighting) every 5 minutes. 12 scenarios an hour, makes 48 levels an hour. Doing the math, this leaves you at just under 30 hours of grinding levels at absolute maximum efficiency. Doing 360 Castle He Fei speed runs in a row is not something one will likely be able to manage without severe psychological trauma.

      Keep in mind this figure does not include time spent farming horses or weapons, which will take longer. Any of your characters you're playing who do NOT have good weapons or horses will invariably increase the time needed to complete this achievement. Also note that from what I've gathered getting 4 characters to 50 and 20 characters to 20 is a GENEROUS assumption during the process of getting to 950gs. I would assume that the other 950gs could be done with as little as one character at level 50 and 16 other characters at level 15 or so.

      Please see the Experience, Weapons, Horses, and Chaos Mode FAQ for more information on getting this achievement done as quickly as possible.

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