Completist Achievement

  • Completist



    All officers advanced to level 50.


    This achievement can be earned playing in Free Mode. You must play all 45 scenarios, which is each side of each map amd finish it on Chaos difficulty. It does not matter what character you use. You do not have to finish any level Targets for this achievement.

    Playing on Chaos mode in DW6 is not so much a test of skill as it is a test of patience. The quickest, best advice I can give is to use a character that is powerful against enemy generals using a weapon with FLASH on it. Also, a horse with near or max stats with Musou Spirit on it is a huge plus. I will be writing a small companion guide to go along with this achivement guide that covers, among other things, how to get through chaos mode with minimum aggrivation.

  • Are the guides for this achievement and the "Master of Chaos" achievement mixed up?
  • @#1: Yes.
  • Haha I noticed that too. For the "get all officers to level 50" has anyone got a quick way of doing this. It's taking ages!!!
  • I haven't found one yet, really is doing my nut in! -_- soo many hours on DW6 like#
  • just do the campiang player over till hit level 50 then do the yellow turbans till about level 20 then go on next mission down and keep repeting it as i done it will shu and going to do it with the rest
  • If you play Han Zhong level with Lu Bu side its rather quick. From about Lvl 1-30 keep it on normal mode, once you get to Lvl 30 change difficulty to hard. Also have 2 players playing. First player will do all the work and second player just keep him/ her out of harms way. The level takes about 5 mins to do and nearly everytime at the the end of the match (depending on the difficulty and how many oficers you kill, how fast you do the battle). you'll get at least 2 level up points. Equip a fast horse before you go into battle. Kill the officers ahead of you (So all officers near Diao Chan) by the time you kill them Lu Bu should either be stuck with Cao Ren (which is what we want) or his heading on up and missed Cao Ren (which is kinda annoying as he is likely to die once Cao Ren
  • *continued catches up to him and Zhang He appears) If Lu Bu is fighting Cao Ren then keep heading up towards the Castle, killing any enemy officers on the way. Once inside the castle Attack officers like crazy and if you got any tomes use them and kill random peons as well. If you kill a officer with a Tome you'll get more experience points as well. Once all officers in the castle is dead take over it and end of level. If Lu Bu passes/ misses Cao Ren then you might have to either 1) move and fight very quickly or 2 help Lu Bu out. 1) Basically follow advice above and kill all officers but there is a chance that Lu Bu will die and you might not get to him in time as Lu Bu tends to die in the northern base camp where he is fighting both Cao Ren and Zhang He, but if you take ove
  • *continued again... over the castle fast enough you can avoid Lu Bu getting killed. - This works better if you are on a Lvl 40+ though 2) Head to the castle killing officers on the way by the time you reach the middle base camp and heading towards the main castle Lu Bu should be at the northern Camp. Enter the castle and then run to the right on your horse and jump down into the base camp and help the "Mighty" Lu Bu kill Cao Ren and Zhange He. Then head back to the main castle. On the way though Cao Pi might appear with Zhen ji. If your fast enough and kill your enemies quick this level can be really quick and great for leveling up. Its better than say doing Hu Lao Gate Level on Lu Bu's side and only getting 1-2 experience points out of it and that level takes even longer to do.
  • Also when leveling up on this level use two players as each time you do the level player 2 should get 1-2 points every time you complete the level (though it turns to 1 point once he/she reaches level 40). It also helps if you level up really low level characters using player 2 since then you won't have to use them for later on this campaign on such a crappy level (in which they are going to find it a bit difficult) O_O Hope this helps. I'm still leveling up my characters and its defo taking quite some time.

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