- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 27 (900 )
- Online: 3 (100 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 100+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed? 2-3 Official/Mission Mode
- Number of missable achievements? None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is the sequel to Dynasty Warrios: Gundam. In this game, the various worlds of Gundam collide into a war over their differing beliefs. This sequel contains mobile suits from the famous Chars Counterattack Movie as well as the main characters off of Gundam Seed Destiny. There are now new ways of fighting, giving you the question of whether or not you should pull the trigger against your enemy to help build "Friendship" with other pilots. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 is everything the first franchise should have been.

Official Mode: Play through everyone's official mode mission to unlock them for use during your mission mode playthrough. This is a very simple start, which should guarantee your first 75 . You can also recieve "Love is the Pulse in the Stars" and "10000 Shot Downs" if you average enough in your missions for an extra 50 .

Mission Mode [Friendship]: During this playthrough, you'll have everything focused on one character of your preference for "All Friendship". Play through many Free Missions, Friendship Missions, Collection Missions and join many factions until you've accumulated 68 people in your Lounge. Afterward, work on your Licenses and pull 40 of your 68 people into friendship in order to play the missions shown under "All Friendship". This will take you a while, but its well worth it to give you 375 .

Mop Up:
Here, you'll finish up any characters you have yet to unlock, Missions you need to complete, etc. The toughest task however will be the "All Missions cleared" achievement which will involve playing every mission at least once in mission mode. Once you've completed all this you should have the remaining 400 .

Xbox Live: This can be done at anytime. You can either fight with your own skills or boost with a partner online. Ranked Matches are hard to find and is also just as hard to find an opponent when you create a match, which could take you a while unless you boost. If you're patient enough, you can easily win the 500 ace points for your final 100 .

The game will truly be a game to get for the Dynasty Warrior Fans, the Gundam fans & Hack and Slashers. The game introduced new modes from the older series and a decent online versus mode. Unlike its previous version, this game can't really be considered an "Easy Achievement Game". You have to play few missions on hard and the requirements of using low class mobile suits makes it harder. This is highly recommended for Dynasty Warrior fans.
x360a would like to thank SetsunaFSeiei for this Road Map

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Official Modeを1人のキャラクターでクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Official Mode: All Characters".
  • Official Modeを全キャラクターでクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    Complete Official mode with the following characters:
    • Amuro Ray
    • CCA Amuro
    • Char Aznable
    • CCA Char
    • Kamille
    • Judau
  • Mission Modeのストーリーミッションを1人のキャラクターでクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Mission Mode: All Characters".
  • Mission Modeのストーリーミッションを5人のキャラクターでクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Mission Mode: All Characters".
  • Mission Modeのストーリーミッションを10人のキャラクターでクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Mission Mode: All Characters".
  • Mission Modeのストーリーミッションを15人のキャラクターでクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Mission Mode: All Characters".
  • Mission Modeのストーリーミッションを全キャラクターでクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    There are exactly 40 Playable characters in Mission mode to play through. To unlock the characters for it, look under "Playable Characters Complete"
  • Mission Modeの全ミッションをクリアする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    You must complete every mission in mission mode at least once. This includes: Friendship, Collection, Extra, and Free. You can do different missions with different characters as long as the mission is cleared. You can view a list of all the missions here.
  • すべての巨大モビルアーマーを撃墜する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    • Big Zym
    • Psyco Gundam
    • Psyco Gundam Mark II
    • Quin Mantha
    • Alpha Aiezeru
    • Dark Gundam
    Playing through all of Official mode should get you the first five of the six. You can fight the last one in certain characters mission modes, Try Heeros or Domons story missions for Dark Gundam.
  • いずれか1キャラクターのパイロットレベルが50に到達する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This will unlock naturally playing as one character in mission mode. A good skill for this is Pilot Sense.
  • Player RecordのTotal Shot Downが10000機を突破する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Total Shot Down: 100000".
  • Player RecordのTotal Shot Downが100000機を突破する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This will come naturally throughout the game, so there's no need to grind like in the previous version. If you average around 500 shot downs per mission, you'll get it in no time.
  • Player RecordのTotal Missionsが100回を突破する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Total Missions: 200".
  • Player RecordのTotal Missionsが200回を突破する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This will unlock naturally as you're unlocking "All Missions Cleared" and "All Friendship".
  • Character Libraryをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This will unlock naturally playing through mission mode, but you must view the Terminal factions for the following characters
    • Relena
    • Diana
    • Bask
    • Gihren
    • Rain
  • Mobile Suit Libraryをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This will unlock naturally playing through mission mode.
  • Battle Ship Libraryをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This will unlock naturally playing through mission mode and story mode. The 10 Battleships are
    • White Base
    • Salamis
    • Zanzibar
    • Musai
    • Elmeth
    • Argama
    • Radish
    • Gwadan
    • Ra Cailum
    • Rawloola
  • Movie Libraryをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This can easily be obtained by after you've completed everyone's mission mode story missions as well as the Official Mode stories. There are, however, alternate endings for the following characters, play the last missions and follow these guides
    • Amuro
      • Follow through with the regular mission until youve taken over the base of A Baou Qu. Proceed one field forward and Johnny will spawn, Kai and Hayato will quit whatever they're doing and head straight for Johnny. Stay where you are, don't proceed or they'll head back to defend the white base when it gets attacked. Once the reach Johnny, just wait and allow Kai and Hayato to get shot down
    • Kamille
      • Look under "Love is the Pulse in the Stars"
    • Char
      • The Radish must get shot down in the beginning of the mission Emma will retreat. Proceed with your mission and then Emma and Reccoa will spawn fighting ... let it drag out and they'll both die. Once Haman and Scircco head to Grsyp 2, wait out the time for so the colony laser doesn't fire. Finish the mission regularly and you'll unlock the ending
    • Judau
      • Let Haman finish talking while fighting her. This may take a couple minutes. Also slowly tap Haman with some hits to keep the conversations going. You may end up killing her, but you'll still get the alternate ending
  • いずれか1キャラクターのスキルをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    Every Mobile Suit has four skills it can unlock with a certain probability. You must use different Mobile Suits to unlock different skills. The best way to do this is by playing one of the first beginner free missions where you can simply shoot down the main pilot right away. Repeat this mission for each skill. A list of all the skills and the Mobile Suits that can you can obtain them from can be found here.
  • いずれか1キャラクターのライセンスをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    Play through a characters license mission to unlock this. You have to beat the following Mission modes to unlock License missions of the following characters
    • Kira
    • Athrun
    • Shinn
    • Uso
    • Seabook
    Once you finish "Remember the Past" 1-7, you'll unlock a License Mission for Musha Gundam I & II. The "Remember the Past" missions are unlocked by beating "5000 Shot downs" & "50 Missions completed" free missions.
  • プレイ可能キャラクターをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    Clear everyone's Official modes and meet the special conditions in mission to unlock 19 other characters to unlock this achievement. For a list of the unlockable characters in mission visit this thread here.
  • 操作可能モビルスーツをコンプリートする。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This achievement should come naturally playing through Mission mode and any parts you get for the Mobile Suits will always add to the part you're missing. If you're still having trouble, look at the descriptions of Collection Mode to see which missions have the Mobiles you need to shoot down for parts. However, if you're having trouble with the Mushas, there are story missions that will always have them. In Lorans last story mission, Gym switches to the Musha Gundam and in Uso's last mission Katejina fights you in the Musha Gundam Mk. II.
  • 全モビルスーツのランク4パーツを解禁する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This will unlock after completing the following two extra missions
    • The Power of Bonds
    To play these mission you will need friendship with at least 40 characters and all licenses aquired for one character. Both missions must be done on Hard at a high difficulty rating.

Secret achievements

  • 全キャラクターがニュータイプになる。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    This are exactly 68 characters that must be in your Friendship section of your lounge to unlock this achievement. The following characters can only be seen in factions while the others are seen on the battlefield
    • Relena
    • Diana
    • Bask
    • Gihren
    • Rain
    They can be seen in terminal factions. Completing whatever group that they are associated with will raise them to Friendship and keep them there. For more tips on look here.
  • いずれか1キャラクターで全員との友好関係を「親密」にする。その状態でセーブすればロック解 除。

    During Kamilles last Official Mode Mission, start by defeating Yazan before he can kill Heiken. Kill off any other enemies until Reccoa appears, rush over and make sure to kill her before Emma dies. Finish the mission and you'll unlock Kamilles alternate ending.
  • Official Modeカミーユ編で「星の鼓動は愛」エンドに到達する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    You must complete the extra mission "The Mightiest Surface Weapon". The mission objective is to shoot down 1,000 enemies and then destroy Psycho Gundam Mark 2, the difficulty will be at 5. Once you complete the mission, you should get the terminal event.
  • ターミナルイベント「ガンダム無双クイズ」で全問正解する。その状態でセーブすればロック解除 。

    You must complete the extra mission "Ball is your Friend!". The mission objective is to shoot down 1,000 enemies and destroy Alpha Azieru. The difficulty will be at 5. Once you complete the mission, you should get the terminal event

    For both achievements, you must have completed "Soldier Battlefield" 1- 4 in Free missions. For both missions, you may have to complete other requirements that should be done if you're also going for "All Missions Cleared".
  • ターミナルイベント「ガンダム無双クイズ上級編」で全問正解する。その状態でセーブすればロッ ク解除。

    See "Achievements 500 Ace Points".
  • ターミナルイベント「宇宙の王者へ」を見る。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    See "Achievements 500 Ace Points".
  • ターミナルイベント「陸の王者へ」を見る。その状態でセーブすればロック解除。

    Ace points are rewarded for your performance in an Xbox live match. Winning a match rewards you 50 plus points while the points for losing vary.
    • War Mode
    • Sudden Death Mode
    • Hunting Mode
    If you think you hold up better in a certain one, just create matches and wait for players to join your games. War Mode is the most popular of the three. You can also boost with a friend by searching for their specific game type.

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