Treasure Collector Achievement

  • Treasure Collector



    Collect all Treasures.

    These all pretty much come with time and you will gain this as one of your last achievements when you are done collecting all your cards. To be noted, if you do not gain a treasure and you think you should have, play a mission and it should unlock after.
    • Grand Histories[Chapter 3 completed.] Obtained once you complete chapter 3 in any campaign with any officer.
    • Meng De’s Manual [Game completed as Wei.] Complete the Wei campaign. Doesn’t have to be a Wei officer if you have already beaten another campaign.
    • Art of War[Game completed as Wu]. Complete the Wu campaign. Doesn’t have to be a Wu officer if you have already beaten another campaign.
    • 24 War Manuals[Completed game as Shu]. Complete the Shu campaign. Doesn’t have to be a Shu officer if you have already beaten another campaign.
    • Book of Illusions[Chapter 6 completed.] After the campaigns, chapter 6 will follow. Beat this chapter on any of the campaigns.
    • Imperial Seal[Victory in many battles.] You will get this early on as you are beating the campaigns.
    • Dragon Ring[Many bonus objectives achieved.] Almost all of the missions have a bonus objective and you should be able to complete most of them. There are so many quests that you most likely won’t have to repeat quests to get it.
    • Shadow Runner[Victory in many Legend quests.] Do about half of the Legends quests and this should unlock. Remember, you must pick up legends to gain them as a quest. Refer to “Legend Collector”
    • Awards of Valor[Collected great number of Spoils.] You will get this in due time, fairly easy as long as you pick up the items that are being dropped.
    • Way of Peace[Won battles as all Musou officers.] The best way to do this is to keep playing as the same character and have the same strike force. Once you unlock all characters (see the bottom of guide for how to gain them all) you can play the first quest over and over with every character that is level 1. Good news, and I tested it, characters on your strikeforce will get the win counted as well.
    • He’s Jade[Fully leveled up a Musou officer.] Get your character to level 50. Done easily as you progress.
    • Red Hare[Defeated Lu Bu many times.] Trust me, you’ll get this. Lu Bu appears in a ton of battles, just do all the quests and it should unlock. If for some reason you don’t have it, you can keep replaying chapter 6’s last mission.
    • War God Statue[Defeated all Musou officers.] If you are playing every campaign and every quest, you will get this one.
    • Banana Leaf Fan[Obtained 1 top-rank weapon.] A top rank weapon is the one that costs 10000 gold. Buy it when you have enough materials. It would be wise to buy the weapon associated with the officer you are using!
    • Mo Xie Sword[Learned all top-rank Chi skills.] The top rank Chi skills are the ones that have 5 stars.
    • 5 Colored Stones [Collected all top-rank Orbs.] The top rank Orbs are the ones that have 5 stars.
    • Shan Hai Jing[Collected all Musou officer cards.] Refer to “Card Collector”.
    • Bronze Pheasant[Fully leveled up a city.] Refer to “Grand Developer”.
    • 4 Gods Statues[Many multi-player Friends.] This one stumped me for the longest time. This has absolutely nothing to do with your Xbox live friends, invites, or party. Hit start, RB to go to page 2, and click the middle icon called “profile”. Member profiles will give you a list of who you are currently in game with, or were last. Hit Y on these people to profile friend them. It puts them on a list and when you guys do missions together, you will gain random items at certain milestones. You have to do this to 10 people. You can jump in games, profile friend them, then leave. You don’t have to play games with them if you don’t want. Go to the “profile list” to see how many you have.
    • Hex Mark – [Victory in many VS battles.] You must win 10 VS battles online. If it doesn’t unlock do a quest or another VS battle. If you can’t find someone to trade this with you, set up or join online matches. You can ask people or just beat them legit.

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