- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 28 (880 )
- Online: 4 (120 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 80-100 Hrs depending on skill and farming
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (Several missions will be repeated)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

This game first appeared on the PSP and has been modified and ported to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It is completely different than any other Dynasty or Samurai games you have played. There is now the ability to have aerial fights using floating, jumping, and dashing techniques. Materials are abundant, as are items you can now use in the heat of battle for various reasons. Let’s not forget the inclusion of online co-op. In my opinion this game is great, one of the best they’ve made for the franchise.

Step 1:
First off I would advise scrolling down to the tips area. Things I didn’t know could have saved me hours and hours of gameplay, so I shall help you save your time. Starting the game as any faction you want (Shu, Wu, Wei) pick a character and begin. It can be any character you want, none of them will really make a huge difference on how easy your game will be. Each character has one main weapon and one sub weapon. They can use any sub weapon, but the starting sub weapon is already leveled higher for you. Each officer also has a type. It’s basically a skill they get that’s based on the various Chi (explained later). After you pick your character and are in town, play the first level called Bandit Trap. It’s on the request board at the back near the gate. Do not leave the first area until you have killed at least 1000 guys. Move on and beat the level and watch your character gain massive levels. I went from level 1 to level 9!

Now it’s your choice here, would you like to change your difficulty to easy? Hit start, go to system, then settings, and you can change that if you would like. I would suggest playing on hard, you gain more experience and level up faster! If not, easy is okay too as you will hit 50 well before you complete all missions. Just remember you can always switch difficulty.

Play every storyline quest picking up the legends (refer to guide) as you go along. You may or may not hit 50 by the time you get to Chapter 6. So instead, play all the other chapters in the other factions. This will make Chapter 6 easier. After you beat the game with every faction (but using your trusty main character and strikeforce), it is then time to finish the Gaiden missions.

Step 2:
In playing all the quests you should have a great understanding of this game by now, and have every legend, upgraded your city entirely, have a strike force that’s all level 50, and have tons and tons of materials. You should have a lot of cards by now, as well as have used plenty tactics. This is where the game slaps you for all your hard work. You must buy all weapons, chi, and orbs. This is where people will most likely be duplicating to save on time. You can go trade items with people online, but only the guy gaining materials saves. Easy as that. I wanted to do this, I tried to do this and had done a few items, but guess what I ended up doing? That’s right! I farmed for hours upon hours! I made mistakes that made me farm more than I should have. If you haven’t looked at my tips section, go there now! Buy all your stuff either after duping or farming. Now you’re almost done.

Step 3:
This step took me 40 hours. Don’t worry, you aren’t me and you will learn from my mistakes in the card collector part of the guide. You will need to gain all the cards and use their tactics. You must also finish up the rest of your treasures which should be the card and online based ones. All other treasures you will get easily while playing. After that, go online and play your heart out. Either with people you know, or don’t. Gain the rest of your treasures and your online stuff.

The steps were just a layout of when you should be expecting to obtain the various achievements. You could choose to go online instantly if you wanted to, but just do yourself a favor and read the tips section. I am not a pro at this game, but I have invested 120 hours into it and things I wish I knew while playing, I would like to share with you to save on some misconceptions.

Farming Items: To farm items you will want to put luck on the weapon you use. I had 15 luck on mine personally. You can also buy orbs that give you luck instead! It doesn't end there, you will now want to get a Chi called Serendipity. This will double your found items from chests and enemy/officer drops. At the end of the mission, you will gain double of everything. The only thing it will not double, are rewards for completing missions and bonus objectives. Here is a great link I found on this site for item locations.

Item Locations

I personally didn't use it and it would have probably saved me a good few hours if I did!

Farming Money: The best level for this is in Gaiden missions. It is called Jade Trial. The bonus objective is extremely easy, you just run to the huge moving structure and kill the 4 weapons on the sides, and 3 weapons on the middle first floor. Now just kill the officer you need to defeat by cycling targets until you find him. Kill him and you'll get 12K gold for completion. If you have a friend to play with, as I'm sure some of you will be duping items anyways, play this level online. The winner gets double the rewarded money, so winner will get 24k gold.

Online Play: If you want to beat this game fast, and get all 1000G it's actually best not to play online besides achievements/farming/duping. This will slow you down extremely. I can't even begin to calculate how many hours I played on other missions I had already beaten. If you're nice you'll get stuck playing missions over and over for other people. Also at low levels, if you don't set a level cap, you will have high level show offs coming in your games. They don't care if it's in Chapter 1. They will rip through to the boss and kill him. You think you're saving time until you're on chapter 3 and had gained no experience because you hadn't done any work. Now you have to go replay those missions anyways. Stay away from this to save time.

Weapons: Your main weapon should always be your main weapon. It has the most starting experience and as you use it, will let you get better weapons faster. I would suggest a bow as your secondary. This gives you range against spinning blades, is great against flying magicians, and you can juggle hard officers such as Lu Bu whom if attacks can cause darken. If having a struggle with many officers, it's best to stay back and hit from a distance. Even if it was a red reticle it still worked just fine. Main weapon, anything will work.

Target Reticle: You may notice when targeting someone, the reticle is red, yellow, green, or blue. The color order is from lowest to highest damage output to that targeted enemy. Does this mean you need to worry if it's red? No. You will still kill those with ease! The weapon enemy types did seem to make the most difference from blue to red. If you want to make the game easier, have your main weapon one that has a blue reticle on them! There is a chi that "finds enemy weak points" and I tested it and can only suggest that it brings that color up a notch in your favor when used.

Chi: Lots of different Chi will work well for how you play. Personally I found Rush, Control, and Focus to be my top 3. Fury mode is quite important in this game! The last one was usually random, but I found Aero pretty good as I was getting better at hitting things into the air. I did try various Chi like Fury Armor and Immortal. Fury Armor makes it so you don't fall down. This can cause extreme amounts of damage all at once without you realizing it, as you'll be getting hit by an officer and shot by various projectiles all at once. Being knocked down makes it so you have time to recover. Immortal is nice but if you get hit with the dark element, you will pretty much instantly die! Also healing is extremely easy in this game, so I found immortal to just be wasting a spot that my items could take care of. Also you may want to note your character type. Located in your equipment menu on the top. You should not use the Chi that holds the same name as your type. Basically, you cannot stack your Chi and your type! Your type always holds over the Chi, even if your Chi is a ++. Also you cannot stack the same types together. Restore + and Restore ++ will not result in a combination, but will just result to the higher of the two.

Orbs: Orbs are another great way to customize your character. You can hit X to change your orbs and Y to change the style. There is one style that lets you use 2 orbs. Pay attention to your weapon stats! Let's say you have Attack 15 on your weapon. Using an orb that gives you Attack 20 will not = the sum. Instead you will nullify your Attack 15. This means your orb's real value is only 5! It's nice to add element damage to your weapons. I put the dark element on my bow so that when an officer went into fury mode, I could quickly switch weapons and take him out of it. On my main weapon I liked having Critical Orb X. Critical really seems to cause massive amounts of damage, especially if you have Fury Attack already on your weapon.

Strengthening Weapon: Absolutely not. Do not waste your materials to strengthen a weapon! It is not needed and will only hurt your farming in the end. The game automatically reduces your materials in order to upgrade the weapon. You will eventually be getting a great legendary weapon anyways! When you have your achievements, then you can use whatever materials you want to strengthen you're already powerful 5 star weapon. If you do end up farming pretty good then you may do it as long as you choose what it sacrifices.

Fortune Teller: I was lucky enough to have someone explain this to me in an online match. You can easily get any of the fortunes by testing it out. Clicking the A button right away when the wheels spins will get you the tortoise where waiting til the bar is almost full (on first spin) will result in the bird which gives you an attack boost. It is not random and you can figure out each of the 6 different boosts if you take the time to test it. It's nice to have a little boost on the levels.

Character: I have played as many characters and my personal favorite is Zhen Ji. She uses a flail which is why I like her. It's great against weapons and most officers as well as animals (specifically helped against the animal bosses in chapter 6). Not awesome in normal mode, but while in fury mode, it shoots out waves of energy. This lets you back up a little bit and kill from a distance if need be. Also I can manage some really good air juggles with her Y attack. I have a bow as my sub as backup. I will admit I hated her until I figured her out, which will be the case for some people. With her vitality type, I can heal full health with minimal buns.

Weapon: Temptation (Green Type) Character Type: Vitality+ (+ due to officer trade)
Wood 18, Attack 14, Atk Spd 13, Fury Atk 17, Luck 9. Critical X Orb for 20 Hit
Chi: Aero+, Control ++, Focus ++, Rush ++. Also good to replace Aero for Restore++

That's just what I personally used. You can use anything you want! There is no right or wrong way to make a character, just some ways are better. 
x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Road Map

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (China) Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock all achievements.

    This will be your last achievement. Once you have unlocked all the others, you must save and update to unlock this one.
  • Defeat first rank and file soldier.

    This is unlocked before completion of your first mission. You cannot progress through mission 1 without killing a few of them.
  • Defeat first Weaponry.

    They are annoying and begin to become very frequent. You will kill plenty.
  • Defeat first Officer.

    You will be slaying them in almost every mission!
  • Issue first command to Allied Officer.

    You will eventually gain more officers which can be accessed at the shrine in town. It looks like a very small house, if you are having difficulty. Click on it, go to Allied Officers, and pick what ones you want. Once in battle they will fight for you. Hold down and pick what you want them to attack. You will be doing this a lot too.
  • Use first Card Tactic.

    See Used all Card Tactics
  • Complete first Quest.

    You will gain this offline or online if you choose. The quests are on the board in the town. No real need for explaining. Just finish any quest.
  • Make first weapon.

    At the blacksmith, you may make any weapon you have enough materials and gold for. You will doing this often as you gain experience in your weapons. Refer to Weapon Collector before you make one.
  • Power up first weapon.

    You can strengthen your weapon at a blacksmith at any rank. You will need materials and gold. Personally I would save before this, get the achievement, and load after. Pick any of the abilities you wish to strengthen and it will tell you the required material attribute cost. If all the numbers on the right are lower, then you are set. If not, pick a different ability or gain more materials in battle. Hit to auto select the materials (it takes all the lowest ranked items first). Then hit to confirm.
  • Acquire first Chi Skill.

    See Chi Collector
  • Make first Orb.

    See Orb Collector
  • Connect to Online City for the first time.

    Hit , over to page two and click multiplayer. Create online city or join someone's, it doesn’t matter.
  • Complete first online Quest.

    You may complete a quest by yourself while connected in your online city without anyone actually being in your city. Otherwise just join someone’s quest by hitting when prompted, or create your own for them to join.
  • Trade Officer with another player for the first time.

    You do this by hitting and going to the trade officer icon while connected online with other players. You could trade and not save, or you could trade for real. If you trade you must use the officer in a battle in your strike force (go to shrine and guests) before you can retrieve them. Take note that if you complete 10 battles for each other and trade back, your officer/s will now be a type+ and will have gained experience. Awesome!
  • Complete all Quests.

    There are quite a few quests. Doing the math based on 100% and the percentage I was obtaining after each mission, there are around 250. You have your Requests, Legends, Gaiden, Crossover, and chapter missions. Legends unlock as you find them. Gaiden unlocks upon completion of all chapters and they are all high difficulty. There are 52 of them, and they unlock as you beat them. Crossover will appear by the request board, initiated by unplayable characters from other games. You will find them as you go through the game easily. On Chapter 3 you will see the gatekeeper in the front of the town. He has three missions for you as well. I did all of these without trying or keeping track, as the game flags your progress. You do not have to play the DLC or High Difficulty based missions you have done previously. You will want to play the ones listed later to unlock all characters.
  • Collect all Weapons.

    For the “Collect All” achievements, you will need to have the related buildings at Level 5. For weapons, you will need to make sure and do all the crossover quests when asked, since the requesting character rewards you with a weapon. If you’d like, you could save before buying everything when you figure out what materials you need. Buy everything to get the achievement, and then reload so that you can use the money for the other collector achievements. I have made a list of everything you will need, so that you can keep track.

    The list can be found here.

    You will also need 842,000 gold for the weapons, 182,600 gold for orbs, and 258,300 gold for Chi.
  • Collect all Chi Skills.

    See Weapon Collector
  • Collect all Orbs.

    See Weapon Collector
  • Collect all Officer Cards.

    This is the hardest achievement in the game due to the randomness that officers appear. Once in a while after a mission, you will notice someone in your town that isn’t normally there. Go talk to them and they will either present you with a card, upgrade your skills by one, or say something random. It took me hours upon hours to gain my last card. I will provide my theory in hopes that it will help you gain them all.

    It is my belief that the cards unlock while a certain faction is in a certain chapter completing missions in a specific campaign. Yeah, a lot, I know. So once you complete every mission and do everything in the game, pull up a word document. If you have a good memory, then do it by memory. Here is an example. Start on Chapter 1 of Wei, with a Shu Officer. Play all missions and hit start during them so you can return to city, ending in defeat. Do this until someone appears. If they give you a point into your weapon or say something random, go on to Chapter 2. If you do get a card, keep doing this until someone appears that doesn’t give you one. Do this with every faction on every chapter. Wei on Wu, Wei on Wei, Wei on Shu, Wu on Wu, Wu on Wei, Wu on Shu, Shu on Wu, Shu on Wei, Shu on Shu. You should eventually find your missing cards.

    Let’s make sure you understand. Give up on missions with every faction on every chapter in every campaign until someone shows up. If they don’t give you a card, move on the next chapter. Once you get to Chapter 6, move on to a faction you haven’t used yet. If you used the same character from the start on every chapter in every campaign, and you still don’t have that character’s card, it’s because you will not meet yourself in town (though you will in battle from time to time). I have no real way to double check this, except after 10-15 hours of straight quitting missions, I started changing my factions and saw five within two hours.
  • Collect all Treasures.

    These all pretty much come with time and you will gain this as one of your last achievements when you are done collecting all your cards. To be noted, if you do not gain a treasure and you think you should have, play a mission and it should unlock after.
    • Grand Histories[Chapter 3 completed.] Obtained once you complete chapter 3 in any campaign with any officer.
    • Meng De’s Manual [Game completed as Wei.] Complete the Wei campaign. Doesn’t have to be a Wei officer if you have already beaten another campaign.
    • Art of War[Game completed as Wu]. Complete the Wu campaign. Doesn’t have to be a Wu officer if you have already beaten another campaign.
    • 24 War Manuals[Completed game as Shu]. Complete the Shu campaign. Doesn’t have to be a Shu officer if you have already beaten another campaign.
    • Book of Illusions[Chapter 6 completed.] After the campaigns, chapter 6 will follow. Beat this chapter on any of the campaigns.
    • Imperial Seal[Victory in many battles.] You will get this early on as you are beating the campaigns.
    • Dragon Ring[Many bonus objectives achieved.] Almost all of the missions have a bonus objective and you should be able to complete most of them. There are so many quests that you most likely won’t have to repeat quests to get it.
    • Shadow Runner[Victory in many Legend quests.] Do about half of the Legends quests and this should unlock. Remember, you must pick up legends to gain them as a quest. Refer to “Legend Collector”
    • Awards of Valor[Collected great number of Spoils.] You will get this in due time, fairly easy as long as you pick up the items that are being dropped.
    • Way of Peace[Won battles as all Musou officers.] The best way to do this is to keep playing as the same character and have the same strike force. Once you unlock all characters (see the bottom of guide for how to gain them all) you can play the first quest over and over with every character that is level 1. Good news, and I tested it, characters on your strikeforce will get the win counted as well.
    • He’s Jade[Fully leveled up a Musou officer.] Get your character to level 50. Done easily as you progress.
    • Red Hare[Defeated Lu Bu many times.] Trust me, you’ll get this. Lu Bu appears in a ton of battles, just do all the quests and it should unlock. If for some reason you don’t have it, you can keep replaying chapter 6’s last mission.
    • War God Statue[Defeated all Musou officers.] If you are playing every campaign and every quest, you will get this one.
    • Banana Leaf Fan[Obtained 1 top-rank weapon.] A top rank weapon is the one that costs 10000 gold. Buy it when you have enough materials. It would be wise to buy the weapon associated with the officer you are using!
    • Mo Xie Sword[Learned all top-rank Chi skills.] The top rank Chi skills are the ones that have 5 stars.
    • 5 Colored Stones [Collected all top-rank Orbs.] The top rank Orbs are the ones that have 5 stars.
    • Shan Hai Jing[Collected all Musou officer cards.] Refer to “Card Collector”.
    • Bronze Pheasant[Fully leveled up a city.] Refer to “Grand Developer”.
    • 4 Gods Statues[Many multi-player Friends.] This one stumped me for the longest time. This has absolutely nothing to do with your Xbox live friends, invites, or party. Hit start, RB to go to page 2, and click the middle icon called “profile”. Member profiles will give you a list of who you are currently in game with, or were last. Hit Y on these people to profile friend them. It puts them on a list and when you guys do missions together, you will gain random items at certain milestones. You have to do this to 10 people. You can jump in games, profile friend them, then leave. You don’t have to play games with them if you don’t want. Go to the “profile list” to see how many you have.
    • Hex Mark – [Victory in many VS battles.] You must win 10 VS battles online. If it doesn’t unlock do a quest or another VS battle. If you can’t find someone to trade this with you, set up or join online matches. You can ask people or just beat them legit.
  • Collect all Legends.

    To create your ultimate weapon, you must have an item specific to your character. There is one for every character. You gain this rare item by finding a box on the battlefield with their Legend inside. They are always in red boxes outlined with gold. Take note that on higher difficulty 5 star levels, you will be seeing these boxes everywhere because the boxes aren’t just for legends, but for all 5 star items. You just notice them in the earlier levels easier because they are the only 5 star items you will be finding in a box. I will provide my own unique descriptions soon using the map numbers. You can check what ones you have or missing by clicking on Legends in the vault on page 2 after hitting start.

    Click the link below for help on locating them.

    Legend Locations
  • Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum.

    Click on start and hit city upgrades. There will be a list showing you what level your buildings are. Click to select any officer cards you have obtained to give a bonus. There is a great, comprehensive card guide that shows you what mixture of cards give you what bonuses. I didn’t need to use those combos, and neither will you. Upon hitting level 5, you will now be able to buy every item in that said facility. You are not done yet! You must then fill that bar completely. You will gain a gold border around that building showing that you are finished. Talk to the specific facility owner once you do this upgrade to gain a special rare item. Always check the officer cards so that you can put the max amount of points on the buildings.
  • Use all Card Tactics.

    If you had poor luck like me and couldn’t find all the cards this may be one of your last achievements! , vault, tactics will show you what you have. You can use the tactic, and once it shows that you used it in battle, you may quit out and it still counts.

    1: Cao's Influence - Cao Cao + Cao Pi + Cao Ren
    2: Sun's Bonds- Sun Jian +Sun Ce + Sun Quan
    3: Brother's Oath - Guan Yu + Liu Bei + Zhang Fei
    4: Strategist's Reckoning - Sima Yi + Zhou Yu + Zhuge Liang
    5: Turbans Sanctum - Zhang Jiao + Zhang Bao + Zhang Liang
    6: Burning Love- Cao pi + Zhen Ji
    7: Young Love - Zhou You + Xiao Qiao
    8: Virtuous Love - Yue Ying + Zhuge Liang
    9: Devoted Love- Lu Bu, Diao Chan
    10: Pure Love - Liu Bei + Sun Shang Xiang
    11: Xiahou's Spirit - Xiahou Dun + Xiahou Yuan
    12: Faithful Devotion- Sun Quan + Zhou Tai
    13: Warrior's Generation - Guan Yu + Guan Ping
    14: Princesses Dance- Dong Zhuo + Diao Chan
    15: Nemesis Bond - Cao Cao + Yuan Shao
    16: Iron Men - Dian Wei + Xu Zhu
    17: Imperial Majesty - 4 "Lord" Cards
    18: Poison Strategy+ - 4 "Wood" Cards
    19: Engulf Strategy+ - 4 "Fire" Cards
    20: Heavy Strategy+ - 4 "Earth" Cards
    21: Stun Strategy+ - 4 "Metal" Cards
    22: Freeze Strategy+ - 4 "Water" Cards
    23: Seal Strategy+ - 4 "Dark" Cards
    24: Disband Strategy+ - 4 "Light" Cards
    25: Ingenious Minds - 4 "Strategists" Cards
    26: Legendary Courage - 4 "Officer" Cards
    27: Wei Phoenix - 4 "Wei" Cards
    28: Wu Tiger - 4 "Wu" Cards
    29: Shu Dragon - 4 "Shu" Cards
    30: Chief's Oath - 4 "Other" Cards
    31: Imperial Presence - 2 "Lord" Cards
    32: Poison Strategy - 2 "Wood" Cards
    33: Engulf Strategy - 2 "Fire" Cards
    34: Heavy Strategy - 2 "Earth" Cards
    35: Stun Strategy - 2 "Metal" Cards
    36: Freeze Strategy - 2 "Water" Cards
    37: Seal Strategy - 2 "Dark" Cards
    38: Disband Strategy - 2 "Light" Cards
    39: Agile Minds - 2 "Strategists" Cards
    40: Fearless Courage - 2 "Officer" Cards
    41: Wei's Ambition - 2 "Wei" Cards
    42: Sun's Solidarity - 2 "Wu" Cards
    43: Shu's Aspiration - 2 "Shu" Cards
    44: Chief's Union - 2 "Other Forces" Cards

    KEY: Disband card = Picture of a grey sun. Dark card = Picture of a black half moon in a black circle. Water card = Picture of a water drop. Metal card = Picture of a gold jewel. Earth card = Picture of a purple rock. Fire card = Picture of a flame. Wood card = Picture of a leaf.
  • Reach Level 50.

    You will hit level 50 as long as you keep playing as the same character. You will need a level 50 if you hope to complete all of the quests most easily or if at all! Just stick to one officer if you can, you’ll get this in no time.

Secret achievements

  • Completed Chapter 1 in any Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.
  • Completed Chapter 2 in any Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.
  • Completed Chapter 3 in any Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.
  • Completed Chapter 4 in any Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.
  • Completed Wei's Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.
  • Completed Wu's Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.
  • Completed Shu's Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.
  • Completed Chapter 6 in any Story.

    Simply play through story mode and you will unlock this.

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