Shield Master Achievement

  • Shield Master



    Collect 20 Master Shield pickups.

    Shield pickups are much like Hazard pickups, "QA" will alert you of a new pickup when one is available. Unlike the Hazard pickups you will find the shields in a small pod on the ground.

    If you find an area where a shield is ready to pick up close to a checkpoint, you can pick it up, die and re-collect it over and over. Doing so will allow you to earn the achievement without having to worry about picking up shields as you progress.

  • Can one not get this achievement by using the Level Select? I went to the docks level, ran forward got the shield pick up and then let the guys kill me, rinse and repeat 25 times (I counted) and it still didn't unlock. Do I have to play through the campaign to get this that way?

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