+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+ Offline: 50 (1000)
+ Online: 0 (0)
+ Approximate time: 7 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 ( 2 Suggested)
+ Missable achievements: 0 (Due to replaying levels)
+ Does difficulty affect Achievements? 3 Yes
+ Unobtainable achievements: 0
+ Extra equipment needed?: None
+ Avatar Awards: 0
+ Cheats: 1 (See "Hazard Master")

Eat lead is yet another Matt Hazard release. Over the years there have been various game releases from 2D side scrolling to Kart games. This game series has had it's highs and lows throughout the years, it has also mimicked other various popular game series's.

Unlike the previous games this one doesn't take it's self as serious, you will hear various one-liners, out of place jokes and see the world of Matt Hazard unlike before. This isn't your typical third person shooter; it has various twists and turns as you make your way through the story.

There is no real need to play through this game more than twice. Though you may want to either start out of normal or hard. Most of the achievements are easy enough as they will accumulate as you progress. If you want to earn most of your achievements within your first playthrough you can restart levels, or die and keep working towards your stats.

Playthrough 1: Pseudo-Hazard
Start the game on normal unless you want to complete the game on hard the first time through. Most of your achievement will come naturally, others you will need to remember to work towards as you progress. The game is straightforward and simple enough, but there are parts, which can be fairly frustrating.

Enemies will spawn behind you and to the side of you. You will also need to pay attention to their locations, as they will move around. Some enemies may charge you without warning so be prepared.

All the requirements for each achievement will stack towards a final statistic. You don't need to worry about earning every single one in your playthrough unless you do not want to reload checkpoints.

While making your way through the game you will want to either be working towards or earning the following achievements; "Eat Fist", "Feeling Punchy". "Headache". "Migraine". "Head of the Class", Better than One", "Plink", " Pull!", "Auto Dealer", "Russian Attack", Peekaboo..I Shot You!", Blind Luck", Second Amendment", Say "No" to Pots", "Fire Hazard", "Uncovered", "Boom", "No Pain, No Gain", "Maxx Karnage", "Shield Master", "Just a Flesh Wound", "Hazard Avoider", "Pseudo-Hazard", "...Where Credit is Due", "Multiplayer Master!", "Disco is Dead", "Stung", "Housing Crisis", "Talk!", "Head Cheese", "Bedlam Basher", "Draw", "Russian to the Finish", "Deja-Vu", "Your Turn", "Meat Your Maker", "Well, I Heard them Scream", "Dances with Guns", "Tramm Ride", "Death Hazard", "Pure Energy", "Deja-Vu (All Over Again)", "Observe the Grenade", "Beat the Snot out of Wellesley", "Meet Quentin."

Playthrough 2: Hazard Master
This should be your final run through of the game unless you decided to unlock this difficulty from the start. If this is your first playthrough, take your time, always stay in cover and use blind firing as much as possibly.

You can stand near walls and corners to pick off enemies, which is normally more effective than blind firing. Remember, if your crosshair is red, you will hit and kill the enemy. This includes if there is a wall or some sort of cover in your way.

Just take your time and concentrate on completing the game rather than working towards the various misc achievements. You should earn most of your weapon kills, and work towards most of your required stats for each achievement.

By the end of the game you should have earned a portion of the achievements listed above in the first playthrough. If you passed several up just to concentrate on completing the game, you can reload any level and earn the achievements you have previous missed.

Misc Achievements:
The bulk of the games achievements will require you to complete a set amount of kills, perform random actions or break and destroy a set amount of objects. As I mentioned above, you can reload any level to work on missed achievements.

I suggest you do this after completing the game at least once. You can then concentrate on specific achievements without worrying about ruining your gaming experience. There is only one achievement you will need to spend the extra, which is "Observe the Grenade". This is the hardest achievement in the game, as it requires pure luck and patience.

Eat Lead isn't overly difficult, but it does have some very frustrating sections which may test your patience. Just take your time and try not to overwhelm yourself with the miscellaneous achievements.

[x360a would like to thank Fizzmatix for this road map]

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Start your first game.

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

    As soon as you start a new game and enter the tutorial level this achievement will unlock.

  • Pause the game for the first time.

    Once you enter the first level press the button to pause the game. Once the pause menu is displayed you will be awarded with this achievement.

  • Complete all of the in-game tutorials.

    There are several tutorials which will guide you through the basics of the game. Progress through the first level and complete all the objectives, which you are given.

  • Defeat an enemy using melee combat.

    You will be instructed to perform a melee attack on an enemy while playing through the tutorial level. Run up to any enemy you see and press the to perform a melee attack.

  • Perform 10 single-hit melee kills.

    Much like "Hands-On-Approach" you will need to run up to ten different enemies and perform melee kills using the . These don't need to be consecutive, just perform the move on ten different enemy's at any time.

  • Defeat five enemies in a row using melee combat.

    As you start out on the tutorial level, run up to every enemy you see and press the . Repeat this on five different enemies within the level without using any other weapons for the achievement requirements. I suggest you do this on Minor Hazard to avoid being killed.

  • Score 20 headshots.

    See "Head of the Class"

  • Score 50 headshots.

    See "Head of the Class"

  • Score 100 headshots.

    Performing a headshot won't require much effort as you will only need to aim for each enemy's head. Doing this on the harder difficulties may prove to be a challenge as some enemies will take several shots to the head before they die. Just progress at your own pace, and carefully aim for each enemies head.

  • Score two headshots with one bullet.

    There are several areas you can earn this achievement. You may unlock this with little effort due to several lucky shots. But if you want to get this out of the way, wait until you encounter the zombies. Zombies move rather slow and will follow you until they are killed. You can only kill them with headshots, so line two of them up and aim for their heads.

    This may take several attempts but with a little patience you shouldn't have any issues. Zombies don't always die from a single headshot, though if you hit two and one doesn't die, you will still earn the achievement regardless.

  • Plink



    Kill 50 enemies with the Hazard pistol.

    See "Peekaboo...I Shot You!"

  • Pull!



    Kill 50 enemies with the shotgun.

    See "Peekaboo...I Shot You!"

  • Kill 50 enemies with the sub-machinegun.

    See "Peekaboo...I Shot You!"

  • Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47.

    See "Peekaboo...I Shot You!"

  • Kill 50 enemies with the sniper rifle.

    Most of these achievements will most likely come with natural progression through the game. You will be changing weapons on a regular basis through the game so these may be difficult to keep track of. If you want to earn a fair amount of kills with each gun always kill an enemy with a headshot. Most enemies will take a single shot to head so you can conserve your ammunition.

  • Kill 25 enemies using blind fire.

    Take cover behind any object by pressing the . Once you're in cover you can blind fire by pressing the , your shots won't be as accurate but you can kill enemies if they are close enough. You need to kill 25 enemies for this to count. You may find this technique comes in useful more often than trying to pick off enemies slowly out of cover.

  • Kill at least one enemy with every available gun.

    There are fourteen guns through the world of Eat Lead. You will need to pick up, fire and kill at least one enemy with each gun. You shouldn't have any problem doing this as you will run out of ammo on a regular basis and have to change your guns at some point.

    You will most likely end up using all the various gun types by the end of the game but here are the required guns:

    • .45 Caliber Magnum
    • 9MM Pistol
    • AK47
    • Energy Pistol
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Hazard Pistol
    • Magnum
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Shotgun
    • Six Shooter
    • SMG
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Super Soaker Rifle
    • Water Pistol
  • Shoot 30 potted plants.

    Load the chapter Red Meat; you will enter a butcher shop with several large open top freezers. On top of all the freezers and shelves you will see potted plants. Shoot and destroy each pot and restart the chapter. Keep doing this until the achievement unlocks.

  • Shoot and destroy 30 fire extinguishers.

    Again at the start of Red Meat you will find several fire extinguishers around the room you enter. you can shoot each one then restart the level and continue to destroy them until the achievement unlocks.

  • Destroy 20 destructible cover objects.

    Destructible objects are almost anything you can hide behind. If you can shoot it and cause a glitch in the objects graphics, it can be destroyed. You may want to use this as a tactic to cause enemies to move out of cover.

    Shoot and fully destroy 20 different objects throughout the world and the achievement will unlock.

  • Boom.



    Blow up 50 explosive objects.

    Throughout the game you will find explosive items all over the place. If you can blow it up and cause some damage to an enemy or yourself it counts towards this achievement. Shoot Gas Tanks, Fire Extinguishers, Propane Tanks, Compressed Gas Cylinders and anything else you can find that explodes. If you don't reach this required amount by the time you hit the docks, you will find enough explosive items around this level.

    Alternatively you can keep replaying the start of Red Meat and destroy the three fire extinguishers at the start of the level over and over.

  • Kill an enemy with an explosive that also damages you.

    You can just this on just about any level where you can find an explosive item such as a gas can, compressed gas cylinders, fire extinguishers etc. Shoot an enemy a few times to lower their health and blow up any explosive item while near them. You should take a small amount of damage where as the explosive item will kill them.

    Alternatively you can use the grenade launcher, run up to an enemy and fire a grenade at them. This should instantly kill them and cause a large amount of damage to Matt Hazard.

  • Collect 20 Hazard pickups.

    Hazard pickups increase your strength and damage. "QA" will notify you when one has been hacked into the game. You shouldn't have any trouble finding them as they glow red. Once you run near it you will be upgraded and glow red yourself.

    If you find one of these near a checkpoint, you can die and recollect the same one over and over until you hit 20 pickups.

  • Collect 20 Master Shield pickups.

    Shield pickups are much like Hazard pickups, "QA" will alert you of a new pickup when one is available. Unlike the Hazard pickups you will find the shields in a small pod on the ground.

    If you find an area where a shield is ready to pick up close to a checkpoint, you can pick it up, die and re-collect it over and over. Doing so will allow you to earn the achievement without having to worry about picking up shields as you progress.

  • Complete a level without dying.

    This may sound quite difficult but unless you run out into the middle of a room of enemies, you shouldn't have any trouble what so ever. Once you start the game just carefully make your way through the first level without dying and the achievement will unlock.

    You can take as much damage as you want, you just can't die, if you're worried about this I suggest you play through in Minor Hazard to avoid any frustration.

  • Complete the game on the Minor Hazard difficulty setting.


    This is a difficulty related achievement which, will unlock with natural progression.

    See "Hazard Master"

  • Complete the game on the Major Hazard difficulty setting.


    This is a difficulty related achievement which, will unlock with natural progression.

    See "Hazard Master"

  • Complete the game on the Maximum Hazard difficulty setting.

    This is a difficulty related achievement which, will unlock with natural progression.

    If you want to run through the game on Hard straight away, enter the following cheat code on the difficulty selection screen ( ). Doing so will unlock the Maximum Hazard difficulty from the very start of the game. This will save you having to play through the game more than once.

    The games overall difficulty isn't overly too hard, but there are areas which will frustrate you to no end. If you have already played through the game once on either normal or easy you will at least know what to expect.

    If you decided to run through on hard your first time, make sure you take cover as much as possible. If your cursor is read your shot will always hit the enemy even if it is through a wall. You can use this minor glitch to your advantage but be very careful as if the enemy does have a clear shot, you will die.

    If there are doorways, walls or solid bits of cover I recommend you use them over destructible objects as you will survive a lot longer and not have to worry about jumping out of cover every so often.

  • Watch the credits from beginning to end.

    Once you complete the game just let the credits roll until the achievement unlocks. Skipping this sequence may void the achievement, so make sure once they start, let them finish.


Secret achievements

  • "What? No multiplayer? Sigh. Well...not like we can take the achievement back NOW...."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

    The game doesn't contain any multiplayer modes what so ever, the developers just decided to throw an achievement at you for the hell of it.

  • Defeat Sonny Tang. "Sonny, YOUR ass is kicked!"

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Stung



    Defeat Sting Sniperscope. "Your present ends now."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Escape from Dexter's mansion. "I gotta get me a house like THAT!"

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Talk!



    "What do you mean the interrogation feature was cut?!? Here...just take the achievement."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Kill all butcher shop enemies with headshots. "You're not PAYING for ammo. Feel free to use more."

    This is another achievement related to the level Red Meat. As you enter the butcher shop at the very start of the level, several enemies will ambush you. Take your time and carefully aim for their heads. Kill each enemy with a single headshot and the achievement will unlock just before you enter the large meat freezer.

    Once you start this level make sure you keep killing enemies with headshots until the achievement unlocks.

  • Kill a Bandit from behind with a melee attack. "Good for you. Coward."

    You will first meet a bandit on level two, "Red Meat". You will be introduced to them shortly after exiting the meat freezers. There is only one way to earn this achievement without pure frustration. As you enter the area you will see one of the cowboys duck behind a barrel. Run up behind him and shoot him in the back so he stumbles. While he stumbles you can run up to him and press to perform the melee attack from behind.

    If you try to sneak up behind a bandit and punch him, he will always be facing you when the animation starts. Bandits rarely stumble so using the above technique and the information explained in the video are the only easy ways to complete this task.

  • Draw



    Get 50 Dual-Wield Six-Shooter kills. "Now all we need is the spaghetti..."

    See "Peekaboo...I Shot You!"

  • Defeat General Neutronov. "From Hazard, With Love."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Defeat Sting Sniperscope again in Level 3. "Your present ends now. Again."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Defeat Altos Tratus. "Forecast for the next level: no more clouds."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Blast all hanging beef. "Udder destruction? Steaking a claim? Beating your...I can go on all day."

    Shortly after the first area in Red Meat you will enter a large open freezer. Inside this freezer you will see large sides of beef hanging from hooks. Shoot and destroy all the hanging beef within this freezer for the achievement.

  • Get 50 Plasma Rifle kills. "Plasma rifles. They're not just for Space Marines anymore."

    See "Peekaboo...I Shot You!"

  • Don't let any dance bots die in Level 2. "Do dancing robots dream of disco sheep?"

    About half way through Red Meat you will enter some sort of warehouse/club area. You will see lots of animated dancers throughout the areas. Make sure you don't shoot/destroy any of them. The AI will also shoot them if you have a dancer above where you're hiding.

    As long as the dancers are still visible you will earn the achievement. The most effective way to make sure you don't miss this achievement is to kill each enemy with a headshot and a slow response weapon such as a pistol.

  • Defeat the Tentacle Beast of Tramm. "One-two shot right to the tentacles."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

    This boss is by far one of the most frustrating parts of Eat Lead. There are three different attack waves, which you need to complete to destroy the sea monster. The tentacles are rather unpredictable, so keep on the move at all times and watching for when a tentacle makes a large splash.

    There are checkpoints between each wave of attacks; you will also be facing soldiers as well. Rather than dealing with them directly the sea monster will normally kill them for you when it slams into the ships deck. Try to concentrate more on the monster than the other distractions.

  • Score 20 single-shot Zombie kills. "Don't these things usually hang out in shopping malls?"

    You can't really miss this achievement, as there is only one way to kill a zombie. You will always have to kill each one with a headshot. Most zombies will die from a single shot, but to progress you will have to kill them regardless. Just take your time and aim carefully.

  • Get 50 Energy Pistol kills. "Blaster? I hardly know 'er!"

    See "Peekaboo...I Shot You!"

  • Defeat Sting Sniperscore yet AGAIN in Level 7. "I. Have had. Enough. Of YOU!!"

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Kill three Testers with one grenade launcher shot. "Test the grenades: check!"

    This achievement is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming achievements in the game. You are required to kill three of the game testers, which spawn in the last level with a single grenade shot.

    There are several locations where you may be able to complete the requirements, but the last boss fight is by far the essayist. Make your way through the level until you find the grenade launcher. Once you have it proceed to the end of the game. Try not to use it so you have enough ammo.

    The test will roam around and get stuck on various objects, or walk around each other. Take your time and you should be able to line up your shots to kill three testers. The video below illustrates what you need to do.

  • Defeat Wally Wellesley. "Like I said..."

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

  • Meet Quentin. "DUDE!!!!!"

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

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