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    Complete the black stamp card

    Each time you finish a story or side-quest you'll receive a "stamp" which tracks how many quests you've done. Every 10 stamps you get, you'll get a reward at the Trading Post on Second Street, so be sure to visit there often. To complete the silver card is 40 quests, gold is an additional 50 (90 total), platinum is another 50 (140 total), and black is another 30 (170 total). The final batch of quests does not become available until completing the final story quest and loading your post-game save file that is created for you.

    Quests can be tracked from the menu and you will see an exclamation point on the specific room of town or the dungeon that you need for your task. The only ones not specifically tracked this way are ones asking for resources, so you'll need to remember as you play through the game the best place to get certain ores, monster drops, etc. Once you find the chest to loot or enemy to kill, these will also be marked. Try to group as many quests together as possible and clear all the ones inside the same dungeon that you can before returning to town to save time.

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