No Treasure Left Behind Achievement

  • No Treasure Left Behind



    Obtain resources of all types

    This achievement is a little annoying, as you may not realize this includes all the stuff at the farm, as well as trapping and fishing. You should naturally get every resource inside the dungeons, especially since all of them are required to upgrade your weapons and armor. However, one thing you may not get is some of the rare drops from the breakable pots/urns such as the Ancient Sculpture that is found in the deepest section of the Runebarrows. These will have a pink glow rather than yellow or blue when they drop.

    The next aspect of this is the farm, so be sure to purchase one of everything available at the farm and pasture once they have been fully upgraded. You also need to catch three different sizes of fish, which you'll notice have three different lengths of inputs during the fishing mini-game. Lastly, you need to trap three different types of meat which is complete RNG, so just keep laying down traps every chance you get inside the dungeons and eventually you'll get one of each.

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