- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 50 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising combines a thrilling adventure through ancient ruins with the tale of one town’s rise from the ashes. Drawn by lenses and other treasure in the nearby Runebarrows, our heroes learn that the town is struggling to rebuild after an earthquake and decide to help. Along the way, they’ll resolve disputes between eager adventurers and wary locals who don’t think the Barrows should be disturbed. And they’ll learn more about each other’s reasons for seeking treasure, deepening their bonds in the process. As you will learn, these Runebarrows hide a great secret that has fateful implications for one of the characters. What begins as a simple treasure hunt turns into a dark conspiracy that will shake the world and plant seeds that carry over into the main story of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. The game will introduce a portion of Eiyuden Chronicle’s cast of characters in an original story with thrilling action and engaging town-upgrading elements.

Step 1: Complete the Story
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is essentially "Fetch Quest: The Game" which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's good to know that is the gameplay loop up front. You'll get a number of story quests which take you through the game's various locations, and a whole heap of side-quests from the villagers that take you back to those same locations to get resources, defeat enemies, etc. Your first goal should be to complete the story since the final batch of side-quests don't open up until then, but feel free to work on whatever quests you want along the way. None are missable, but they'll just continue to pile up if you don't tackle them as you go. They also open up more equipment upgrades, many of which are required for story progression. I'd suggest doing every quest you find each time you return to town before focusing back on the story.

While no achievements are missable, I would give a word of warning to not sell any of the gems you find in the game (Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire) because they will be used for upgrading equipment and are fairly rare. You can craft them later by collecting either Lapis Lazuli or Golem Plate, but it's extra grinding that isn't needed. The money you get from quests and scrap items (such as Ancient Sculptures from the final dungeon) are worth much more and not used for anything else. In fact, don't sell anything except the scrap items that drop from breakable urns/pots, as those are useless and also sell for the most anyway.

You really shouldn't need much help on any of the story or side-quests, but if you do this guide is very good.

Step 2: Post-Game Side-Quests and Upgrading
Once you beat the final story quest, you will receive a post-game save file and can load that up to be placed just before the final quest again. More side-quests will now be available, allowing you to finish your stamp card. Once you do that, every quest in the game opens up a second time to be repeated if you want, though I'd only bother doing ones directly in your path of finding resources for upgrading the weapons and armor, or ones that specifically give a reward you need (such as the gems I mentioned above). Basically what I did here was write down the items I needed to upgrade every item to its next level, head out and grab them, and repeat until I was done. This process got me every achievement except those in Step 3 below, finishing at about Level 43.

Step 3: Hard Bosses and Level 50
After beating the final story quest, you open the ability to switch to Hard difficulty. You can do so right away and do all of Step 2 that way, which in hindsight may have been smarter as you do get more experience, but at the same time you only need to beat the lava boss a handful of times to get the last levels you'll need. The bonus for completing your black stamp card is an item (which doesn't need to be equipped) that allows for infinite links in battle, meaning you can stunlock most enemies and defeat the bosses on Hard in less than a minute each. If you'd like to buy potions or buffs from the Inn to help you can, but it's not needed at all. Instead, buy the experience buff from the Inn to increase the experience from the bosses.

This is a nice little teaser for the full turn-based RPG due out in 2023. It's a different style of game mixing town management and action-RPG, but it's fairly short and does get repetitive, especially since you have to grind out a ton of materials for your last few levels up equipment upgrades, as well as repeat the same boss a number of times to get the last bits of experience to max your character. However, it's a fun game and the combat is fluid, so for a somewhat small time investment it's surely worth it - especially which it's available on Game Pass.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete your first side-quest

  • Clear all resident quests

    Resident Quests are ones with a green speech bubble above their heards (compared to the house icon). You need to complete all both types to finish your stamp cards anyway, so the distinction doesn't mean much. See A Local Hero (50G) for more info.
  • Complete the silver stamp card

    See A Local Hero (50G) for more info.
  • Bring CJ to level 30

    See No One Better (50G) for more info.
  • Fully enhance CJ's weapon and armor

    See Arms Master (10G) for more info.
  • Bring all party members' weapons to their max. level

    To fully max out your weapons and armor you will need to do two things. First, you need to purchase the new forms of the items at the respective shops, which will increase them to S, SS, SSS, and Max. You'll need to complete various quests for the shop owner to build up the stock, so keep checking for those side-quests as you progress through the story.

    The second aspect is to increase the rarity of the item at the Smithy. Each upgrade from the actual shop will set a new cap for how far you can increase the rarity at the smithy, and each upgrade to the smithy itself by completing side-quests will have an effect as well. Once you Max the item at the shops and then purchase every upgrade at the smithy to get to +30 will finally have them maxed out completely.

    You can see this guide for a brief overview of where to get the various resources you'll need for these upgrades. You can equip accessories to help during your farming depending on what you're after. If you're mining, put on ones that increase rarity or number of items. If you're killing monsters, put on ones that increase drop rate and rarity. Remember to not sell any of the precious gems as I mentioned in the Road Map, as this step can take much longer if you use those for a quick cash grab early and then need to replace them later on.
  • Bring all party members' armor to its max. level

    See Arms Master (10G) for more info.
  • Obtain a total of 100 resources

    This will unlock naturally as you play through the game. This counts all resources collected, not unique types of resources. You'll probably get it around Main Quest 05.
  • Defeat 100 enemies

    This will unlock naturally as you play through the game. This counts all kills of all enemy types, not unique types of enemies. You'll probably get it around Main Quest 05.
  • Obtain resources of all types

    This achievement is a little annoying, as you may not realize this includes all the stuff at the farm, as well as trapping and fishing. You should naturally get every resource inside the dungeons, especially since all of them are required to upgrade your weapons and armor. However, one thing you may not get is some of the rare drops from the breakable pots/urns such as the Ancient Sculpture that is found in the deepest section of the Runebarrows. These will have a pink glow rather than yellow or blue when they drop.

    The next aspect of this is the farm, so be sure to purchase one of everything available at the farm and pasture once they have been fully upgraded. You also need to catch three different sizes of fish, which you'll notice have three different lengths of inputs during the fishing mini-game. Lastly, you need to trap three different types of meat which is complete RNG, so just keep laying down traps every chance you get inside the dungeons and eventually you'll get one of each.
  • Defeat all types of enemies

    This achievement will come naturally as you play through the game, unless somehow you just run past enemies all the time. You'll need resources from each type of enemy to upgrade the shops, weapons, and armors though so I can't see that happening. Your last enemy type will likely be the robots in the deepest part of the Runbarrows.
  • Use town facilities 10 times

    This will come naturally as you upgrade all your weapons and armor, since you need to do 30 upgrades for each.
  • Use all town facilities

    For this achievement, you must use every single building in town at least once. This includes everything on Outlander Lane, Second Street, the Rune Quarter, the Farm, and the Pasturage. Most of these will be used naturally, but I failed to ever use the boost from sleeping at the Inn and got this way later than I should have. The pawn shop and trading post may be ones you use later than normal as well.
  • Eat max. level cuisine

    You will need to create a five-star meal at the diner for this achievement. As with every shop, you'll need to complete all the associated side-quests first to get access to this item, then ensure you have all the resources needed to make it.
  • Create a max. level accessory

    You will need to create a five-star accessory for this achievement on Second Street. Again, complete side-quests to increase the stock. You'll need one of those precious gems I mentioned in the Road Map to do this, so if you don't actually want to keep the accessory you can save prior and reload so you don't waste a gem on this and can instead keep it for the armor/weapons.
  • Obtain max. level a consumable

    You will need to create a five-star potion for this achievement on Second Street. Yet again, do side-quests to increase the stock and then you can save/reload to get the achievement but save your resources if you'd prefer.
  • Create a max. level rune

    This achievement requires a Level 3 rune to be made at the shop in the Rune Quarter. Once again, do the side-quests to fully build the shop and then you can save/reload if you want to save the resources for the weapons/armor.
  • Obtain 100,000 baqua

    Baqua is the currency in this game. This achievement is cumulative, so don't be hesitant to spend money on upgrades as you go through the game. You will get this naturally since most side-quests reward you with a few thousand baqua, and there are 170 of them to complete.
  • Catch a fish for the first time

    See Fishing Master (10G) for more info.
  • Trap a beast for the first time

    See Meat Master (10G) for more info.
  • Destroy an Elementum Pillar for the first time

    See Elementum Mastery (30G) for more info.
  • Catch a max. grade fish

    For this achievement you will need to catch a succulent fish at one of the game's fishing spots. You'll notice during the fishing mini-game that the button input string can either be short, medium, or long. Once you get the long input string and successfully complete it, you'll get your succulent fish and the achievement. You need to have maxed out the fishing rod at the tool shop before you can accomplish this.
  • Obtain max. grade meat

    For this achievement you need to be rewarded with exquisite meat after laying down a trap in a dungeon and then returning to town. I am unsure if anything affects this aside from the level of the trap, which can be upgraded at the tool shop (such as length of time spent in the dungeon or anything else). Keep laying down traps anytime you see the icon in a dungeon and eventually you'll get the right reward and unlock the achievement.
  • Destroy all types of Elementum Pillar

    There are four different elemental pillar types to destroy for this achievement: earth, ice, fire, and lightning. You will need to equip the appropriate elemental rune to change your attack type before you can destroy each pillar type, so you'll need to progress the story a certain amount and upgrade the rune shop through side-quests before you can accomplish this. You have to break every pillar in the game to get all the exploration achievements and the items needed for weapon/armor upgrades, so this will come along the way.

Secret achievements

  • Complete your first main scenario quest

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Team up with Garoo

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Team up with Isha

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Great Tree Fiend

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Lode Golem in the Quarry

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Blizzard Brothers on the Snowpeak

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Lava Mantor Wyrm

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Clear all main scenario quests

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Complete the gold stamp card

    See A Local Hero (50G) for more info.
  • Complete the platinum stamp card

    See A Local Hero (50G) for more info.
  • Complete the black stamp card

    Each time you finish a story or side-quest you'll receive a "stamp" which tracks how many quests you've done. Every 10 stamps you get, you'll get a reward at the Trading Post on Second Street, so be sure to visit there often. To complete the silver card is 40 quests, gold is an additional 50 (90 total), platinum is another 50 (140 total), and black is another 30 (170 total). The final batch of quests does not become available until completing the final story quest and loading your post-game save file that is created for you.

    Quests can be tracked from the menu and you will see an exclamation point on the specific room of town or the dungeon that you need for your task. The only ones not specifically tracked this way are ones asking for resources, so you'll need to remember as you play through the game the best place to get certain ores, monster drops, etc. Once you find the chest to loot or enemy to kill, these will also be marked. Try to group as many quests together as possible and clear all the ones inside the same dungeon that you can before returning to town to save time.
  • Bring Garoo to level 30

    See No One Better (50G) for more info.
  • Bring Isha to level 30

    See No One Better (50G) for more info.
  • Bring any character to level 50

    Completing the story and every side-quest, as well as grinding to max out your weapons and armor, will only get you to about Level 43 (or at leas that's what I was at the time). The final few levels can easily be done defeating the boss in the lava area a few times on Hard difficulty. Exit back to town to respawn the boss and repeat.
  • Fully enhance Garoo's weapon and armor

    See Arms Master (10G) for more info.
  • Fully enhance Isha's weapon and armor

    See Arms Master (10G) for more info.
  • Explore every area in the Great Forest

  • Explore every area in the Quarry

  • Explore every area on the Snowpeak

  • Explore every area on the Lava Ruins

  • Explore every area on the Runebarrows

    All of the exploration achievements are extremely simple. The map shows a percentage tracking how much you've explored, and each room shows how many exits and their appoximate locations so you'll know if there is one in the upper/middle/bottom and which side, etc. Once you step foot into every screen of each area, the corresponding achievement will unlock. Some of the maps won't fully become available until later in the game due to story progression, or requiring a rune to destroy one of the elemental pillars.
  • Defeat the boss in the Great Forest on hard difficulty

    See Rising Champion (50G) for more info.
  • Defeat the boss in the Quarry on hard difficulty

    See Rising Champion (50G) for more info.
  • Defeat the boss in the Snowpeak on hard difficulty

    See Rising Champion (50G) for more info.
  • Defeat the boss in the Lava Ruins on hard difficulty

    See Rising Champion (50G) for more info.
  • Defeat the final boss on hard difficulty

    Hard difficulty is unlocked after beating the story. After loading your post-game save data, you can return to your base in town and change the difficulty to Hard (and back). None of these bosses are really any harder, especially if you have maxed out your weapons/armor, completed all the quests to get the infinite links in battle, and equipped items to guarantee a critical hit on every character. You can add in potions for extra attack or defense, or get buffs from the Inn, but none of that is really necessary. All of the bosses respawn each time you leave a dungeon, so you can easily farm them for items or experience.

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