Bleak Falls Barrow Achievement

  • Bleak Falls Barrow



    Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow"

    Complete the following main story quests to unlock this quest and then complete it to unlock the achievement:

    • Before the Storm
    • Bleak Falls Barrow

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  • From all the gameplay videos of BFB, I'll be able to complete this with my eyes closed...
  • Interesting to see an instance from the allready shown materiel as an achievement. Like O0mix0O says, it won't be much of a surprise here. Or... they change it totally :P
  • The dungeon is bigger than you think so it's stupid to say that even though we have seen a lot from it
  • Idk...from the cheev pic it looks like a spider is at the top of it so I assume it's either there's going to be lots of gaint spiders to fight or one bigass boss spider.
  • Also, I noticed from booting-up Oblivion recently that there's a cave called 'Bleak Flats Cave'. I guess the guys over at Bethesda like using the word 'Bleak' to name stuff. lol
  • The cave is bigger than most of you think. just because you've seen some footage doesnt mean anything. there is alot he didn't show in that demo.
  • To get this achievement you need to bring a "Dragonstone" acquired from the final "boss" in Bleak Falls Barrow just after you read the word wall. The boss will then emerge from his tomb/coffin. After a short battle, loot the creature and they will be carrying the "Dragonstone". Take this back to the Jarl of Whiterun's court wizard and voila, you have the achievement.
  • @#3 and #6, you were right, the dungeon is a lot bigger than what was shown, took me about 20/30 minutes! Hoping all the dungeons are like this, 25 minutes x 150+ dungeons? You do the math!
  • Also, the achievement isn't for clearing BFB when doing the golden claw quest, when you get to Whiterun, you will start a quest there called BFB and I'm guessing upon completion, it'll pop :D
  • Sorry for so many posts, but yeah what #7 said, really should read posts properly :(
  • @7. Thanks for confirming how you get this achievement. Much obliged.
  • Glitches already arghhhhhh the pillars with the pictures of a snake and what have u wont activate so i cant get past the gate have tried reloading multiple saves pretty annoying to be honest!
  • at #12 what part wont work? the totems on the left wall or the lever? you have to choose snake snake other thing (i forget owl or hawk?)
  • I was getting tad worried there when my map said COMPLETE, but the cheevo didn't unlock. Nice to know that so I didnt think i did one little thing wrong. Also for the puzzle, the first one with the stones is Snake, Snake Owl i think. the answer to the second puzzle is actually on the Golder Claw itself.
  • Sorry, that's first puzzle is Snake, Snake, Dolphin.
  • the golden claw can also be turned in at the goods shop in riverwood for 600 gold
  • Thanks #7.
  • @19 Thank you very much! Was stuck in there for ages!
  • Just clear BFB to get this acheivement. Start a quest before you go to retrieve the golden claw for the people at Riverwood Trader.
  • You don't actually have to start the quest in Riverwood first. I had already cleared the dungeon and had the claw when I went to visit. Talking to the trader netted me a dialogue option to ask him about "trouble he had" which in turn led to a dialogue tree where I could say "oh you mean this here golden claw?". Ping money :)
  • on this quest it keeps asking me to find the golden claws owner,can anyone shine any light on how to find him??
  • is the boss a spider or somthing eles
  • @24 There's actually two 'bosses' a sub boss and a main boss. One of them is a spider, one of them isn't.
  • This was hard! Great game x
  • easy one. you get the quest in riverwood.
  • Love this game!
  • Do not go here and get the Golden Claw or do anything else in here before you're given the didn't give me the cheevo :c
  • It is fairly easy- you just have to give the dragonstone to Farengar Secret Fire in Dragonsreach.
  • One of the first quests after the tutorial
  • Hey everyone, just a quick video for this achievement. For this achievement, all you need to do is complete the main story quest with the same name. It's the second or third quest in the line, and can be finished really early in the game. It's a straight forward dungeon, and kind of acts like a tutorial for the game's dungeons. Just watch out for the spider, he can be annoying if your unprepared. Hope the video helps!

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