The Way of the Voice Achievement

  • The Way of the Voice



    Complete "The Way of the Voice"

    Complete the following main story quests to unlock this quest and then complete it to unlock the achievement:

    • Dragon Rising
    • The Way of the Voice
  • 7000 steps a comin'.
  • This is probably the first quest you get to discover your 1st dragon shout.
  • You receive this achievement after making your way to High Hrothgar and talking to the Greybeards. They will teach you the second word of Unrelenting Force and the first word of Whirlwind Sprint. After you have practised each of these the achievement will pop.
  • #3 how do you get to high Hrothgar? I cant find the path up!?
  • You can find a path in Ivarstead town...a lot of steps )
  • thanks #5 I found it!
  • i am at the place where you talk to Arngeir, I talk to him but i dont get the quest completed. i have used my voice in front of him and got the "demonstrate your unrelenting force shout". it will not give me a complete unless i speak to him. any advice? iN3O HD is my xbox gamertag if someone can msg me on there thanks
  • SO do you go up the mountain to Hrothgar first or to the village behind the mountain? My marker shows me needing to go to the city behind the mountain but I didn't know if I needed to go around or take a short cut by going up to Hrothgar and then down the backside of the mountain?
  • Walked into Ivarstead. Turned around and went somewhere else to do something else. When I returned to this mish was on the south end of mountain. Tried climbing steep rock faces, went all the way around the mountain, and ended up taking little 'jumps' up shear cliff faces to get half way up where I finally met with the steps - about number V or VI on the enscribed stones! Oh well, it's the journey to the destination that matters... right?
  • Using a horse helps a lot. It's faster than walking, and provides for a quicker option to avoid/run by the spider, wolves, and frost troll. ;)
  • You must reach High Hrothgar and complete the training the greybeards give you. You will likely get attacked by wolves, spiders and frost trolls.
  • uggg 7000 steps - snooze

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