Diplomatic Immunity Achievement

  • Diplomatic Immunity



    Complete "Diplomatic Immunity"

    Complete the following main story quests to unlock this quest and then complete it to unlock the achievement:

    • A Blade in the Dark
    • The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
    • Diplomatic Immunity
  • lethal weapon 2!
  • Hahah " Has just been revoked."
  • LMAO @ 2 Hard to guess what this one will need you to accomplish. At least for me it is.
  • Unbelievable...I give all my equipment to the smuggler, go and meet Dalphine at the stables, and just before she gives me the invitation a dragon decides to attack. So now she is distracted by the dragon and won't progress the mission and I'm stuck wearing party clothes with no weapons trying to defeat this dragon so she will continue talking to me. Good thing I'm a damn mage.
  • Oh, that comment just made my day. That's hilarious.
  • Damn interface froze up when it came to giving supplies to be smuggled. Does this happen to many of you often or just me? Anyways, after much rage, reloading and utilizing EVERY BIT OF CRAPPY ELVEN WEAPONRY, I finally did it. Going in buck naked is quite a challenge if you're not a mage class :)
  • lol
  • It's just been revoked.......I'll have what she's having
  • Hi Everyone, can someone please tell me how to get passed the guards & Mage? I've only just started Skyrim, I am Level 6 & those guys just wipe the floor with me everytime. I used an invisibility potion to get passed the guards but they get me when I get into a fight with the Mage. I've been stuck on this for a week now, I cannot find a decent walkthrough on the web & I am just about to give up on this game as it is totally annoying now. Please help, thanks
  • @9 my advise if you are struggling with the missions is either drop the difficulty level cause my default setting was adept or ditch that mission for the time being and level up doing misc objectives and stuff til you are hard enough to take them
  • i gave my gear to the weird guy and went on with out getting it back and i got caught by the guards and they called everyone else so now everywhere i go i die and i have nothing 2 defend me self with so i had to start the game again and also a quick tip 2 everyone else save a checkpoint every 10 minuts
  • Im really mad when i went to go get my items from the chest, nothing was there i lost over a thousand gold!
  • Lethal Weapon!
  • This sucker was a pain in the but on legendary never got my butt kicked so many times before
  • You must escape the Thalmor embassy and get your gear back from Delphine.
  • lethal weapon !

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