Alduin's Wall Achievement

  • Alduin's Wall



    Complete "Alduin's Wall"

    Complete the following main story quests to unlock this quest and then complete it to unlock the achievement:

    • A Cornered Rat
    • Alduin’s Wall

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  • I will have Auldin as my pet. My 12 inch pvc pet that is.
  • Alduin, The World Eaters wall? Don't tell me our character accidently frees this guy...if so then that's kinda cliche. If he is released by someone else though then I can't wait to take a whoopin to both of em'! >:D
  • You just have to find it. Its part of the main story line and hard to miss.
  • There's a pretty awesome weapon in the temple. I missed it my first time, it takes some looking.
  • Although this is the wrong Achievment this will help you later on in the game This is to do with the level before The Fallen this will teach you how to defeat Aldwin the dragon quickly and easily for the first time
  • Saloh420 is referring to the sword called DRAGONBANE. It's a fantastic weapon when melee-fighting dragons, and a great weapon overall in my opinion. The shock damage capability is great against several enemy types! :)
  • You need to enter Sky Haven Temple with Esbern and Delphine. The achievement pops up when Delphine tells you to speak with the greybeards.
  • dragonsbane is a great weapon

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