The Fallen Achievement

  • The Fallen



    Complete "The Fallen"

    Complete the following main story quests to unlock this quest and then complete it to unlock the achievement:

    • Alduin’s Bane
    • Season Unending
    • The Fallen
  • This seems like the last quest in the story line.
  • not sure why you say that? I'd assume Dragonslayer is the last.
  • Your crazy @2! Crazy!
  • Maybe you come upon some dead dragon and gotta retrieve something from it's body or maybe Bonetail from Paper Mario:TYD makes a cameo and you gotta fight him! :D (A guy could dream...)
  • Dragon Slayer is the last achievement, and I would suggest finishing the civil war quest line before attempting this, because for the Jarl of Whiterun to agree to capture the dragon the war must be over. If you haven't finished the civil war quest line, then you get the option to have the Grey Beards set up a peace between the Imperials and Stormcloaks; and this may make the civil war achievement unattainable
  • i just had the empire and stormcloaks team up, can i not get the civil war achievements now. i had took over whiterun with the stormcloaks
  • @#6 If you negotiated a truce between the empire and stormcloaks to end the dragon thread, then yes, you cannot get the civil war achievements because you ended the war peacefully. The achievements call for you to take over cities, which you cannot do if there is no more war.
  • Thanks for the heads up, i had better not negotiate a peace then.
  • You must capture Odahviing with the Call Dragon shout.

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