Dragonslayer Achievement

  • Dragonslayer



    Complete "Dragonslayer"

    Complete the following main story quests to unlock this quest and then complete it to unlock the achievement:

    • The World-Eater’s Eyrie
    • Sovngarde
    • Dragonslayer
  • This seems to be the last quest in the main story line.
  • agree with #1 guess you kill the world eater in the end, not that we didn't see that coming.
  • @1 Same comment? Again? Which one is it then!?!?!?!?
  • @4 u will, by my guess. there not that stupid!!!!
  • Or maybe this is the part of the story where you kill the your first dragon and then dragons start turning up throughout the rest of the game! Todd Howard did say the dragons weren't far into the main storyline in one of the videos. :)
  • Gotta be the final quest achievement
  • #6 has a good theory, but it most likely is the final dragon fight since the GS for it is so high.
  • @8 remember when they gave 50 achievement points for completing the tutorial.
  • lol only 50g??! it was 50g just to leave a freakin sewer!!!1!!
  • Gotta be the last quest achievment. The only other 50g is for getting level 50.
  • @9: Yes, but considering it's the highest for this game (there were many 50GS cheevs in Oblivion) and as #11 stated it's the only other 50 in Skyrim besides getting to lvl 50.
  • Definitely the endgame chievo.
  • Do you guys assume we will be able to get all achievements on 1 file?
  • just finished the game (early sales in belgium) and this is indeed the final main story quest and since the other cheevos are "capture x OR x" i think it's possible in 1 file
  • It's confirmed you can play after the main story. interview with Todd Howard explains how it was a mistake to do that in fallout 3
  • Thanks I was saving these till last untill now.
  • i just got this and hope there are still dragons around unlike the gates after oblivion's main questline was done cuz i hadn't had a good chance to check out all that the oblivion realm had. If anyone knows i would like to know so i can revert to an earlier save b4 i put much work into my current save. thnx
  • Just absorbed a dragon soul. no need to go back to an earlier save. :)
  • Completed this, this is the final one. I really wish this website would stop people from commenting until the game actually gets released. I click on the comments for information, not speculation. You can continue the rest of the game after completing the main story. This achievement indeed involves Alduin, the big badass dragon.
  • This is the final quest and you get given a shout right after that lets you summon a hero of Sovingarde to assist you it is called call of valor
  • Can you continue to find dragons after this? and if so is there a limited amount of them
  • I have found dragons after completing this! I was able to absorb the soul!
  • An achievement that doesn't require you to redo stuff and allows you to enjoy a fantastic game. The best kind of achi.
  • this isn't worth 50g
  • Gotta say, found the ending quite easy. Oh well, on to getting my 1000G and completing all the side quests, getting all the stones, skill books and shouts. So plenty of game time left :-)
  • How do i get this achievement??
  • that was a easy fight for me i had to raise the difficulty to had a good challenge
  • http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=1523067
  • I beat the game and did'nt get the achievement
  • should've been more
  • Alduin was such a jerk. I was very happy to bust his lip.
  • I finally got this Achievement and it literally took me 1 year and 2 months to get this one! I personally thought Sovngarde looked amazingly awesome. *-*

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