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    Join the Companions

    The building up on the hill in the city of Whiterun is called Jorrvaskr. You can find it to the east of the steps up to Dragonsreach. Head in and head down to Kodlak who is downstairs in the basement, in the far room at the far end of the long corridor. Speak to him, begin your training, complete a number of mundane fetch and deliver tasks to finish the “Take Up Arms” quest and join The Companions.

  • Sweet, guilds. I hope there are many more though.
  • @1 I believe there are at least 7.
  • Yeahh, fighters guild :)
  • Sounds wussy to be the Fighters Guild. Guess between sounding wussy or generic either way they better have some better quests then the last fighters guild did in Oblivion!
  • @2 I've heard there are only 4 main guilds: The thieves guild, the Companions, the College of Winter Hold and the Dark Brotherhood, I don't know how many other side guilds there are though.
  • The Companions are found in Whiterun
  • I think the companions are either the fighter's guild or one of the non-major guilds like the Knights of the White Stallion in Oblivion
  • The Companions are Skyrim's version of the Fighters guild. To join the Companions you need to receive an invitation from current Companion members. Earliest possibility of this would be on your way to Whiterun from Riverwood. You will come across a farm which is under attack by a giant. Help kill the giant and you will receive an invite. After doing a few menial tasks for the Companions within Whiterun they will allocate you a bed within the building. The achievement will then pop.
  • @9 how do you know?
  • @10 Some people got the game earlier.. Like I did.
  • thanks 9 for the tip one thing thou i didt get there in time to help kill the giant and no invite has been made to join them is there a later point in game or would i need to start out again ?
  • @ 12 I didnt get an invite. I talked to one of the Companions and I got the option to as to join. I did a few tasks for them and then the achievement popped.
  • Don't need an invite, that must be just another way to join
  • i had to join to be a werewolf.
  • hey ppl, im currently doing the 'bloods honor' quest and its not seeming to let me into the jorrvaskr. ive got the heads and everything. just dont have a key to get in. can anyone help me either find the key or s there a secret entrance im missing or forgot about. Cheers
  • tip for fighters guild - the random rescue quest bugs + u cant drop it/restart so save before you accept it and don't do what I did which was accept the quest then attempt to do it 60 gameplay hours later,guess I'm getting ach on another playthrough
  • I'm on taking up arms - I give the sword to Eormund-grey main and before he gives me Aelas shield my game completely freezes sucks I have 297 hours in the game & I can't even join the companions SUCKS - unless anybody knows how to fix this??? I tried LB & RB with X to clear the game chache & that didn't even work
  • I killed a woman in the half moon mill when she caught me picking her pocket early in the game. Now I get the companion's quest to go intimidate her. The waypoint arrow is above her dead body in the mill. I can't advance the quest. I go can go way back to early save but I'd like to avoid that. Any ideas?
  • Where do i find Eormund? its driving me crazy! i keep stoping to talk to people & it keeps giving me side quests to do. I just want to take him the stupid sword!
  • only joined for the werewolf perk achievement.
  • Should I do this first or thieves guild or dark brotherhood
  • Got this one as part of my obsessive completionist mission to take over all the guilds Which I have done xD
  • Hey everyone, just a quick video for unlocking this achievement. For this achievement all you need to do is to complete the quest Take up Arms, or simply join the Companions. They are located in WhiteRun in the building called Jorrvarskr. Once in there, talk to Skjor and he'll tell you talk to Kodlok. Then you just beat someone into submission, sharpen a sword, deliver a shield, and find the beds! Boom, quest complete. It's really simple once you start the quest. Hope the video helps! https://youtu.be/hRXw96gkcfA

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