Blood Oath Achievement

  • Blood Oath



    Become a member of the Circle

    There are multiple tasks to do before you can become a member of the Circle, some mundane (and not counting as guild quests, but necessary to progress the questline) and others substantial and making up part of the questline. They are as follows:

    • Hired Muscle – Intimidation is the name of the game here. Short and easy quest.
    • Proving Honour – You’ll be asked to retrieve part of a blade here.
    • Rescue Mission – The game gives you a choice of three missions to pick from, from the people wandering around Jorrvaskr: Aela the Huntress, Skjor & Vilkas (we chose Vilkas, whose job was to save a kidnapped citizen in “Rescue Mission.”) Whether that changes, who knows.

    And finally…

    • The Silver Hand – After returning to Whiterun and to the Jorrvaskr, having completed the mission, you’ll have to meet Skjor at night round the back of the building, before the initiation begins. Note: you don’t have to complete this mission to get the achievement, you get it after the ritual… plus, you need to be quite powerful as the end boss-like person in this quest is a little powerful (talking from the perspective of a level 20), but to get the final Companions achievement, you have to soldier on, complete this and do a number of other missions.
  • this isn't a guild I have heard of yet. Good means I haven't spoiled the whole game xD
  • The Circle of Magi? LOL. ;)
  • I figured this was the Dark Brotherhood by "Blood Oath" until I saw the Dark Brotherhood achievement. But this might deal with Vampires? Probably the best guess.
  • I actually think this is a part of the Companions quest line, because all of the other major guilds have 3 achievements. Maybe the Circle is just a group within the Companions, "inner circle" if you will.
  • I think its the arena[the circle]
  • I wonder what guild this is. Maybe it's a daedric thing or, possibly something to with vampires
  • The achievement is part of ''The Fighters Guild'' My guess is that: The circle represents the round table. If you look at the achievement picture, you can clearly see a table. So I think that you become one of the knight of the round table. (Or a knight of the nine)
  • you are right
  • Yeah, I think #4 is right. Each guild has 3 achievements, two 10G ones and then a 30G one to finish off (probably the achievement for finsihing the guild questline). I could be wrong, but that's the pattern. This looks to be the middle achievement for The Companions, and then the 'Glory of the Dead' 30G is the final one.
  • The pic to me looks like a fire cauldron with a phoenix or dragon coming out, although I do agree its probably to do with companions (fighters) guild.
  • the circle sounds something from Dragon age: orgins
  • No idea about this one either. Looks like an eagle/falcon/phoenix/bird and an anvil. Doesn't make much sense to me so the Fighters Guild quess seems like the best one :)
  • @12: Damn you ya beat me to it! The Circle of Mages is the equivalent to the Mages Guild in Elder Scroll games, cept the mages in Elder Scrolls aren't forced to be in guild nor do they have a chapter of the church watching over them. I dismissed it as a mage thing but then was reminded it wasn't TES games that went by 'The Circle'. lol
  • It has to do with werewolves im pretty sure...
  • Todd Howard mentioned something about Necromancers in an area called "The Rift" in a preview I've read so maybe this is them? There's also a chance it could be about vampires as they are confirmed and promised a bigger role than lurking about in repetitive caves and ruins....
  • Wait screw that, just notcied the order of achievments, yeah its the companions xD
  • i jsut saw a real vid on you tube the circle is the fighter guild(companion guild) the circle is the inner people of the guild an are in fact Were Wolfs so all the reprots of were wolf not beining the game are fake. go to-
  • number 18 could put spoiler mention up wether or not it fake for the others this i do know of though, if anyone wants to know read on if you dont epic spoiler alert don't look SPOILER!!!!during a mission with the guild you are paired with farkas to fetch an ancient sword, during the quest your locked behind a gate farkas goes to unlock it but is met by 6 members of silver hand who say they will enjoy telling story of his death he says if you live turns into werewolve and slaughters them telling you can become a werewolve when you become a member of the circle
  • god i keep getting killed at that cave
  • A werewolf faction? Me gusta.
  • I love being a werewolf!!!!!
  • Is there a way to remove the werewolf from you? I like the well rested bonus.
  • tip for fighters guild - the random rescue quest bugs + u cant drop it/restart so save before you accept it and don't do what I did which was accept the quest then attempt to do it 60 gameplay hours later,guess I'm getting ach on another playthrough
  • Comment #23. If u are wondering how to remove the werewolf affects, then just google it. I did that to cure my vamparism (I just want to stay human!!!!).
  • being human is boring,i love turning into a werewolf and tearing people to pieces
  • Werewolf all the way, don't know about anyone else but I don't ever seem to actually use a bed in this game (unless it's to get into the dark brotherhood) so the whole not being able to get rested bonus is no big deal.
  • I love my werewolf
  • By doing this, you gain Beast Form, but are not able to have Well Rested Bonus.

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