Glory of the Dead Achievement

  • Glory of the Dead



    Complete "Glory of the Dead"

    To finish off the warrior’s guild questline, you simply have to wrap up the following quests from people within the Companions:

    • Retrieval – Head to Broken Helm Hollow and retrieve an artefact
    • Stealing Plans – Steal something from Fort Fellhammer
    • Blood’s Honour – Head to a coven and grab something for the guild
    • Purity of Revenge – Head to a stronghold and retrieve another artefact
    • Glory of the Dead – Complete this to finish the faction
  • this was only achievement without a comment so i commented on it
  • For some reason I have a feeling it has to deal with Dwarves, maybe the Grey-Beards.
  • Sounds like it has something to do with vampires
  • Why would the grey-beards be dwarves?
  • i think it has to do with the companions
  • Ye this is companion guild, just follow all quests and you get this 1
  • Thanks #6 for posting some useful information unlike #1 to #5
  • this is the final quesst in the companions storyline. SPOILER SPOILER u become the leader of the comapnions
  • Every time I try to retrieve the fragment of Wuuthard at the swindlers den my game frrezes..... Any ideas?
  • i wasnt given wuuthrad after kodlaks funeral because my game is glitchy and is there any way of getting wuuthrad i cant talk to eorlund because he just says 'for kodlak' and i was wondering if there is a way around this or to cheat and get it because its really annoying me (xbox)
  • I cant get this...the stupid quest wont unlock, they just keep asking me to do stupid "talk to the companion leader for work" quests...over and over and over. DonĀ“t tell me that i'll have to restart the whole game because of this... Or, how does this quest unlock? Help please...
  • if you're someone who likes to explore like me, DON'T KILL THE LEADER AT VALTHEIM TOWERS unless you have the quest to do so... I killed him early in the game and now that i have a quest for it, the active quest arrow is where his dead body theres no patch for this yet...
  • Same sort of problem happened for me! I can't do the quest I need too in Lost Knife Hideout after *SPOILER* The Silver Hand Quest. It is the first place that Aela wants me to go too, but everytime I enter the game freezes out on me which I think is to do with the fact that I have already plundered it pretty hard. Does anyone know any way around these types of issues? As I have tried gone back and redoing it all over again and the problem persists. Or if anyone knows of a way to not do this quest but get someone else to give me a different quest and skip this one that would also help! I have the exact same problem with another quest but it isn't at all related to this achievement. This game is a little glitchy!
  • I've doing the bloods honour quest but it's not letting me back into jorvaskr for some reason. Is there another entrance as I don't have a key to get into the building. Please help.
  • I am having a problem getting any more missions here because I did the quest for the old man where i kill the glenmoril witch coven, i chose to wipe them all out and now when i go back to whiterun, the jarovaskr(sorry for the incorrect spelling) had been under attack by the silver hand and every character is "busy" and they are standing over the old man(something that starts with a K) does anyone know a way around this issue?
  • #15 im having the same problem if anyone knows a fix please leave a message
  • mines bugged out before that, i cant get the Kodlak guy to give me the witches quest in the first place....
  • FIRST!!!! HAHA finally got first comment
  • Same Luck with the bug stopped after the witch quest cannot access the next quest cause i had explored and cleared the Castle before hand was told to wait 30 days in game and they respawn?? I Dont know
  • Same here, game bugged out for me and could not get the Purity of Revenge quest due to the bug. Funny how Microsoft is so harsh on certifications of games on their platform, but then bugs like this slip past and have been present for a while it seems, and no fix from Bethesda. Must be too busy working on their soon to fail Online Elder Scrolls game.
  • This bugged out on me too, and I spent over a year, on and off, trying to fix this and redo it. Turns out you have to go back into your saves, which sucks. I think I fixed it by going back to blood's honour, and then redid it all. There are some things that have an effect on it though. I can't quite remember the quest names, but if you have two quests that take place in the same instance/cave, I think that is what ruins the questline. So have a quick look and see if you have two quests that are taking place in the same location. If you don't have all of your saves for some reason, I think you're out of luck on this one, unfortunately :( It's terrible that there isn't a fix for this after all this time. Hopefully this helps somewhat

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