Gatekeeper Achievement

  • Gatekeeper



    Join the College of Winterhold

    To simply kick off the mage’s guild storyline, head to the College of Winterhold and speak with the grand teacher, Tolfdir. After completing the “First Lessons” quest, you’ll have joined the College of Winterhold.

  • This sounds legit o.o
  • ah the mages guild, my old friend
  • i'm pretty sure this is the mage's guild considering it has the word "college"
  • The hell does it have to do with a gate though!?
  • I better still be able to join the Mages Guild despite me being a warrior with no magic skills.
  • You can get the pre-quest to this, if you ask arround in the first town you visit
  • You have to get past a gate to join.. I don't know how as of yet.
  • To get past the gate you have to cast the Firebolt spell at the rune on the ground behind the woman guarding it. I searched high and low for a Firebolt spellbook and finally found one. The main quest sends you to the first Jarl and he has a court wizard who sells a large array of spells including firebolt.
  • she sells ya one cheap if u do not have one
  • Does the college have an interesting questline?
  • Oh god do I hate re-doing the mage quest line after getting half way through on another save..
  • i broke 10,000 gamerscore with this achievement
  • Great i cant even pass the first test cuz i cast heal and nothing happen. Another bug. Anyone knows how to fix this bug?
  • Mainzter its not bug, just different heal skill to heal not yourself, but that woman
  • You can convince her to let you in with speech, as well

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