Revealing the Unseen Achievement

  • Revealing the Unseen



    Complete "Revealing the Unseen"

    There’s a couple of quests here you’ll have to do before you net this achievement:

    • Under Saarthal – which has you visiting a dig site and then facing some evil beings
    • Hitting the Books – speaking to Urag gro-Shub and accepting the mission has you heading off to Fellglow Keep to grab some stolen books
    • Good Intentions – you’ll be sent deep below the College to speak to a wise being
    • Revealing the Unseen – one hell of a long quest that sees you head to the dwarven structure, Mzulft
  • I hope we can see the unseen
  • @1: You'll need the Lens of Truth for that, bruh. :)
  • @2, Lol
  • Thankfully I found the Lens of Truth in the Kakariko Village well! Now I can get this achievement :D
  • Ummmm, I haven't tried this quest before the ver 1.2 patch but playing on version 1.2, this quest is uncompleteable for me. I go to Mzulft to "investigate Synod researchers" when I enter Mzulft there is a guy (can't rember name although it starts with a G and last name starts with a P) laying on the floor to the right of a locked door (key required) and all he does is mutter one-liners. He can not be damaged/killed to get the key, he will not engage in dialog to go open the door. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • Try to pick pocket him. This should get you the key you need
  • @2 epic comment bro :p
  • where is the start for this quest ?
  • I think this is part of the Mages College Questline.
  • can anyone help me? after i commpleted good intentions the revealing the unseen quest didn't started what do i have to do. i tried to reload myv save game but it didn't work. cleaned my disc. do i have to make an new save game or not or do i have tob wait for an update
  • Ive had all those problem the only way to fix it is to re load a save before either good intention and before you enter Mzulft, hope that helped
  • This is my 1000th achievement.Hoo rah!
  • Stupid Gavros Plinius is driving me mental, I cannot pickpocket him or anything DX. He just sits there saying "what do you need?" "Need something?" "hmm?" and "Yes?" -rips out hair-

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