The Eye of Magnus Achievement

  • The Eye of Magnus



    Complete "The Eye of Magnus"

    For completing the 9th Mage’s Guild mission, AKA the College of Winterhold Quests, you’ll successfully have completed the Mage’s Guild questline and you’ll net the final achievement. The quests you’ll have to complete to finish off the questline are as follows:

    • Containment – Report to Mirabelle Ervine and complete her task
    • The Staff of Magnus – Head to Labyrinthian and grab the staff
    • The Eye of Magnus – Complete the last quest
  • Love the name. Quest line related to the god of sorcery. Sounds good to me.
  • This is weird, literaly I've just finished reading the book "A Thousand Sons" which just happens to have a character called Magnus The Red who only has one eye. Is there something I've missed?
  • Does this look like a Mangekyou Sharingan to anyone else?
  • @3: Somewhat. Doubt you'll have any powers you can learn in Skyrim that make your enemies tripballs as much as the Mangekyou could. lol
  • I need to find the 3 books... i cant find them
  • this quest is in the winterhold mages college quest line
  • my game is glitched and I can't do this quest, it sucks I have five or so quests that are stuck and I can't progress on.....
  • sooo dragon priests.. does anyone else have any trouble finding them all?
  • So does anyone else have a problem with this quest not wanting to ding so you can continue doing the questline?
  • Piece of shit game is so bugged... it won't let me talk to the guy. He keeps saying the same thing over and over
  • Not looking forward to a straight up fight with Arcano. I'm a rouge for a reason, I dislike straight up fights in general.

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