Taking Care of Business Achievement

  • Taking Care of Business



    Join the Thieves Guild

    In order to kick off the Thieves Guild questline, you’ll have to do a small quest for Brynjolf in Riften, on the square. He’ll be there at his stall between 8am and 8pm. Once you’ve done that he’ll want to meet you at the Ragged Flagon under Riften in the Ratway, which is the start of the Taking Care of Business quest, which is your way into the Thieves Guild.

  • I cant wait to pick pockets and steal EVERYTHING from someone houses and dump the less valuable stuff in the river.
  • Agreed, i luved being a thief in Oblivion. Went EVERYWHERE just to steal EVERYTHING> :)
  • hmm whats is this gulid? :P
  • Am in yur hawseh, stealin' yo silvahwere.
  • Lmao @ 1 Im gonna use my lockpicking skills to break into ppls houses just so I can hide all their stuff in drawers and make creepy noises under the beds of children!
  • The thieves guild are found in Rifken
  • climbin in yo windows hes snatchin yo people up, tryin to rape them so ya'll need to hid yo kids hide yo wives
  • Thanks #6
  • Can not get this quest to move on. I have to meet the gentleman in the tavern under the city... he doesnt move... WTF
  • I cant do this freaking quest cause the dude that gives your the initiation quest wont move from his freakin podium.....bull****
  • @ 5 & 6 ive expirenced the the same horse shit, I had to attack the dude so he'd follow me into the ratway then hide so he wouldnt attack me anymore, then i could finally talk to him, I was able to do another mission for him, but now im on a mission when i need him to show me the leader of the guild, ive found the leader but the guy wont follow me to the leader he just stays in the bar and if i attack him i gotta pay vex 1000 gold everytime, sadly it looks like im gonna have to create a new character just for the thieves guild. :'(
  • I had to make a new save to get this achievement. I did the main quest where you find esbern in the ratway. And then tried the thieves guild and he never followed me. I emailed Bethesda multiple times and nothing back on this. Once I started a new game I took the horse and cart to riften and did the quests, he said meet yum in the ratway. I went right there, and he was there talking to the barkeep and vex and everything is smooth from there.
  • what is the name of the guy you need to talk you i have meet him once then went off and could not find him again
  • @ #13 You need to speak to Brynjolf. I believe he'll be at the Bee and Barb in Riften and ask you to meet him in the market during the day to steal something and reverse-pickpocket an item onto someone.
  • having the same woes with Brynjolf. Really fricking annoying!
  • This has been patched, today I met with Brynjolf in the Ragged Flaggon, it was magical!
  • dont like the sides mission u have to do 5 in each place.....getting a little boring but well worht it in the end
  • byrnyolf is in the market area or the bee and the barb then just do his quests
  • This guild is always the most useful :)
  • This was my 100,000th gamerscore achievement!

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