Darkness Returns Achievement

  • Darkness Returns



    Complete "Darkness Returns"

    For the second Thieves Guild achievement, you’ll have to partake in a few thieves guild jobs first. The following are missions required for this achievement:

    • Loud and Clear – A nice little heist job of sorts
    • Dampened Spirits – Someone wants you to do some of their dirty work
    • Speaking With Silence – Head into the dark depths of the Snow Veil Sanctum
    • Hard Answers – Head to Winterhold and beyond
    • Darkness Returns – The less said, the better, just complete this quest
    • The Pursuit – Head back to the thieves guild and begin this new quest
    • Trinity Restored – Take a trip to get something of great power
    • Blindsighted – Travel somewhere and get something important
    • Darkness Returns – Finish it, once and for all
  • Story?
  • Kind of a weird name for a Thieves Guild achievement.
  • After you become head of the guild you have to do quests from Delvin or Vex. You have to do of their 5 quests in a town to get the special quest for that town. there are four cities that you have to do that special quest in. Easiests way is to Bedlam and Sweeper in the same city to save time. Stealing two items will complete the Bedlam and another item will complete the sweeper.
  • This is a TG story quest. has nothing to do with Delvin or Vex jobs.
  • hummmmmmmmmmmmmm choices. The skeleton key or nightingale powers and achievement (even though you can reset after getting the achievement). In the end I chose the power since lockpicking is very easy in this game even in master level, especially since no guards will detect you if the lockpick breaks.
  • I have to make a second file to do this because of a glitch. Sigh... I still like skyrim, just not as much. If any one knows how to fix the dampened spirits quest, tell me. Thanks.
  • @6 same here.
  • @ #4 yeah actually this achievement does have something to do with vex and Delvin you have to complete their quest to get it.
  • In order to pop this achievement, you need to give up the Skeleton Key. Looks like I wont be getting this one.

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