Hail Sithis! Achievement

  • Hail Sithis!



    Complete "Hail Sithis!"

    And with all good things, they must come to an end! To finish off the Dark Brotherhood you’ll need to do these quests:

    • Breaching Security – Gabriella needs you to do a job
    • The Cure for Madness – Astrid needs your assistance
    • Recipe for Disaster – The penultimate quest sees you head to Markarth and beyond
    • To Kill an Empire - The big, big finale here you’ve been working towards for the DB and it needs the deft touch of a Dark Brotherhood assassin
    • Death Incarnate – Things aren’t over just yet
    • Hail Sithis – And finally…
  • Totally going to do the dark brotherhood first!!!!
  • FUCK YEAH!!!!!
  • I plan to do as many sidequests and all of the quests for the Thieves and Dark brotherhood before I do more then the first quest of the main storyline.
  • the dark brotherhood is so short in this game. or at least it seemed that way
  • @4 there is more than 3 quests these are just milestones.
  • Such a weird ending for this quest line! It seemed like there were no consequences or killing such a high profile target.
  • This has to be one of the best quest lines, along with the Daedric quest where you go around and right your drunken wrongs.
  • my favorite quest in Skyrim
  • my favorite questline!
  • Like it very very very much! This game is awesome! Only the freezing issues make me sad.

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