Taking Sides Achievement in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Taking Sides



    Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army

  • How to unlock Taking Sides

    There are two ways to play this: you either go and do a quest for Legate Rikke who can be found in Castle Dour at Solitude; or you go and do a quest for Galmar Stone-Fist who’s in the Palace of Kings at Windhelm. Your choice, but for the purposes of the next three achievements, we’re going to talk as if you go down the path of the Imperial Army – because that’s what I did! Regardless of which way you go though, the achievement will pop after you’ve proved yourself to whichever side you choose.

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  • wonder what the stormcloaks are they might be bandits hopefully
  • Whoever they are, they sound cool.
  • Not bandits. The Stormcloaks are basically the rebel alliance of Skyrim.
  • Well, with a name like 'Stormcloaks' it'd be hard not to want to join them! Well, unles they're DBs to you throughout the game then yeah they'd suck but i'd rather be apart of a group named Stormcloaks instead of the Imperial Army.
  • My immediate impulse is to throw my weight behind the Imperial Army, given the fact that I spent so long saving itmin the name of Uriel Septim in Oblivion... But I like a good rebellion as much as the next guy. Can not WAIT for this game.
  • @4 nothing like doing good deeds to help a cause to get a "you're not worthy scum" as gratitude xD cough dark brotherhood. Lucien...what an @$$hole ahhaa
  • The Stormcloaks better have cloaks, or else.
  • The four factions from Oblivion are back with two new ones... It's nice that they give the player a choice in which side to take. Skyrim is looking awesome :)
  • I thought the rebels in this were the imperial army? Meaning the Stormcloaks are the "guardians" of Skyrim cities! And you choose to help Nords protect Skyrim from Imperial rebels or capture the cities in the name of Uriel Septim :) I mean, Skyrim, Nords, Frost, Stormcloak, makes me think their the Nords guards.
  • I mostly wonder if you choose either one, won't you be able to join up with the other at a later time...? And it will most likely be the Imperial Army for me... He he, rebel scum!
  • I'll just talk a lot to the npcs to learn about the two factions and then I'll make my decision, the Fallout way.
  • #9 It's more like the Empire is the leading power, and the Stormcloaks are the rebel force. I'm not sure about what side is most good so this will be a hard choice for me
  • I think I'll be going for the Stormcloaks!
  • @9 Uriel Septim has been dead for 200 years at this point. The Imperials invaded centuries ago and now the Stormcloaks are rebelling against the Empires occupation of Skyrim. @10 You can't join up with the opposite faction later as the two are in opposition to each other. Sign me up for the Stormcloaks, I'll kick the Imperial scum out of Skyrim.
  • Think the Storm cloaks are the rebels... Looks like I'm making a minimum of 11 saves... Lol
  • if the stormcloaks are rebels i'm joining the imperial army. I've had enough of rebel's after fable 3
  • the septim line is gone theres a new emporer who isnt strong enogh to hold the empire togther so i will help build the new empire of Stormcloak
  • I'm fining it really hard to make my decision, at first i was sort of leaning toward the stormcloaks, after speaking to many including their leader they come across as racists, and only seem to care about themselves and Skyrim. So i try to learn more about the Empire, although i have heard they are backed by the Thalmor which makes me think they are corrupt, although they don't come across as racist, they seem to be executing serious amounts of Nords! for next to nothing! Think i am going to go and talk to more people before i make a decision!.
  • OMG I dont know who to join i am dying thinking of this
  • Which is better for a mage? ive always played a stealth mage so which gives light armor and staffs ?
  • By that i mean stormcloaks or Imperial ?
  • Stormcloaks all the way
  • AMEN, #17!
  • I MADE A VIDEO ON HOW TO GET THIS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=962sZWHBu5Y
  • For this play through with my Khajiit Assassin I'm going with Stormcloaks. For my next play through which will be with a two-handed weapon wielding, heavy armor wearing powerhouse (probably an Orc) I'm going with Imperial. I really want to see how both sides play out in the long term.
  • This is part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8eIrmMG5pA
  • there we go, i got a bloody annoying problm. first of all, i wanne join the stormcloacks. i got the quest, i killed the ice wrath thing. and then the quest tells me to talk back to garmlak (not sure what his name was) i go back to the castle, and i want to talk to him. the problem is i cant interact with him... he keeps saying 'i dont know how you convinced the jarl to go to the greybeards meeting blablabla) (i did not even spoke to the jarl about the meeting) so... my next thing i figured was i'll just go talk to the jarl and complete the greybeards quest to get the councel together for a truce. only fucking problem is, when i want to speak to the jarl to attend the meeting, he tells me to speak to the garmlak dude!!!! anyone can help me, its driving me freaking insane and plea
  • sorry for that, last sentence meant to be, and please dont give me the answer 'then join the emperial army' thx in advance!
  • i dont know wich one help me please
  • I chose Imperials just because the Jarl for the Stormcloaks was a traitor and murdered his King.
  • I joined the Imperials [do it in Solitude]. The Rebel Alliance will be crushed by the might of the Empire! [You can actually get Emperor Palpatine-style robes and dual fire lightning]. Plus you get free armour if you're Empire. Also Stormcloak murdered his king in cold blood.
  • There in the middle of a dragon invasion and they would rather fight each other? This is y we cant have traitors, they take our eyes off our intended goals. every1 join imperials
  • Join imperials
  • This is a hard decision, can't decide which way to go
  • IA for me. :D
  • IA all the way. The stormcloaks are a bunch if DB's
  • I will attempt to kill all imperials and stormcloaks once I am level 50, making myself high king of skyrim. Until then, it's dragon/side quest season.
  • The Thalmor basically run a Gitmo equivalent in this game. No more secret prisons! All inhabitants of Skyrim rise up and join the Stormcloak Rebellion! (plus Ulfric can shout - just like you)
  • I'm Khajiit so I'm going with the Imperials on my first game. Stormcloaks seem like a bunch of racist against anyone who isn't nord.
  • Imperial Army isn't evil, but lets face it it's ran by Thalmor scum. Rid Skyrim of the Thalmor join the Stormcloaks.
  • Im gonna be the Grand Wizard of the Stormcloaks. The quest reward for this is the white robe of fear and a pointed white hood of infinite magika. Then we're gonna go burn crosses on the lawns of Khajiit... seriously, it's a video game, not race politics...
  • Went with the Stormcloaks and regretted it, being a Dark Elf.
  • Yeah I have to side with the Imperials, as much as I dislike the Thalmor and love the idea of rebellion I absolutely cannot stand the idea of fighting in the name of a racist hypernationalist group like the Stormcloaks... "Skyrim for the Nords" is a bullshit way of saying "We hate everything that's different from us, especially elves".
  • Can you join the blades?
  • @#44 I 'm wiping out every other species, especially the elves. For Ysgramor!
  • I initially sided with the Stormcloaks, because I was angry at the Imperial forces for trying to execute me at the beginning at the game. I eventually decided to switch sides after I found myself with a nice home and foundation in the Imperial-influenced city of Whiterun, and feared my status within the city would be tarnished if I stayed loyal to the rebel Stormcloaks. I was happy to discover that a player (after initially siding with a faction) had the ability to switch their respective side at the conclusion of "The Jagged Crown" quest. As long as you returned the Crown to the leader of the faction you wanted to be loyal to, you were able to join that side. IMPORTANT: After returning the Crown to either the General Tulius (Imperials) or Ulfric Stormcloak (Stormcloaks), you CANNOT switch
  • Which side gets more loot?
  • Imperials all the way!
  • Which side gives you more benefits?
  • which side helps you more?
  • which side has cookies?!? seriously tho, i believe the benefits are about the same either way. from what i read, really the biggest difference is, roleplay stuff, not gameplay. the guards change, some people may say different things, but same merchants, same houses.. etc. buy the house it whiterun before choosing a side tho, as Lydia can get glitched otherwise.

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