War Hero Achievement

  • War Hero



    Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

    You’ll have to do a handful of quests here to initiate the fort capture, but they’re essentially of similar ilk, but from different sides, we assume. These quests are (and these are the Imperial names of them):

    • The Jagged Crown – Takes you to Korvanjund
    • Message to Whiterun – Deliver a message and more
    • Battle for Whiterun – Take sides
    • Reunification of Skyrim – Ongoing
    • Compelling Tribute – Gain valuables for the war effort
    • The Battle for Fort Greenwall – As it sounds
  • So you'll have 2 choices, either you join the Imperial Army (Empire) or the Stormcloaks (Rebels) Adds some nice replayabilty factors.
  • i was thinking why not conquer both if it were possible
  • @2 Because the side you pick will already have one... unless you want to take on both sides single-handedly :)
  • I think rebels and empire are opposite way round, it said somewhere imperials are basically all but gone in this with it being 200 years after the king died. So I think Imperials are rebels.
  • I guess i'll join which ever side offers me better loot or aides me in my quests. Although im not found of those damn Imperials trying to run everything.
  • Can I capture both? xD
  • @#3 I try to make my player into a god so both sides vs me sounds fun. It is fun to be in the middle of a fight and just take a bathroom break and not pause just because your player is built like a brick wall. My first objective is always to get the most powerful items in the game then play through killing everything that so much as gets in your way. I loved Azuras Star from morrowind. Make the best god ware you can. I hope you have more options for making items. Nothing like having 5 items that each add 20 strength then smacking something in the head.
  • I got the hero of Skyrim achievement but i never got this achievement. I was wondering if its a glitch in the game or I have to do it after.
  • If you side with the Stormcloaks there is a glitch that can Occur that completely skips the Fort Sungard fight. I have no idea what the cause is yet but i now have to do another playthrough :(
  • god damnit.. why do we have to choose this shit. Why cant it just be good vs bad, people and the other races vs dragons, vampires, trolls and other abominations :( And why does 200 characters in the game have the same voice? O_o confusing..
  • Each fort deals with a hold of Skyrim. During the main quest, there are some decisions which may switch control of a hold from Imperial to Stormcloak or vice-versa. These two forts are in holds which can be switch between the sides depending on your choices. The choices I made allowed the Stormcloaks to gain the Reach (where Fort Sungard is located) thus I didn't have to take control over it since it was already the Stormcloaks. In other words, you might not get this achievement because of the main story. I'd go into it but I'm trying to say enough info without giving any spoilers.
  • @#11 I didn't even think about the fact Fort Sungard wasn't a mission as I'd already taken control in the main, so thanks. An option to change sides would have been good, I developed real hate for the Stormcloaks during the Whiterun mission. Basically a bunch of racists, and I'll enjoy obliterating them on another playthrough.
  • I completed the quest but didn't get this.
  • Basically-don't give either of these forts to your side in the Truce mission.
  • This achievement is the reason I tend to stick to more linear RPGs. I gave Fort Sundgard to the Stormcloacks during the truce, before I even picked a side, and because of it I can only get 990 achievement points in this game unless I play another 8-10 hours in a second playthrough, which is absolutely not happening. I somehow managed to get through Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas without losing any achievement points, but I think I'm done with Bethesda games.
  • @15 well its impossible to get 1000 points in one play through of Fallout New Vegas
  • @16 Damn right it is, theres like 4 dif achievments just for completing 4 different endings, 15 is tlkin out his rear
  • I went with the storm cloaks and after Whiterun it skipped right to A False Front and Battle for Fort Snowhawk. After the Jarl told me to go to Riften but when I started it loaded The Battle for Fort Greenwall, an Imperial quest. So I got the achievement just in a round about way I guess.
  • anyone know how to make sure the fort stays "capturable" through story progression if i join the stormcloaks? i dont care about spoilers, if possible.
  • I didn't get it is there a glitch
  • I gave the fort during the truce aswell and now ill only be able to get 990g in one playthrough :/
  • i did the same thing!..damn...
  • I don't know aobut you guys but I have autosaves that go all the way back to the beginning of the game, down to the first save. Just load a previous save close to that point where you do the truce and just do it differently. plain and simple
  • I've done the truce twice and now done the Imperial and Storm cloak playthroughs, but no achievement. The key battles for the achievement have been skipped on every scenario I have tried so far...
  • OK, I went to a previous save before the main quest line and the truce. I got the achievement then by going through the stormcloak missions..Finally 1000 G on Skyrim!
  • So basically Im hearing to go Imperial because of the Achievement glitch. Thanks!
  • i've chosen the stormcloak side and started the civil war after asking Jarl of Whitterun to let capture a dragon to Dragonsreach, that initiated "Season Unending" quest which rather leave unfinished until you get War Hero achievement. I'm not sure if it works that way but i got mine achievement. Read this tip on youtube btw
  • WARNING: before doing anything else, first do the jagged crown mission. There's a chance you'll do a mission in between that closes the cave where you're suppossed to go through! This fucked up my game. now i'm speedrunning the main quest to get all the achievements that are left: 2 main quest missions and the 20 shouts. Be warned of this glitch!
  • I did this questline a few days ago and got very pissed off because this achievement didn't pop. Eventually I worked out it was because I had given both Fort Sungard and Fort Greenwall to the Stormcloaks in the Season Unending truce ages ago and then joined the Stormcloaks, so automatically skipped both battles. So to me it seems like a game design issue rather than a glitch, because they could have written it so you can't give both these forts to one side. I no longer had a save going back to the truce, so at first I thought I would have to start a new game and play through to this. BUT I decided to try going back to the Jagged Crown mission and taking it to the Imperials instead of the Stormcloaks. The Imperials let me change sides on the strength of giving them the Jagged Crown, so i
  • ..... The Imperials let me change sides on the strength of giving them the Jagged Crown, so in the end sorting this out only cost me replaying the Jagged Crown and doing a couple of Imperial missions before getting the one I needed. The short version - a little treachery fixes this problem. If you aren't sure whether you gave these forts to your chosen side make a save between getting the Jagged Crown and handing it over to anyone and keep it just in case.
  • I must have really screwed myself on this one because I went with the Stormcloaks the first time on my first play through and got every other achievement except this one. Must've been the truce meeting or something. I tried to give everything I could to Ulfric at the truce hearing and Tullius didn't like it. Anyway, had to start over. Sucks major time.

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