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  • Hero of Skyrim



    Capture Solitude or Windhelm

    It’s final push time in the civil war questline. These quests are needed to round it off, of course, from the perspective of the Imperial Army again (NOTE: Reunification of Skyrim is still on going here too):

    • Rescue From Fort Kastav – Rescue fellow soldiers
    • The Battle for Fort Sungard – Same as before
    • The Battle for Fort Amol – And again
    • Battle for Windhelm – It’s all been building up to this. Finish it and the questline is complete
  • Solitude is the Imperial Army's city, Windhelm is the Stormcloak's.
  • Wow. We're taking cities over? That's great.
  • @2: Hell yeah! It might be something like re-taking the city of Kvatch from the Daedra! Wez goin ta war fellas! >:D
  • I hate making these kind of decisions
  • @#4 that's why you save before making it so you dont have to do 2 playthroughs
  • well thats nice. it says "or" which means that this time u get the same achievement no matter who u side with, so u dont have to either replay it twice or save and replay from the in order to get all teh achievements
  • Awesome. These are the last two I need for the full 1000. Tried it on 3 different characters and the quest just breaks on the quest before the second achievement. Hope it's fixed soon.
  • Does anyone know if there are some quests I should do before taking over Solitude?so that there aren't some quests that become unavaible once the stormcloaks takes over.
  • Can anyone confirm 100% that you have to get this BEFORE you do the story quest where you capture the dragon? I dont want to get the pearce trealy to block me out of three achievements. However in turn, if you do these 3, are you then bizarly locked out of finishing the main story quests?
  • *Peace treaty
  • how the fuck do you capture it? what just go there n fuck everyone up till no ones standing or what?
  • Alright, since I just went through this and had a pissing match with a bug I figured I'd share my experience for others. After the battle for Fort Hraggstad I went back to Galmar and upon completing the quest arrow stayed on his head. He told me to meet with the camp to prepare for the attack but when I entered the camp Ulffric was not at the camp. What I did was run up to the gate of Solitude and found Ulffric there giving his speech. When I entered imperials seemed to keep spawning without anyone taking any real direction. You pretty much have to take the lead and get the group to the Camp Dour entrance. Once inside everything else should take care of itself. Now mine did bug again as Ulffric never left to give his speech but I reloaded to my save before getting the two sides to t
  • anyone else got the bug where you get to the last bit taking Windhelm from the Stormcloaks and you get into Palace of The Kings but it bugs out you cant get the conversation option for Ulfric to surrender? and him and Galmar are both immortal so you cant kill them either! literally the very last bit of the last quest, what a joke.
  • Does it matter if you complete the Stormcloaks storyline before finishing the main quest ? Will I still be able to complete the main quest entirely ?
  • @zDooLeY - no it does not matter. I don't want to give too many spoilers, but finishing this first might actually make the main quest easier. I wasn't quite done with this and got to a point in the main quest where I needed to negotiate a truce to continue. You won't need to do that. Once the main quest was done, then I could continue on the civil war.
  • Loved doing this particular quest chain
  • For anyone who is having trouble with the Bug when you try and regain Winterhold Hold; when you talk to Rikke or what ever her name is and it doesn't give you the "Reporting for Duty" option, there are a couple ways to get the option. 1) it is rumored that if you go to the cooking spit and activate it, you will get the option 2)do a couple misc. objectives 3) (this one worked for me) make sure you don't have much if any college of winter hold quests, such as fetching the books, or the quest for the staff of Magnus. Hope this helps!
  • Hopefully this doesn't bug on me -_- this is one of the last quest achievements that I need. Anyway to fix the bug if it does happen? Or does it work itself out eventually?
  • Fucking bug... Anyone out there still read this forum... I need help

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