Hero of the People Achievement

  • Hero of the People



    Complete 50 Misc Objectives

    A “Miscellaneous Objective” is a small quest that isn’t quite big enough to be a quest and so is classed as an MO. These can involve visiting a museum in Dawnstar (which triggers a mission), visiting someone, following up on a lead, seeking out a source of power, clearing out a bandit camp and so on.

    To see what you have activated in the MO menu and what you can do (you can even tag them on the map as well), then hit the start menu and on the quest tab, scroll down to the bottom of the incomplete quests section and then move right and see what you’ve got to do.

    If you want to add stuff onto here then try talking to barmen about rumours and generally speak to people galore, probing for tidbits of information and so on. You’ll find all the courier "quests" and barmen bandit clear outs fall under this heading, so if you’re wanting to do some, you know where to head first.

  • Misc Objectives... aware.
  • i love doing side/misc objectives cant wait
  • As long as they aren't as repetitive as Red Dead Redemption's "random" encounters.
  • What is the difference between side quests and misc objectives? Maybe someone can help with an example from Oblivion or Morrowind? Thanks guys/girls. Can't wait for this game
  • @#4 i believe it is when the quests are randomly generated. but i cant wait for this game its gonna be the game ill be playing for along @SS time lol
  • HAHAHA! I think I answered my own 'wonder' in the side quest cheev board. lol
  • This one's weird. It's not the same as sidequests since the other Achievement says sidequests. So either it's something new, like what Todd Howard was talking about with the Radiant Story thing, or they're just like the unmarked quests in Oblivion.
  • uber small quests like helping a begger or stealing wine for an alcholic.
  • These are like the small things you could do from reading a note or hearing a conversation about in Oblivion. But now they have theyre own section and are listed which makes things a lot easier.
  • I'd say these ones are a bit bigger than the side conversation ones in Oblivion. There are still tracked like side quests and some are multi-step, but aren't too complex. Surprised that every leg of the objective counts towards the achievement - ie: Someone needs you to collect a weapon and return it. When you get the weapon it counts as one misc. objective, as it does when you deliver it as well. Doesn't take too long to add up.
  • #10 Seems like you can basically just start a quest to get an item for someone and then just drop it, loot it, drop and loot again till you get it. Two quests come to mind, where you have to get a Mammoth Tusk for Madesi (jeweller in Riften) and for some wannabe trader woman in Whiterun, find 1 tusk and then just drop it and loot it again untill you get the achievement. Needs to be tested, though it seems like so based on the fact that I didn't even actually finish a misc quest when I got this achievement. I just found an item for a misc quest, and it wasn't even the last one to finish it.
  • Anyone know if this is across all characters or does it all have to be on the same character?
  • I have about 50 of these sitting in my journal unfinished.
  • Can you complete these and the other "accumulation" achievements through multiple characters?
  • A very easy way I found is go to Morthal and talk to the little boy named Joric. Play tag with him and you will get a quest to tag someone, talk to the kid to tag him and it will complete and you get credit for 1 misc quest. Let him tag you then tag him back over and over and you can get 50 within a minute or so.
  • @12 & 14 would assume it has to be on one char to get cheevo, same as "discovering x # of locations" or "x dragon shouts unlocked"
  • I found a useful bug for this, go to the alchemy shop in Riften where there is some one named Marise, she will give you the misc quest to find a certain number dethbell, nightshade and nirnroot. Once you have found all ingredients, you will have competed a misc quest, now drop one of the ingredients and pick it up for another complition, now repeat for more!
  • im really liking the achievements on this game cant wait for the dlc's to be released :D
  • I have no idea what #15 is talking about, but Joric is not the right child. The two children are actually running around Solitude, Kayd and some girl, and they are the kids to play tag with. Talk to one, say you wanna play, then mash the A button on him/her; took about 15secs.
  • This is really easy, you'll get this early on without even trying for it.
  • Is there a difference between misc quests and side quests?
  • yes there is a difference, misc quests will be under the misc catagory, while the side quests will be any quest with it's own name that isn't part of any of the "main" quest lines
  • i got this achievement without even trying for it
  • This achievement will take lots of time but is worth it I spoke to Proventus Avenicci after completing Dragon Rising (it is easier) and took a bandit bounty quest. Wait 24 hours in game after completing each one and the achievement should pop up after completing 50 quests and waiting 1200 hours.

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