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    Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food

    Might sound easy enough, but it’s all about getting the right stuff and being in the right place. I’ll break down all three, and some are obviously easier than others:

    - Chop wood – Simple, go to Riverwood and on the left, by the river will be a wood cutting machine. Click the prompt on the wood stacked by the machine to load it in, and then go over the other side of the log and pull the lever. Simple. If that fails, which it has for some people, try using a chopping block and an axe - again found in Riverwood and all over Skyrim.

    - Mine ore – For this one, for starters, you need a pick-axe, so whenever you see one lying around, pick it up… or buy one. Then you need to find something to ore and actually finding somewhere is easier said than done. I’ve compiled a few locations for you to get you started (this isn’t all of them, just a selection that I encountered in my travels):

    • Movarth’s Lair – northeast of Morthal (have to go here for ‘Laid to Rest’ quest)
    • Shor’s Stone, inside Redbelly Mine – Some great ebony ore here to mine. Shor’s Stone (a small mining village) is in the non snowy mountain range in between Windhelm and Riften, on the right hand side
    • Darkwater Crossing, inside Goldenrock Mine – at the south of Wildhelm in the far south of the swampland, where the river ends on the far left, you’ll find this small fishing village

    Note: icons with two crossed pick-axes on the map signifies the location of a mine that will have materials to mine and even might house a pick-axe.

    - Cook – You just need any cooking pot, a recipe (which are in the game in the “cook” menu when you click on the pot) and a load of ingredients. Ingredients can be found all over and for the pot, we used the Breezehome pot (the house that you can buy in Whiterun after you become Thane) with the following recipes being the easiest because the ingredients can be found in most barrels and in a lot of shops:

    • Apple Cabbage Stew – requires cabbage, red apple and salt pie
    • Cabbage Potato Soup – requires cabbage, leak, salt pie and potato
    • Salmon Steak – requires salmon meat and salt pie
    • Vegetable Soup – requires tomato, leek, potato, cabbage
    • Venison Chop – requires 1 venison and 1 salt pie
    • Venison Stew – requires leek, potato, 2 salt pies and venison
  • how long will it take before I can cut yew trees. : D
  • runescape ftw :)
  • Bamboo slice!
  • I can't fucking wait for this game!
  • @#4, true story.
  • My dragon axe broke.....
  • Ah runescape, how you find your way into other games.
  • Do you think ppl who actually do those things for a living see this as 'GREAT! I bust my ass all day only to come home and have to do it again but digitally! I CAN'T EVEN ESCAPE MY WORK IN A VIDEOGAME, WTF!?'?
  • Hopefully a good way to get materials for smithing or to sell.
  • @#8 lmao. i think this will be fun just because this game u can do some much stuff that u wont get bored of this game for a very very long time.
  • 30 minutes meals bitchez
  • This will be the hardest achievement of them all XD
  • lol Runescape anyone! =D I think this will be a fun. More stuff to do on skyrim than the last game, Except the brotherhood.XD
  • Chop wood, mine ore, cook food... sounds like minecraft to me.
  • I still remember Runescape :L I used to mine ores for hours in that game... I guess I'm gonna have to start doing it again in Skyrim!
  • i want to cut 100 hectares of woods ! The food you gonna cook, u can use in battles like some kind of potions to regenerate your lost health?
  • @10: Hopefully...well I guess I never really bored of playing the lute or smithing in Fable 3, but the pie baking could go straight to hell! Could be worse though, could have us taking inventory in local shops or counting beans. @[email protected]
  • I want this game.
  • @13 The Dark Brotherhood is in this game.
  • the only reason i viewed the comments for this achievement was to see the runescape refrences
  • Lol easy 10G
  • @ #2 Thats exactly what i thought! Haha
  • I'm going to mine ore to make chalices and chop wood to make tables and plates so I can eat the food I cook.
  • Cook, steak, knife, SWAG!
  • @8 I work fast food and I dont mind doing games like this after i get off. Hell if it pays like in fable id kill to get paid like that in really life. YES! I made a pie for $900! Global inflation here i come! :p
  • hey guys go f yourselves and your stupid runescape comments... keep the achievment comments on the game you are looking at.
  • There is a secret achievement to cut down a tree with a herring
  • am noob to all this but loving the game should have played these early i guess :/
  • Anyone know how you actually mine and chop down trees
  • @30 Im pretty sure the chopping wood part is just needing an axe and chopping the pieces of wood in a town, but im curious about mining the ore..
  • Seeing as how no one as really said much about it, here you go: Cooking - In Riverwood, in Alvor's house. There are plenty of ingredients around his house also that you can freely take Woodchopping - In Riverwood, it's pretty hard to miss the huge pile of logs. There's a Woodcutter's Axe on a table nearby. Mining - Halted Stream Camp is just to the north of the city of Whiterun. The inside of the camp is a mine, with a pickaxe and iron ore veins just past the entrance In Whiterun, join the Companions (easy to do, 10G for that itself). Farkas may give you a quest to clear out the Halted Stream Camp. There's also a Redguard in town who will give you a quest "Find Amren's Family Sword" if you don't feel like joining the Companions, or want to be efficient.
  • Thanks helped...but cooking there is a lot of ingredients but not the right combo to actually cook something
  • Minecraft :D
  • The cooking part will definitely be the hardest.
  • I think it's sad this will probably be one of the last ones I need for Skyrim
  • @36 Me too I'm like 80 hours in, have a good 42 achievements with only doing around half of the main questline so far, yet I have yet to cook or chop wood, and I've mined ore once just because a pickaxe was 5 feet from the ore. This may indeed be the final one for me.
  • Didnt unlock for me! Do you have to do all 3 in one day or something?
  • You must chop wood using the axe. Just using the wood cutting machine (in Riverwood) does not unlock the achievement.
  • cooking may possibly be the least interesting thing to do in the game
  • Why wont this unlock?? worst achievement and the last one i need!
  • This achievement is very easy. There are so many places to do all these things they usually come naturally in getting all the other achievements.
  • Someone please update the guide with #39
  • there is a machine in riverwood, but when you're facing the pile of big logs, look to your right and you'll see a chopping block. That's what they want you to use. Just press A on it and bam you've got the wood cutting.
  • One of the last I need as well but... i've Mined Ore, Chopped Wood, and Cooked Food. Still hasn't unlocked -.-
  • Don't know if anyone else has noticed this...but you can do all three of these at the White River Watch for that guy Amren's quest pretty early in the game. Outside there's a cooking pot with tons of food materials and there's a woodcutting stump, inside you can find both a woodcutter axe and a pick-axe on top of two different cabinets, and there's also an iron ore deposit. All can be done pretty quick and in one place. I could write out further details if necessary...but it's not too hard to find.
  • buy the falkreath house and theres all 3
  • I'm late to the game and just started a week ago (yes, a few years late). I've mined iron and corundum, chopped at least 30 wood, and cooked tons of stuff, including vegetable soup (listed above). This effing achievement will not unlock for me. I don't know if it's glitched or whether I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think so. Anyone who had this issue before resolve it?
  • I went to Whiterun and bought food and made horker loaf with Horker Meat and Salt Pile. I then went to Belethors, bought a Woodcutter Axe and chopped wood outside it. I then bought a pickaxe from Belethors and fast travelled to the Guardian Stones. If you head between the mage and thief stone there is some iron ore vein. Mine it and the achievement will pop up.

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