Snake Tongue Achievement

  • Snake Tongue



    Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate

    Throughout the world and during conversations you’ll be given the chance to choose how you respond, whether that’s persuade someone, bribe someone or intimidate someone. Just do one of these successfully for your achievement. There’s a good chance that intimidate (and maybe even persuade) won’t work early on, and that’ll be because your speech level won’t be high enough, so sell loads of items, buy loads too, and even your unsuccessful persuades/intimidation dialogue responses will result in speech skill points, helping you raise your speech level. There are plenty of options around, just make sure you do loads of side missions and such to get more opportunities.

  • Now there's also a new "brawl" option where you can directly engage in a fistfight with whom you were speaking with. Neither of you will be killed, but if you draw out your weapon and attack it'll be considered as a crime.
  • @1 Did you read that in the leaked manual? Ahaa :L
  • I'm gonna bribe or fistfight the first person I come across for info! If its a bum ima fistfight him/her no doubt!
  • Easy. Speech (or its equivalent) is always one of the first things I get to its MAX.
  • i mostly bribed people in oblivion i hope it's easier to persuade in skyrim
  • easy got it in the first city
  • I can't seem to intimidate anybody. My speech is 44 and choosing the persuade option basically always works for me, but every time I try to intimidate someone it doesn't work. Is there anything you need to do to make your character more intimidating? It's the last thing I need to do for the achievement (I've already bribed and persuaded ).
  • The same thing is happening fOr me my sPeech is decent but I can't intimidate anyone
  • you need to keep trying it with weaker looking characters i have done this a few times with a low speech level
  • where to bribe???? can't find it
  • I still can't get this one to pop. I've paid people off and such but can't get a bribe. Any help?
  • To bribe someone it's necessary to pick the "Bribery" skill in the Speech Tree. If you don't want to spend a skill point on this, for example if you don't want to develop the Speech Tree, you can do as follows: - Wait until you have two unspent skill points given as soon as you achieve a new level (you don't have to assign the skill points as soon as you get them; they can be saved for later). - SAVE YOUR GAME, and assign oe point in "Haggling" and then another point in "Bribery" (note you must have a speech level of 30 at least). - Pick someone's pocket in one of the biggest cities (Markarth, Whiterun...) and make sure you get caught. Immediately, your reward will raise. Draw your weapons and immediately stop combat. The guards will start a conversation where you can select to bribe
  • (CONTINUED) The guards will start a conversation where you can select to bribe them and the achievement will immediately pop (provided that you have succesfully intimidated and persuaded someone already). When you have got the achievement, you can LOAD YOUR GAME and assign those two points as desired instead of the Speech Tree if you wish and continue with your game normally. That's all. PS: Sorry, the message was cut because of the excessive amount of words...
  • i persuaded the guard at the entrance of whiterun at the start of the game and i persuaded him but got no achievement?
  • #12 is incorrect. i have the achievement and never took the bribery perk, it is very possible it would be easier with that perk. there is several times when you will get a list of choices what to do where one of them says '.......' (persuade) '..........' (intimidate) pay him money.. really you just need to successfully do all three of those, persuade was rather easy to do early on.. i think the entrance to riften the guard asks for a fee to enter or something is a real easy one because i did it with a level 1 character. if you intimidate and fail you just might end up in a fight. selecting the "pay him ...." should count as bribery, i know it did for me and i got the achievement.
  • I never picked up bribery either and just got the chivo as well. Without, spoiling too much (even though its incredibly minor) there's a group you can join that gives you the option to bribe. Although with that option, apparently bribing for pickpocketing doesn't work. I did that countless times, but it wasn't until I threw a sweet roll in a guard's face with telekinesis, then sheathed my weapon and paid a ridiculous 955 gold bribe vs. 40 gold in a fine that it popped up.
  • At the start of the game when you first enter Whiterun, persuade the guard to let you in. For intimidate got to the marketplace in Whiterun and speak to Carlotta asking if someone is giving her trouble. Accept the misc task and speak to Mikael. If intimidate doesn't work then I would bribe as he always says yes to gold. Then get a carriage to Riften and at the main gate bribe the guard to let you in. If you bribed Mikael however intimidate the guard saying that you kill thieves. The achievement will then pop up.

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