Blessed Achievement

  • Blessed



    Select a Standing Stone blessing

    See “Standing Stones” for how to net this achievement.

  • What is Standing Stone anyway?
  • @2: Pretty much the 'birth sign' equivalent from Oblivion. I'm sure this one will be many ppls 'first 5'.
  • A Standing Stone is a stone you find in the wild that has a theme that goes along with the Birthsigns from Oblivion. You can only have one activated at a time, and which ever one you choose helps you get your skills up faster depending on which stone it is.
  • EASY, theres one right after you finished the first level.
  • i made a video on how to get this
  • Easy as takin a shit its along the path to riverwood from helgen
  • There will be a marker on your map that looks like the achievement icon. Go to one of those and press A. Done.
  • Just find the one near riverwood and fast travel to it a few times and the achievement is yours!
  • on the way to riverwood from helgen at the beginning just select one of the 3 "guardian" stones warriors best
  • Super easy, you get this almost straight away!
  • You can get this within your first 30 minutes of the game. Just follow the path from Helgen to Riverwood and you reach the guardian stones. Simply activate one of your choice and the achievement pops up.
  • Hey everyone, just a quick video showing how to get this. This is a really easy achievement to grab, you can get it right after the cave you escape Helgen with. Follow the path and there will be three stones, the Warrior, the Thief, and the Mage. Choose one for your playstyle and achievement unlocked! Hope the video helps!

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