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    Buy a house

    After you defeat your first dragon in the main mission, “Dragon Rising,” you’ll be able to head back to Proventus Avenicc, the Jarl’s steward, who’s in Dragonsreach in Whiterun and buy a house for 5,000 gold. All you need to do is buy the house. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t have to be this house though, in fact, there should be one in each major city, but this is the easiest and I’m guessing, the cheapest. Of course, decorating it after with the same chap nets you some cool bonuses, but has nothing to do with the achievement. Decorate that son of a bitch though, yo!

  • This wouldn't be an RPG without buying houses.
  • I shall buy a house for the achievement and never go back there again!
  • I don't know about everybody else but i will buy a horse the first chance i get and just ride everywhere instead of fast traveling cause it's faster than walking and i want to find as many dungeons as i can.
  • @#3 it says buy a house not a horse lmao but yea that will be fun but i think im gonna be trying to see what u can do like whats in town and all that good stuff then go fight and do quests this games gonna be great!
  • There better be a 500 coin shack for this
  • Lol @3. Horse. xD
  • OMG I love buying houses :')
  • Why does everyone hate that they have to buy a house? interior decoration was half the fun in Oblivion.
  • @8 and by interior decoration you mean mindlessly buying everything that the shopkeepers had for sale? OT: I will inevitably buy ALL the houses. So this is just another one I get for playing the game like I will anyway!
  • good to have a place to keep all my for gems, desk for scrolls and books, chests for various armor and weapons...wonder if you can get another servant girl like in oblivion. come in handy for a vampire. speaking of 'diseases' you can catch, in morrowwind expansion that took you to to the nords, you could catch lycanthropsy...a nordic vampire werewolf sounds pretty damn fun right about now
  • @10: You had a servant girl in Oblivion!? I didn't know you could get servant women! I had a servant girl in Dragon Age 2, that was cool(paid her though since I was playing as a good character)! I'll have sex slaves in my basement and a gimp in a chest!
  • @11 WHAAAT?! how do you get a servant girl in dragon age 2? OT: I like buying houses in games like this.
  • @10 It's been confirmed that you cannot be a werewolf in Skyrim. You can be a vampire however.
  • @11 one of the houses that had a basement in it there was some side mission where i ended up hiring a servant that stayed in the basement. it was a easy place to boost sneak skill and she had some kind of sweetrolls i kept pickpocketing off her.. @13 there's always hope in dlc for my vamp-lupine....*crossing fingers/toes/eyes*
  • i always buy a house good place to store stuff that you'll never use, might as well sell it i suppose i hated being a vampire in oblivion it was a pain in the ass, especially cause the lady with the cure dissapered on me before i gave her the soul gems so i had to restart ther game (which gave me an reason to start a new game)
  • used to love going back to rosethorn hall after clearing a dungeon, sorting out my loot, finding somewhere to store new shiney weapons and watching a stray sigil stone roll across the floor
  • @13 nope says right here you can be a werewolf. :D
  • I will buy a house for the achievement then i never go back again!
  • Earliest moment in the game for you to purchase property would be after you defeat your first dragon just outside Whiterun. The Jarl will then proclaim you to be the Thane of Whiterun. This allows you to purchase a house from his personal aide called Proventus.
  • easy
  • with prices these days i suppose it's a buyers market, although me recent experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth and a black credit history, so i would advise renting rather than buying at least if your social-economic situation changes you can move easily to suit affordability and not be left with a tiny 2 bed flat to house a family of 5, in negative equity... well i'd buy a house in skyrim but hopefully it can be rented out, or else this ties to the marriage achievement where you need a house to keep the wife and kids so i guess it'll have to be done
  • First house costs 5000 gold and you can buy it after you defeat your first dragon.
  • Yes, i can confirm what #22 says.
  • Lol @23. Thanks for your confirmation. I'm really surprised at the people saying they will buy a house and never go back. Where the hell will you keep all your stuff???
  • For a house, I use the Companion's Guild sleeping quarters (since I'm the new guild master). It's cozy. Btw, you guys should become a werewolf, you can choose whenever you want to transform, unlike Oblivion's sun damage crap.
  • something cool about the house in Whiterun (no idea if it works with any other houses) that servant you get after your first dragon if she dies by falling of a mountain (which she did while i was playing mountaingoat) she will spawn dead on the floor with all your stuff inside the servant room of that house (i have no idea if it works if you buy the house before she died since she was long dead when i bought the house) btw why doesn't my gamercard update i got 45905G already... hasn't updated in months
  • where is the best place to buy a house?
  • @26, mine hasn't updated in months either i don't know what the deal is
  • @22 whom do i speak with in order to purchase said house?
  • found the answer to my question. Proventus Avenicci in the jarl's keep.
  • @#13 "@10 It's been confirmed that you cannot be a werewolf in Skyrim. You can be a vampire however." You might want to play the game then as you can be a werewolf in Skyrim. As you have the Cursed Ring of Hircine and Ring of Hircine, both giving you the chance to transform into a werewolf. (Note: During ‘Ill Met By Mioonlight’ Daedric Quest. It’s given to you.)
  • Ive bought two horse now and i still don't have the achievement. Am i supposed to buy the horse from a particular place or what?
  • ok, got a question here. My girlfriend is a vampire, and she just bought the house in Whiterun, but did NOT get this achievement. Is it because she is a vampire?
  • How do you get a girlfriend in Skyrim?
  • @Abadman92 Buy a house, not horse.
  • This DOESNT unlock the achievement but there is an abandoned house in Markarth FOR FREE! I currently am using it for now. But will get a house for the achievo and move into it. You do have to do a small quest to get the abandoned house but it is totally worth it. There is a prize at the end.
  • I bought the house in Whiterun. Is there any difference between the houses in each city?
  • I hoard EVERYTHING haha. just so i could sell enough stuff to buy the house in Solitude
  • this is a way of making money, fast (for buying a house). 1st: you marry 'camilla' in riverwood (she has a shop, the 'riverwood trader') 2nd: speak to her, and ask if the shop has made any money 3rd: you get 100 coins/day
  • dear comment #40 i like your thinking and all but how do i marry
  • @#40-Anyone you marry will give you a 100 coins/day. Plus you can let it build up. I married Mjoll the Lioness & she has a shop too.
  • @ Mr steamwhistle :L sorry miss read the achievement title
  • EZ :)
  • I thought #33 and #34 had it sussed with undead girlfriends buying houses for you, until I read #40… LOL
  • Is there a "nicer" house than the one in windhelm? Or a more expensive one?
  • I find the weapons cases to be quite glitchy.
  • I would join the Dark Brotherhood as early as possible and do as many quests as possible. As soon as you get 5000 gold head to Whiterun (and if you haven't already) complete Bleak Falls Barrow and Dragon Rising quests. Then speak to Proventus Avenicci and buy Breezehome.
  • Hey everyone, just a quick video for getting this achievement. All you need to do is own a home. You can own a home in any of the holds, I chose Whiterun just because it is the quickest to get. After you do the main story to kill your first dragon, the Jarl will let you own a home in SkyRim. Talk to Proventus and he will let you buy it for 5000 gold. I recommend going to the house, just to make sure the achievement procs. Hope the video helps!

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